50 New Year Dresses For Your Kids Girl You Can Buy From Amazon

21. Little girl blush pink cold shoulder long sleeve floral trendy dress:

This outfit for little girls is a great trendy dress in blush pink color sold by sophias style via amazon.com. It has been designed with the floral print and has a cold shoulder. It was flared cuff long sleeves for giving the romantic touch. This fabulous dress is designed by RMLA made from 95% polyester and 5% cotton. The dress is perfect for every occasion for your little girl being made from skin friendly material. It is wearable and fashionable for every occasion such as a wedding, birthday party, beach, park, family get together, Christmas, christening, easer, new year party etc.

The dress is breathable, soft to touch and attractive making your little girl feel like a princess in every way. The outfit has to be turned inside out for washing purpose in cool water delicate cycle. It has to be laid flat to dry and cannot be hand washed. The ironing should be done on the reverse side. The sizes are available with different cost. It is available in 2T, 3T, and 4T size that cost 10.99$ and 4, 5, 6 and 6X size cost 11.99$. So the dress is perfectly affordable by all.


22. Toddler kids baby girl Christmas snowman print pullover A line dress:

The elegant dress with adorable design perfect for coming Christmas and new year party is made from 95% polyester and 5% Spandex. It has round neck, long sleeve with with Christmas style. The fabric is soft to touch, comfortable and breathable that cause no harm to the tender skin of your baby girl. It is stretchable and is suitable for giving the gift to your little princess in the coming Christmas. It’s an absolute Christmas party swing dress which can also be worn in birthday party, baby photoshoot, family day or playing outside. It can be hand washed or machine washed and can be hand dried.

However it cannot be bleached. The sweetyhouse is the seller of this beautiful dress via amazon.com. The dress is available in various sizes such as 2T, 3T, 4T, 5T, 6T and 7T. All these sizes cost the same which is 5.59$. This adorable and cute dress is completely affordable. The dress is A line of regular length with stretchable quality. It is adjustable to any sizes of your child. The material has no harmful effect on the soft skin of your baby which cause no harm to your baby. It’s completely breathable and comfortable to wear. This is the only dress which can not only be worn for any party but can also be worn for playing outside. The material is hard to distortion. Its the best Christmas gift for your princess or niece or granddaughter.

23. Little girls casual dress, toddler summer dress sleeveless cute pattern sundress:

This graceful elegant outfit for little girls is made from 100% cotton blend which is made in USA and sold by titcool. The casual dress has no sleeves and can be paired with coat, cardigan and leggings. Therefore, the dress can be worn in any season round the year. And is perfect for all occasions such as parties, outing, get together, Christmas,easter, holiday, baptism etc. It can also be given as a gift to your little princess or your niece, granddaughter as the Christmas gift as its already knocking on our doors.

The dress is affordable available at different sizes ranging from 18 months to 5T. The dress only costs 3.77$ with the options of colors and beautiful cute patterns. Such as white floral, pink, white with red polka dots, white with red Floral, white with orange floral, stripes, white with red and yellow floral, white with red and blue floral, black with yellow floral, pink with blue floral, white with yellow floral and white with pink floral. The dress is perfect for nice sunny days of winter and summer.

Your little princess will really look cute and adorable in the outfit which is comfortable and stylish to wear. The material being cotton do not cause any harm to the tender skin of your baby girl. The dress can be hand washed and machine washed. So it’s easy to wear and to maintain the beauty of the dress. No matter how much your child plays in the dress, the material is against the distortion.

24. Kids baby girls little horse pattern print sleeveless bow princess dress stripe tutu skirt:

This is the cotton blended tulle dress of regular length with the stripe pattern. It has bowknot decoration with the silhouette of ball gown style. It’s a sleeveless dress sold by jarshvila. This princess dress is really made for your little girl to feel like a princess in real. The exquisite beauty and the design of the dress come at an affordable price of 7 to 8$ with the size range from 2T to 6T. That is the dress is available in the size of a baby girl from the age of 1 year to 6 years.

The dress is ideal for any occasion such as casual, daily wear, party, communion, Christmas, christening, easter, Halloween, birthday, school programs, stage acts, get together etc. Though the price is affordable but no compromise have been made in the material it has been made from. The material is high quality with soft to touch therefore no harm to soft skin of your baby. It can both be hand washed and machine washed. No such hard precaution has to be taken to maintain the beauty of the dress. The dress has been given 4.5 stars out of five in the reviews. Since the price varies with the size of the dress, the accurate price listing is given below.

2T(1-2 years)3T(2-3 years)4T(3-4 years)5T(4-5 years)6T(5-6 years)

25. Girls princess infinity convertible multi-way wrap dress:

This unique elegant ball gown is designed and made by the IBTOM castle who are the expert in making the exotic elegant designer dresses at affordable price. The gown is composed of cotton, polyester and spandex of high quality which cause no harm to the skin and health of your baby girl. The material is soft and comfortable, skin friendly and breathable. The dress is versatile in itself because many styles and design can be given to the dress with the use of wrap. You can create multiple style with this one dress and enhance the beauty of the occasion you’re visiting. This multi-wear and multi fun dress never go out of style.

It has two long shoulder straps with which also you can give many elegant looks and style to the dress. It has high elastic fabric which is suitable for many sizes. The design is pretty fit for spring, summer, autumn, and winter. The dress is perfect for your baby girls from the age of 5-14 years of age. You can create more than 24 different styles from this one dress. The dress is the appropriate, comfortable, stylish, pretty and cute which can never go out of style. The dress is soft to touch, breathable, and adjustable. It’s a cake smash gift for your princess, sister, niece, granddaughter etc. It is perfect for special and casual occasion like outdoor, school, daily play, birthday, party, dance, Christmas, dress up, holiday, vacation, tours, dance wear, beach, trips, ballet, gymnastics, exercise, stage performance, sport, prom, athletic, fitness, pageant, ceremony or Communion etc. The price ranges from 8$ to 16$ with the variation in sizes.

7-8 years(medium)8.75$8.75$8.75$8.75$8.75$8.75$
10-12 years (large)8.99$8.99$8.99$16.99$8.99$8.99$
12-14 years(XL)9.29$9.29$9.29$16.99$9.29$9.29$

26. Tulle little girls sleeveless dress:

This beautiful adorable dress is a stylized O collar sleeveless dress branded by love mud kingdom. It has invisible zipper on the back of the dress for easy to get in and out of the dress. The dress is decorated with the bright and designer Floral lace which adds to the beauty of the dress. The tulle is pure white with six layers. The inner dress made from white cotton fabric lining. The material of the dress is cotton blend therefore it is soft to touch with no harmful effect to the skin of the baby girl.

The dress is given 3.5 star out if five in the reviews by the customers who have bought the dress. The dress is available in two colors the gold and white in different sizes. The dress is perfect for party, wedding, holiday, photoshoot, stage acts etc. The dress can be machine washed and easy to care. The price is listing is given below:


27. Flower princess dress for kids tutu short gowns:

This attractive beautiful and elegant dress for the baby girl from the age group of 2 to 12 years is made from polyester and cotton blend and adorned with lace. The dress is designed and sold by IBTOM castle who are expert in making the designer gowns for the kids at affordable price. It is perfect for all season all round the year and is available in red, rose, blue, and white color. The dress has high end lace and cotton tulle. The top of the gown has round neck and scoop back bodies in which the flowers and sequins are embellished.

The top is embroidered with patchwork and faux rhinestone. The hem of the outfit has two layers of tulle with one layer of ruffle peplum added. Another two layers of soft lining, 1 layer of netting attached on innermost fabric which gives a fuller look to the dress. The stain belt at the waist can be tied as a big lovely bowknot at back. The zip is concerned at the back of the gown for ease to wear the dress. The dress can even be paired with cardigan, coat, petticoat, tights and leggings according to the season and the occasion. The dress is simple, bright and attractive available for the girls of age from 2 to 12 years. Since the price varies with the size and color of the dress. The price list is given below:

SizeBurgundyGreenLotus pinkRoseRoyal blueWhite
2-3 years12.19$12.19$12.19$12.19$12.19$12.19$
4-5 years12.38$12.38$12.38$12.38$12.38$12.38$
6-7 years12.75$12.75$12.75$12.75$12.75$12.75$
7-8 years13.15$13.15$13.15$13.15$13.15$13.15$
9-10 years13.49$13.49$13.49$13.49$13.49$13.49$
11-12 years13.66$13.66$13.66$13.66$13.66$13.66$

28. Little girls white lace cording detail flower girl dress:

This is the elegant dress in white hue from Angels garment and sold by Sofia style via amazon.com. The dress is decorated with pretty lace and cording detail with floral accents at front of the waist. The outfit is fully lined with ruffle netting attached to the lining of the skirt. The optional petticoat can be added in order to enhance the design and style of the dress.

The dress is available in the sizes of 5 and 6 which cost 57.99$. The dress can be worn as the flower girl in the wedding or it can also be worn in the parties like birthdays and family get together or baptism Christmas, on the first christening, in holiday vacation or first communion. It can also be worn on the stage at school plays. This is is going to be the ultimate and the perfect gift for you little angel for coming Christmas and New Year Eve party. The dress is attractive and elegant for your little princess which cause no irritation to your baby’s tender skin.

29. Little big girl lace flower glittering rhinestone Tutu dress long sleeve:

This is the vintage kid girl floral lace dress with shiny rhinestone beautiful and chic design. The dress is composed from polyester the super comfortable and soft fabric which cause no on effect to the skin of your baby. This evening princess formal event ball prom tulle dress has floor length, sweetheart neckline, bodice overlay. The delicate floral lace has enhanced the beauty of the dress. The dress has long sleeves and the shining rhinestones are attached on the front of the gown.

It has the perfect slim fit on the body of your baby girl from the age group of 3 to 12 years of age. The dress is perfect for the first communion, wedding party, bride junior bridesmaid, father-daughter dance, banquet fairy dress up, Halloween, Christmas, dance,birthday, Easter Thanksgiving, Christmas, new year, ceremonies or graduation pageant evening gowns etc. The dress is available in deep blue, green, lilac, pink, red and white colours. The size varies and the price also varies accordingly. So the accurate price listing is given below:

SizeDeep blueGreenLilacPinkRedWhite
3-4 years14.49$14.49$14.49$28.99$14.49$14.49$
4-5 years14.99$14.99$14.99$26.99$14.99$14.99$
6-7 years15.49$15.49$15.49$27.49$15.49$15.49$
8-9 years15.99$29.15$15.99$15.99$15.99$15.99$
10-11 years16.49$16.49$16.49$16.49$16.49$16.49$
11-12 years16.99$16.99$16.99$31.99$16.99$16.99$

30. Big little flower girls embroidered sleeveless bowknot short dress:

This adorable beautiful dress is made from polyester and satin. Therefore the dress is perfect for all the season round the year. The dress is available in pink, blue, turquoise, purple, red and hot pink. The dress is sleeveless, has O neckline, sequins and rhinestone decorated with flower embroidered on the dress. It has bowknot on the back and hidden back zipper. The dress is soft to touch, breathable because of the high quality fabrics to protect the tender skin of the baby.

The outfit for the baby girl is all.about the permeable drape, pretty design, comfort to wear, satin bodice with soft lining inside. It has two bow knots, a small one at front of the waist. It has multilayer skirt with two layers tulle, two layers lining, an additional net attached on inside layer to give the full volume to the skirt. It has hidden zipper closure at back. The wide sashes of the skirt can be tied as a big lovely bowknot at the back. The dress can be hand washed under 30-degree water with mild detergent.

However no bleaching can be done and the ironing should be done at low temperature. The dress is available for the age group of 18 months to 10 years and is sold by FYMNSI. The price listing varies with the size and the color as shown below:

SizeTurquoiseBlueHot pinkPinkPurpleRed
2-3 years14.08$14.08$14.08$14.08$14.08$14.08$
3-4 years14.48$14.48$14.48$14.48$14.48$14.48$
5-6 years15.08$15.08$15.08$15.08$15.08$15.08$
6-7 years15.48$15.48$15.48$15.48$15.48$15.48$
8-9 years15.88$15.88$15.88$15.88$15.88$15.88$
9-10 years16.28$16.28$16.28$16.28$16.28$16.28$
18 months13.48$13.48$13.48$13.48$13.48$13.48$


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