Top 100+ Nepali New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples


Top 100+ Nepali New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples

New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples: – What? You have already made your New Year plan. Wait!!! You may miss out the most amazing ideas to celebrate New Year. Don’t plan your New Year celebration with your old routines and ideas. There are so many new ideas that will help you to make your partner happy.

New Year Day, as its name suggests, is the first day of the year. In most of the countries around the globe, January 1 is celebrated as New Year. However, it may differ for some countries based on what calendar they follow. No matter when you celebrate your New Year, it is quite clear that this is a special day for everyone. Everyone in this globe would like to celebrate this particular day with happiness and new joy.

People tend to forget their past failures and mistakes on this day and look forward to be successful in the future. Thus, New Year helps you release the burden from your past and makes you ready to tackle the future obstacles. This day is celebrated with immense joy and happiness.

Houses, streets, buildings, shops, etc are whitewashed and well-decorated. People welcome the New Year as if they are welcoming a new bride at their home. A saying goes “ Morning shows the day” , in the same way it is believed that your year passes in happiness and joy if you celebrate the New Year day well.

New Year is surely an important event for everyone, however, it does have a greater influence in relationships. Special occasions like this play a vital role in improving and strengthening your relationships.

Like new year releases your past burden and helps you look forward to your future, in the same way, it also helps you forget your past misunderstandings and encourages you to make efforts to make your relationship smooth.

Hence, if you are in relationship you must make this day count. However, how to celebrate New Year with your loved one? is a great question mark!!


People try out different New Year celebration ideas with their loved one. The first thing you should take care is about the likes and dislikes of your partner. Your relationship will never be long lasting and deeper if you don’t know much about your partner. Therefore, celebration ideas should be chosen based on what your partner loves.

I have tried to help you out in making your day special. Here are few  points on celebration ideas for couples:

So, here we are with the top 100 ideas for this New Year celebration, especially for the couples. We know you don’t want to make it forgettable rather you want it to become the most memorable one. We assure you will not regret following it instead you will regret why you didn’t follow it.

Top 100+ Happy New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples

1. A family get together

Most of the couple only plan their New Year to spend with their partner but how about celebrating this year with your families. Yes, you need to celebrate your New Year with a family get together party so that the sense of togetherness and love among the family members grow higher and higher.

You can talk with your parents, elders and enjoy with their past romantic stories. They can be the best guidance for your love life which you can’t get from anywhere.

2. A perfect home plan

You don’t need to go outing to celebrate your New Year. You can celebrate at your home with some of the coolest plan whole days.

A lunch, a romantic movie, a small fun game, a candle light dinner and a dance at home can be the best way to celebrate your New Year with your partner if you are bored with the outside world. This gives your partner a feeling love and you can get the quality time to spend with your partner which is not possible outside the home.

3. A friendly night

If you love to gather around your friends and so is your partner, then this can be the best option for your New Year plan. Organize a small party at home and invite friends from both sides.

Then, enjoy the party spreading love and happiness like you have never done before. You can help your friends to make new friends. A party followed by dance will make your New Year friendlier. So, go for a friendly party if you love spending time with your friends.

4. Photo album

old album
old album

As New Year is the starting of a new time, you can sum of your past year with a collection of photos and make an album. This will help both of you to get those romantic moments back.

You can share your moments with each other and I am sure it will keep your bonding stronger than ever. Your photo album will be the best gift for your children to know about your love life. When they see it, they will surely ask about it and once again you have to recall your old romantic memories that will make you romantic again.

5. A new Year resolution

Happy New Year Resolutions Pictures
Happy New Year Resolutions

Most of the couple just try to spend their New Year by organizing a party or going outing. The first day may be happier but from the next day, the same old routine and the same old problems. So, this New Year can be the turning point of your life if you both make a New Year resolution.

Yes, if both try to analyse your past, find out the root cause of any problem you both have encounter and how did you act upon it, then it will surely help you to boost your thoughts that will help both of you to realise your mistakes and I am sure both of you will never repeat that mistakes again. This is how your relationship gets stronger rather than enjoying a party.

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Top 10 New Year Celebration Ideas for Couples

6. Special Outing plan

Plan day out
Plan day out

If you want to give your partner the most ever pleasant New Year plan the make your outing plan a special one by combining the different plans. You can plan for lunch in a restaurant first, and then you can go for watching movies near your theater,

After that, you can go near supermarket to buy some gifts for your partner, probably shopping can be the best options. At night, surprise with a candlelight dinner. This can be the best things you can do but remember that your wallet is strong enough.

7. Adventurous trip

You can surprise your partner with a plan of the adventurous trip this New Year. This can be the most surprising moment for her. There are many adventurous activities like paragliding, bunjy jump, rafting, mountain bike etc.


This New Year with thrilling experience can bring some thrilling moment in your partner live which she has never expected before. So, if your partner is an adventurous lover, then surprise them with an adventure trip.

8. Exchanging gifts

opening gift

This idea may seem funny to you but when you realize the true meaning of the gift, you will surely adopt it. Giving gift is never an old tradition. It, in fact, is the best way to show your love and care to your partner.

So, if you are planning to gift something special to your partner, then this can be the best idea for this New Year. Just make it more special with a love letter that your partner has never imagined of.

9. A surprise party

it surprise
it surprise

How would you react when you get a surprise party from your partner? Well, without any doubt, it will be one of the best moments for you in your life. So, if you want to make your partner a little bit surprise, then give her a surprise party that your partner has never imagined I am sure you will see the most pleasant smile in your partner face.


10. Game

family game chess playing husband wife son daughter image
a family play chess game

If you are bored with your regular routine and party schedules, then a game at home can be the best way to celebrate this New Year with your partner.

Generally, only a few partners play a game together and those who haven’t played the game with their partner have never enjoyed a life with their partner. So, if you want to spend a good time with your partner in this New Year, play a game you both like.

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  1. Treat her like your Queen:

Your wife was her dad’s princess before she met met you. But she is your Queen now. Especially on this day, you have to treat her like your Queen. Do anything to make her happy and give her lots of love and surprises.

  1. Share some past memories:

Sharing past memories is another New Year celebration ideas for couples. Share videos or pictures of some romantic moments you have spent in your life. Talk about your favorite moments in your life. This will help you become even closer than before.

  1. Romantic tour to Paris:

Every couple longs to visit the places like Paris, London and New York for a romantic tour. You can make your dream come true this New Year. Special tickets discounts are also available during this time.

  1. Visit national park or zoo:

This is another celebration idea for couples. Especially, women love visiting zoos and national parks because of the fact that they are highly nature-loving. This will obviously help you spend some time together and you can strengthen your relationship bond.

  1. Arrange a candle-light dinner at your home:

I don’t know any couple who wouldn’t love candle light dinner. Make appropriate arrangements either at your home or outside. Better keep it a secret from your wife and give her a surprise.

  1. Go for honeymoon:

Are you recently married? Have you gone for a honeymoon? If not, New Year is the best time to go for a honeymoon to romantic destinations like Switzerland, Paris and other places. This will be a perfect way to start your married life.

  1. Have drinks together at the rooftop:

This may sound somehow funny but I don’t find any better celebration idea than this. Buy some luxury drinks (wine or whiskey) and drink them whole night with your wife staying at the rooftop where you get a wonderful view of the city and the stars.

  1. Start a new business under your wife’s name:

As a life-partner, your wife wants to become a part of every new step you take in your life. If you are a businessmen, you can start your new business under your wife’s name at the occasion of New Year. Don’t you think it would be an amazing idea for celebrating this event with your wife?

  1. Prepare your wife’s favourite dish:

Our wives prepare food for us daily and do a lot of household chores. Let’s not let them do those same works even at the occasion of New Year. Why not  cook some of their favorite dish and serve them? This will certainly show how much we are committed towards our relationship.

  1. Buy a new house:

Living in their own house is always the first priority for the married couple. Why not fulfill this dream at the occasion of New Year? This will undoubtably make this eve memorable.

  1. Be sexually active:

This may sound a bit strange for the traditional society. However, the fact is sex plays a vital role in conjugate relationship. It shows how much committed and trustworthy you are in your relationship. Your wife is certainly expecting to have sexual activity during such occasion like New Year. Therefore, you mustn’t hesitate.

  1. Take her to a New Year program or any concert:

Different programs and concerts are held worldwide at the New Year eve. So, spending your time together watching such programs would be another New Year celebration ideas for couples.

  1. Take her to the beach:

Beaches are another lovely places where you can spend some useful moments in the New Year eve. Take your girlfriend or wife to the beach and spend your times together sunbathing, playing beach volleyball, surfing, swimming and so on.

  1. Go trekking together:

Wanna spend the first day of the Year doing something adventurous and creative!! Simply, go for trekking with your girlfriend or wife to some adventurous places. Make sure you are well prepared for this.

  1. Adopt a child:

This is another New Year celebration idea (especially for childless couples). Rather than spending a lot of money for gaining materialistic pleasure and luxury a couple can adopt a child from the orphanage on this occasion. This would be a great example of humanity to the society.

  1. Take her to watch a live football match:

If both the couple are die hard football fan, they can simply celebrate the New Year eve by watching a live football match together. This will make their relationship deeper.

  1. Discuss about your plans this year:

As the name suggests, the New Year is the beginning of the year. Some wise couples would celebrate this event by making some major plans for this year. They would also discuss about things that went wrong past this past year and look forward to correcting them.

  1. Play games of mutual interest:

Having mutual interest and understanding is a boost for relationships. If both the couple are interested at a particular game then they can celebrate the New Year eve playing that game.

  1. Spend the night singing and dancing:

It is another simple but very effective way of celebrating New Year for couples. Buy a music CD of your favorite singer and enjoy the night singing and dancing together.

  1. Go for a family picnic:

Remember the last time you have gone for a family picnic!! At the occasion of New Year, take your wife and children (if you have) to a wonderful picnic spot and spend the day in the lap of nature.

  1. Arrange a romantic date:

Remember the last time you have gone for a date!! It’s so important to arrange regular dates when you are in a relationship. Search for a wonderful place and arrange a romantic date with your lover on this day.

  1. Go skating together:

Snowfall is quite common during this time of the year. You can go skating together with your partner at the occasion of new year. You can get so many skating sites with a single click on the internet.

  1. Spend the day countryside:

Are you bored staying in the city area? If you are thinking of celebrating this New Year in peace and tranquility, you can spend your day countryside with your wife/girlfriend.

  1. Prepare a list of achievements accomplished this past year:

This is a simple way of celebrating New Year with your wife. Both the husband and the wife can make their list of achievements this past year and share them with each other.

  1. Watch old videos of some moments spent together:

Do you have videos and photographs of your moments spent together? Watch them together and recall those special moments together. This is sure to make your relationship bond stronger and deeper.

  1. Visit museum:

Are you both enthusiastic in learning about antique objects and history? Why don’t you visit the museum with your wife at New Year? This will be a unique but effective way of celebrating this eve.

  1. Disclose your past secrets:

Despite being in a relationship you may have kept something secret from your partner this past year. Why don’t you celebrate New Year eve disclosing some of those secrets?

  1. Watch anime series together:

This is the perfect New Year celebration idea for couple who watch animes. Watch some romantic anime series whole day at the New Year eve. This is bound to make your day memorable.

  1. Play new computer games:

Like previous idea, this is another perfect celebration idea for the couple who are fond of playing computer games. Get the latest computer game or PS4 and enjoy playing it together the whole day. This might be the relationship goal for every gamer.

  1. Enjoy rafting:

Wanna try something adventurous and completely different this New Year!! You can simply enjoy rafting in swift flowing rivers with your wife or girlfriend. I am sure any couple would love this idea.


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