How to Celebrate Happy New Year With Your Family? Here Is The List Of 8 Things You Can Do


How to celebrate New Year with Family? What to Do on New Year with family? Get the list of 8 things to do while celebrating Nepali New Year 2078 with family. Happy Nepali New Year 2078.

The 365th day of a calendar year, the New Year’s Eve leaves us with several moments that remain with us forever. Numerous plans and events are organized to celebrate the end of a year that is in line to leave us with bags of memories. While some plans fail to live up to the expectation others just grab a place in our hearts and minds.

Apart from the lights and the entertainment that the day provides, it is not only for celebration. It is also the day of the year to look back at the mic opportunities and the words you made in the year. It is also a day to set a target for the upcoming year and the day to assure yourself the year ahead will be better than the year gone by.

So be sure to make a plan which provides you with tons of memories and an opportunity to “Right” the “Wrongs” of the days gone by. Here are some of the things to do to light up your new years eve with your family and closed ones.

Celebrate New Year’s With Family

“How to celebrate new year with family” is not a complicated question. You just need to plan your activities well and spend quality time with each other. This is actually the time of year when you can give each other a surprise by planning a nice dinner. If you do not want to cook, you can always order a pizza. Whatever you decide, make sure that the time you spend together will be remembered for a long time.

In order to make this occasion memorable, you can also make some New Year’s resolutions. If there are people in your family who have a long list of wishes, then make a list of those as well. This will help everybody to focus on something to do instead of just talking about what they wish for. You can also make some plans about where you can spend New Year’s Eve in order to make it a special evening for everybody.

When the holidays roll around each year, it can be really hard to keep all the people you love happy. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that you even have friends or family. So, it is up to you to remind yourself that you do have people who care for you. One way to do that is to get together with them on New Year’s Eve. It is customary to give each member of the family a small token like a silver coin or jewelry so that they can remember that you still care.


A great way to make this holiday special is to make a list of the people who are in your life. Make a list of all the special occasions that they happened to happen to. It could be birthdays, anniversaries, or graduation. Then, make a list of all the places they went to school or to college. Include all the places they are involved with now. If they are parents, make a list of all the places they go to take care of their children.

The next thing to do is to pick out a special song for the New Year. Choose a song that will help you remember all the special times you shared together. One great song would be “Happy New Year”, written by David Gray. It is a wonderful song that you and your loved ones can sing every single night at midnight.

Also, if you want to help people save money this year, make a donation to a charity of your choice. It does not have to be a huge amount; just a little bit will be enough. You can make a donation to Cancer Research or Help Stop Teenagers from Using Marijuana. There are tons of other great charities that you can choose to donate to.

The last step in planning your own New Year’s celebration is to buy decorations. You can start by putting up streamers in various colors, which will frame the windows in your house. Then, purchase hats, napkins, balloons, banners, streamers, and confetti. You can put up these things at the very beginning of the year, so people will be reminded of the celebration. Some great places to shop for these things include: Dollar General, Wal-Mart, Target, K-Mart, and Family Dollar.

If you have someone in your family who is a fan of country music, then plan a New Year’s celebration around that. Ask them to play their favorite song. You can even have a party with food and drinks matching the song. Play music from the likes of Cowboy Boots and Bob Dylan. Make sure you have plenty of alcohol available for when people start to drink.

If you happen to know someone who is a huge fan of bluegrass, then plan an evening of country music. You could also hire musicians to perform country music. You can put on a special CD that features music from both genres. A good night could include performances from special country artists such as Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

If you are trying to think up some other ideas, try thinking about all the great specials that you can offer during New Year’s. A great celebration could include a discount if you book a hotel for the day or weekend of the celebration. Offer free breakfast, dinner, and admission to the party when you purchase tickets for the party.

If you can, try to have a New Year’s Eve party at the same time as a New Year’s Day celebration. You can offer single tickets to the celebration that will allow you to get a free drink on New Year’s Eve.

When planning a New Year’s Celebration, remember that you can choose from so many ways to celebrate. The key is to make it fun for everyone. Remember to pick a date that makes everyone feel special. When you want to know how to celebrate new year with family, just remember that you can do it by inviting your family and friends to join you in celebrating a truly special time of the year!

How to Celebrate New Year With Your Family?

What to Do on Nepali New Year with Your Family?

1. Travelling:

As they say “of all the books in the world, the best stories are found in between the pages of a passport”, Travelling is basically everyone’s favorite thing to do while celebrating some special occasion.

Not only it provides you with an alternative to celebrate the new years eve but it allows you to express yourself and settle the stresses in your life.

traveller family mother son daughter koshi river seeing beautiful scene How to celebrate New Year with Family
Seeing Koshi river

A great source of entertainment and learning experience traveling also helps you get close to nature should you choose to go on hiking. Who knows your next travel could be one of your life’s finest.  Enjoying the final chapter of the 365-page book travelling with your family members will prepare you to fill the pages of the blank 365-page book.

2. Movies:

A great entertainment tool since its incarnation, movies never leave you in disappointments. Not only the movie will help you enjoy the day but it will also strengthen the bond in between your family.


It's movie time gif
It’s movie time

A movie relating to the comedy or drama genre will really spice up your new years eve with you closed one. So grab the popcorns, make yourself comfortable and enjoy an entertaining day in company with your family members.

3. Shopping:

shops in Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal
shops in Chinnamasta Bhagawati Sakhra Temple, Saptari, Nepal

What great way to wave goodbye to the days gone by and the welcome the days and then shopping. It surely is one of our favorite things to do and the prospect of splashing the cash for new outfits certainly excites many of us.

Not only outfits, acquiring the household needs will also be a fun act.Besides excitements, it also allows you to enjoy a day out with your pals or family with lots of pictures, memorable moments and delicious meals.

4. House Party:

House parties are always the first option that strikes our minds when we think about celebrating an occasion or a festival with our loved ones.

club party

The gathering of people with whom you have not been in touch for several months and the excitement of days ahead is surely likely to make you new years eve party a special. Also, quality food and good music are likely to make your house party even special.


5. Games:

As like house parties another indoor activity that you can perform in order to make you New Year’s Eve a special one is Games.

Musical Chair game
Musical Chair game

Accompanied by your closed ones and your relatives, games is not only supposed to entertain you for the day, it will also make your relation with your closed one healthier. Cards are basically the first thing we remember when we think about games in a festival. If you are not many admirers of cards, you can try Words Guessing, Scramble and PC/PSP games.

6. Setting your goals for the days ahead:

New Year’s Eve is surely one time of the year where you let go of all the issues and focus on celebrating the moment. But the day is not just about entertainment, it is also a day to look back at the lessons that you learned in a year.

A time to set your goals for the year ahead, a time to set a resolution.  Setting the sights for the years ahead will not on allow positive changes in your life but it will also provides you to reflect, support positive changes and promote positive self-esteem.

7. Pictures:

Capturing the moment is certainly one good idea to light up our festival or any occasion. Picturing all the happenings of the, from parties to shoppings, will definitely plant a huge smile on your face a year after.

camera shooting picture in dashain festival
camera shooting picture in dashain festival

Apart from preserving the moments of the day, it will also help Relieve Stress, Inspire your Imagination and Boost Your Self-Esteem. So roll your cameras and be ready to capture all the joyous moment in the New Years Eve.

8. Books:

If you feel avoiding the noise and the tiredness on the New Years Eve, going through the pages of a book is certainly a good idea to keep you entertained in the farewell day of the year.

Reading books will not only keep you occupied but it will also relax you and prepares you for the challenges that the coming year shall bring. Adding a music as per you desire on the day will also be a good idea as it will keep you entertained.

reading books in the field
Reading book

The day’s gone by has provided us with moments to cherish and the moments that we dearly wanted to change. The New Years Eve is a time to look back at all the highs and lows that the year has gone by has left us with.

Also, it is a time to allow positive changes in your life in the year ahead. Enjoying such special day accompanied by your family members and closed ones will keep you motivated for the obstacle that the coming days have in store for you. Additionally, wish you Happy & a prosperous New Year.

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How to Celebrate New Year With Your Family – Things to Do on New Year’s Day with Family?


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