New Year Celebration Around the World

New Year Celebration in SPAIN

In Spain, people celebrated New Year at midnight by wearing new clothes and firstly eating 12 grapes on the stride of watch clock. It has one believing that while we eat then it brought for the best luck.


Drinking and dancing is the best method to pass the times of ours soon. Spanish celebrated as the good midnight. One grape is for the 12 months for the new day is special for me. It believes in duty and traditional Main Square.

New Year Celebration in SRILANKA

New Year is called the best for the new thing. It is occurring on the last of April. It is the traditional way to the cleaning of home and lightening our home with lights and bathing of the herbal plant, it makes our health in the perfect way. The member of the family relationship is best for the happy New Year. A celebration of New Year is a way of the sensation of bright light for us.

New Year Celebration in DEMARK

In this place people celebrating New Year by the tasty food, they made at their home and given at the door and finishing the food to their own friends to eat delicious food and wishing you a happy new year.

Most of the people at the table for giving the standing edition to near the clock, the bell is ringing then the people like to jump to be the happy recreational moment we had getting for welcoming the new year for the sweetest smile and the wonderful day. It is spending a lot of time at the party.

It is the clockwise moment of our life. The collection of dishes in the New Year at the wonderful party in the home of country. People believe so much in this tradition and customs which prevented in New Year. It also brought them new plates to breaking it at it outside of the home of the field. The friends also invited to the party. It is the starting period of life.

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The Hindu is celebrating from several times. They followed only the solar system path. They are also helping the Brahman to see part. It is the adjust day of calculation.

They believed in the god Lakshmi and Ganesh brought success. People usually cleaning of their homes, decorating the home with beautiful flowers and with the bright light, preparing of new, tasty and delicious food, wearing of new clothes celebrating with our friends and our family. They are also exchanging the gift to take the cards too.



It was celebrated on the first day of the New YearMuslim went at the mosques to worship and prayed for the successful life they take. They gave new clothes as a gift.


They are celebrating as dancing at several songs. They served to the poor people or the helpful people of vegetarian food. It demonstrated by the firework.

New Year Celebration in GREECE

This city was celebrated at first January in the Greek. Bacilli are their parents. All of their family is with together to live in the new year for celebrating. They believed in the coin by exchanging it with one another of their family member. It is supposed to be the best of luck.

New Year Celebration in SCOTLAND

They believe in the past traditional way to barrel it. The New Year is entering the new thing in our life.

New Year Celebration in SRILANKA

It gets strengthful to the relationship of the family member at the work. The room designed with colorful flower and the plantation of the new plant in the field. It gives you the fortune in your life. It is celebrated at mid-night of striking go watch clock for the special new day.

New Year Celebration in PHILIPPINES

In Philippines people believe in coins. It symbolizes our luck and wonderful times in the New Year. They eat fruits and vegetable on the night of 12:00 o’clock. They wear new clothes on the occasion of the New Year. Traditionally it was believed that the New Year is starting at the fixed time of day. It is coming in the New Year.

New Year Celebration in BRAZIL

It is thankful at the party of its celebration. It is the occasion conducted at the water beach. All people come to enjoy and fun today for theNew Year. It is considered a wonderful country. The festival is celebrating like as the main occasion with royals surprises holding in this year.

31 December is passed out and the midnight comes for the celebration of the new day called the first January of New Year. It is like the rising planet. The rising sun became brighten at the new year for reflecting it’s effective power by making it the new year which is memorial at one’s time a day effective for ours be happy life.

New Year Celebration in NEWZELAND

It covers all the city of land for doing such parties or events. It is the highest day for ours. In this city, they are celebrating New Year trice day by making the party with the fun and totally fantastically. It is doing at the outdoor performance at the conventional party club and also modification at the dark party with their friends. Most of the party is paced at the night star and the moon by millions of distance to cover.

The friends are a popular guest in the party to show up their style and performance in the event of happy New Year. The season or weather is nice for the New Year party. It gets the thousands of audience is supported you to dance well as an excellent way.

It creates the best moment in the future. It is also present some music and tasty food to the friend at the way of serving as the nice day always comes, again and again, to recreate it as finest parties.

New Year Celebration in RUSSIA

In this place, they are celebrating through as a welcoming party. People pass their valuable times with a close friend. It is also known that with their girlfriend or boyfriend at the intellectual time, it is ensuring to make the special destination of love with their special partner. It has special dishes of food. The cultural programmed of RUSSIA is seen in the New Year. People enjoy dancing.

The party was respectful of us without any disturbance. It is best for your has many fun places like z-square is recreational place firework. The young girl without married also went there for joy and funny administration of past tradition.

The married couple also gone for refreshes their body and feel well with the lovely partner. The coming year gave you the strength and prosperity of doing work. You deserve the happy moment of your life is granted.

New Year Celebration in the UK

The day is full of repayment with our parents and our family and close friends. Most of the people celebrating the New Year by passing the flowers with one another through the exchanging way at this celebration the money are valuable for the payment to the others.

Most of the parties are delighted at the night with some fun and lovely to live on the coverage of the party. It occupies the small area of your home. It is easy and simple for the celebration.

The right time is the day for the beautiful occasion at the memorial moment. It is the routine of these people. It is stating to the midnight or all that of New Year. The parents also enjoy very much by talking about the lots of fantastic moment we fun so much time.

The food is served to reflect their owns tradition of culture. The wine is an essential part to celebrate New Year. The bell is ringing at the day of New Year then they are celebrating the happy New Year.

It is announced by the speaking mike with loud sound to all of the city of the country. It is heard to rumination of New Year celebration at all places. People also celebrated at the church.

Christian usually goes that temple to pray for the father as a lord. It believed in Christian. It seems to be like a routine of all the people. The bell is striking at the night of 31 December to pass the night. People are very excited at that moment.

New tear is announcing with the arrival of success line on life. People also gun shooting at the 31 December for fun and entertainment it gets them best accept at the happy New Year. In the New Year had one performing programmed to perform in the party?

Most of the people participate in the dancing, singing, and also at other funny participation for the entertainment. It is the best time of this celebration very well.

It is a progressive way to do. People went out to the beaches near the ocean and see for walking in the New Year. It is an attractive place. Millions of people went to visit the UK at the New Year celebration with their cousin and their other relatives.

It is like as one of the fact to do those types of work. It is praying as the biggest temple. It is referred at the afternoon. The government should be binned to drink wine on the road. The street is decorated to look in a night of New Year. It is the largest visiting places.

Everyone is cooperating in that party and gathering of food at the time of eating such type of different dishes in the unknown party. It should best to do the performance in the UK as a wonderful country; they also prominent as the origin of the next day.

It is a memorial part of drawing in the dreams so special for me. The evening with lasting is tasty dinner. The main thing for human is food in the party than other things to celebrate as a wonderful day of joyful thing.

The party is also known as the theme party. It is celebrated in a community or the society field for gaining the people participation makes you the forward way. It is an extraordinary type of matter. Anyone can perform on those types of activity. It is prominent and the perfect way. A lot of music performance of covert is performed to the people. It is the spleenful and active with the way of planning.

Most of the people see television in the New Year to refresh their mind in the wake of entertainment. Most of the people are cheerful in the New Year. They also connect with the net to give the photos of New Year of their family and friends which is very close to you and your ideas. It is celebrating like as the intrinsic part of life.

It signifies their new year how it is celebrating. It is done due to the presence of best luck. The coming year is forwarded your life soon. Bad luck has gone away.

A man usually gave the gift of bread, rice, and coin to others. It also helped the poor people in the way to bring a bright future in New Year. Women clean their field by planting the colorful with Christmas tree seen to be beautiful at the party of happy New Year. It is arranged properly to delight in the sense of our life. You are perfect for this work.

It is very easy to do. The burning of wood is also necessary for the field party. It is the special part of the bush. The people also marry with their partner in the happy New Year with bringing of firebrick with the gorgeous smile on the face. In the New Year, they also celebrated the singing of their one traditional song at the beginning of New Year. He is getting coal for the fire to be burnt very well till midnight.

New Year Celebration in NIGERIA

Males are attracted to the woman by making their hair with lots of design with the black hair with bright and unique looking by them by burning the candle it celebrated the New Year. It means it supposed to be lightning happy. It is the good luck of our prosperity.

The man also giving money to poor people as a way of gift. It is followed by a high amount. The etheric way of lifestyle to the celebration with the cultural value to reform seems to be happy by the people of everyone. It stays as the means of livelihood.

It is the prominent way of Hindu celebrating it. It is staying of livelihood from the main theme of celebrating it. It is sure of the real trouble to do well. It means to the way the northern part. It is drawing the Christian. It is slightly different from the other culture or tradition of their country. It is the remembering of past time. It is doing socially way of life at the means of a search of the knowledge.

It is the way of visiting forgiven is wonderful and granted. The tradition to ring the drum by saying it’s the happy New Year. It is very easy to enter the best performance of intensive prayer you already been done.

It is the first period of time. It is important for eve to light and the colorful moment is being associated with the beloved decoration of gateway the past and future. It is the young gathering to full their option of streets of houses ant the cracked fire for wishing in the perform ritual.

It is a precious way to as the goal but at the high amount. It is a way of best knowledge of working the time in the way of the moment of life. The real fact is at one’s time to touch the real way of such way of future nicely. The people wear new sandal in the leg and diamond ring in their hands. It is the combined way to wearing such type of thing at the low cost.

New Year Celebration in JAPAN

The New Year celebrated at the Chinese calendar. It is celebrated at the beginning of 1 January and last the night of 11:59 time for celebration. The traditional believable is that to visiting the different temple for praying for the best journey of life. It celebrated by the decorative cake and sweet chocolate by eating at the first of January. It symbolizes for the honesty to near and walks at the bamboo. We are getting respect for elder and love to the junior.

Since 1873, Japan has officially adopted the Gregorian calendar and celebrates the New Year festival. Before that Japan celebrated the New Year in accordance with the Chinese lunar calendar on an era. Japanese New Year celebrations began on January first and last for a fortnight. Traditional celebrations aim at the age-old concept of out with evil and in with the good vibes way.

Traditional celebrations include visiting temples to pray for the departed and for a very good harvest. Temple bells are rung one hundred nine times to scare off the evil. Another ritual with the same purpose is to begin laughing as the clock is about the strike midnight.

Japanese homes hand straw ropes at the entrance to bring in good luck eve. Envelopes with money are handed to children by elders and receive by Youngers.

New Year Celebration in the USA

Uncorking champagne, gorging on cakes, and feasting on black-eyed beans are considered lucky and festive in the United States of America. The best in fashion is what party-goers opt for in New Year eve parties of the people. Honking vehicles, paper blowers, noisy whistles, impulsive kisses are all part of the fun and anxiety.

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