New Year Celebration Around the World

New Year Celebration Around the World :- This post is about detail views of New Year Celebration Around the World or new year celebration in different countries of the world. Majority of countries around the world celebrates Christian New year. Christian New Year falls on the 1st day of January. Most of the population around the world celebrate the New Year celebration on the 1st of January.

New Year Celebration Around the World! Happy New Year 2021!!!

Happy New Year’s is a time to look forward to the beginning of another year with excitement. The new calendar year starts or ends on this day or occasion.

A new year has to be marked in different ways, and this is one of those occasions where people come together and make it their goal to celebrate this year with a lot of happiness.

This day can also be said to be a time for giving and receiving gifts from one another, both old and new so that we can all take a step closer to our goals.

One of the most common things that people do on this day to try to make a difference is to try and live up to some of their new year’s resolutions. We try to do as much good as we possibly can by spending more time with those who are close to us, like family members.

Some other things that we may want to do include working more to save money and get a better job, going to church and taking part in worship services, volunteering for a worthy cause, doing extra chores around the home, going to school and studying more about something that interests us. Whatever we choose to do on this day, we have to make sure that we have the right attitude.

Another way to celebrate this day is by eating a good meal and then having a toast to the year. It is also customary for friends and relatives to go to a casino for an afternoon so that they can gamble away their money for some perfect fun.

There is no way we can say that there isn’t still lots of fun and enjoyment in playing games and gambling. But in this day and age, we can all even come together and spend the day trying to have a great time together.

Of course, there is a lot more to be said about this day than just spending a good time with loved ones. This is also the best chance that we can have to give one another a gift of kindness. When someone has a good year, they are not likely to go around asking for gifts anymore.

The gifts they will be most likely to need are the ones that they do not need. If they go out and buy something that they don’t need, then they might spend more than what they should on something that they need.

One way to give someone a gift that they truly need is to provide them with a holiday to remember. If they have had a particularly good year, why not let them have the chance to go on a trip somewhere?

Maybe they can take a break in a nice place, like a ski resort, or a cruise, or go hiking in the mountains. Perhaps they can go fishing, a picnic or visit a museum and enjoy themselves while they still have some time left.

And as always, many people try to go a little bit extra on this day and mark this day with a big event. They might decide to organize a massive party for the entire community to cheer up someone who has had a rough time the year before. Or maybe they choose to have a huge concert or dance recital.

This could also be done as a surprise for an old friend or loved one. If you are planning anything special for a friend or relative on this day, you may want to have them help plan your party, and then have them bring you the invitations and make sure that everything is written down.

Nepal celebrates Nepali New Year. Nepali New Year falls in the 1st of Baishakh month according to Nepali lunar calendar. It means it falls in the mid-April. Likewise, there are various local and regional New Years around the world. The New Year celebration is different around the globe.

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Happy New Year GIF

New Year has always been a festival. New Year is celebrated worldwide with fervor and passion. Get it in any country – USA, UK, India, France, America or Russia. The excitement and energy levels for the celebrating New Year never goes down. It always goes up all over the world.

There are also some traditional ways in the world to celebrate the event of the New Year. Everybody performs their own best way to bid farewell to the going year and heartily welcome the New Year. Thousands of the people around the globe burst crackers on this New Year festival and visit outstations to give a fresh start to their New Year.

It gives a chance to celebrate a party. It gives a chance to celebrate the festival. It gives a chance to get together in an individual circle. It gives a chance to gorge on heavy meals and dresses up in best attires.

Apart from indulging in the parties or New Year eve celebration, people have something in good to practice on New Year. Different countries follow different types of traditions and customs to bring in prosperity with the coming New Year. Such celebrations of New Year festival become memorable for him/her and are cherished all year long.

New Year Celebration Around the World

New Year Celebration in Nepal (Nepali New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in India  (Indian New Year)
New Year Celebration in Pakistan (Pakistani New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Bangladesh (Bangla New Year)
New Year Celebration in Russia (Russian New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Canada (Canadian New Year)
New Year Celebration in China (Chinese New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Europe ( European New Year)
New Year Celebration in Persia (Persian New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Germany (German New Year)
New Year Celebration in Scotland (Scottish New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Brazil (Brazilian New Year)
New Year Celebration in Korea (Korean New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in the UK (British New Year)
New Year Celebration in South Africa (South African New Year)
Happy New Year Celebration in Sri Lanka (Sri Lankan New Year)
New Year Traditions in the US (American New Year)
Happy New Year Traditions in France (French New Year)
New Year Traditions in Japan (Japanese New Year)
Happy New Year Traditions in Australia (Australian New Year)
New Year Traditions in Vietnam (Vietnam New Year)
Happy New Year Traditions in Tibet (Tibetian New Year)
New Year Traditions in Thailand (Thai New Year)
Happy New Year Traditions in Cambodia (Cambodian New Year)
New Year Traditions in Armin – Armenian New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in Austria – Austrian New Year
New Year Traditions in Belgium – Belgian New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in Bulgaria – Bulgarian New Year
New Year Traditions in Dutch – Danish New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in Egypt – Egyptian New Year
New Year Traditions in Greece – Greek New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in Hungarian – Hungarian New Year
New Year Traditions in Iran – Iranian New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in Irish – Irish (Celtic) New Year
New Year Traditions in Laos – Lao New Year
Happy New Year Traditions in the Netherlands – Netherlands New Year
New Year Festival in Parsee – Parsee New Year
Happy New Year Festival in Persia – Persian New Year
New Year Festival in Portugal – Portuguese New Year
Happy New Year Festival in Roman – Romanian New Year
New Year Festival in USSR – USSR New Year
Happy New Year Festival in Scotland – Scottish New Year
New Year Festival in Spain – Spanish New Year
Happy New Year Festival in Swaziland (Swaziland New Year)
New Year Festival in Sweden (Swedish New Year)
Happy New Year Festival in Taiwan (Taiwanese New Year)
New Year Festival in Welsh (Welsh New Year)

New Year EVE Celebration

It is the highest and most excellent part of the country. The parties started with the fire bricks to get the light for blighting cover the motive day. It is a good nation to perform the new day. The simple surprise party is planned with technical lights.

The hotel is also booked for the New Year party. It is an advanced way to do such type of musical party of happy New Year. It is attracted more towards the people. It is set up with all the thing. It is close to our nature and elongated with our family and friends.

The party place is only for the young couple or the partner. The love proposal people are also celebrating this day as the creation of new love at the suitable time of the happy New Year. It preferred lots and become worldwide for its celebration.

Every country had its privacy for unique ideas selection or theme of doing the traditional customs and celebrating the New Year like a festival or any occasion. We gathering each other with some items of food being eaten in the party of the new year.31 December is the old year it is passed at some minute and New Year comes smoothly being a 1 January.


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It is considered as a wonderful celebration. NewYear gift is given to the family friends and lovely ones. People are also enjoying by doing shopping and the real celebration of memorial thing.

This day is given holidays in all school, college and other governmental and private sector of this country to celebrating this new day. It is safe at the home to celebrate the party of New Year because most of the people drink alcohol and their habit also is bad and it is not good for ours to outside of the home. Everyone is a part of them to create a joyful moment.

New Year celebration in NEPAL (Nepali New Year)

In Nepal people uses the solar calendar for the occasion any festival prevalently come. In the year the government gave holidays to celebrate it. People celebrated with the family and other friends, for doing with the party. It is the big holidays for the people.

It uses A.D. it is the inscription of ours. It is a duplicated public holiday. It is part of a wonderful festival. In the Nepali citizen, the 45 ethnic groups are involved.

It is some as the considerable resemble the unity of reminded. It is a great way. It is the possible way to perform way. It is finished way for living. People in Nepal are making party by going to different places. They enjoy a lot of a group having very delicious food.

They do not think about the money that how to earn but spend as much as possible. New Year is a kind of festival in every country and they think to serve guests, friends, to have food together in the day. We are also interested to enjoy singing, playing, dancing, and making the party.

This is the culture of all country people in the world. It is a good way to know how passing the year by year. It also gets to know about the year of all passing ages. Due to the deeply ingrained traditions of Nepal’s more than 60 ethnic groups, there are actually nine groups, different new years’ days in Nepal.

They are all celebrated as the national New Year bringing some resemble of unity in the midst of great. It generally occurs between April 11th and 15th on the Indian calendar. While Nepal uses a solar calendar with fixed dates for most purposes of a party. Nepali New Year is an official public holiday in Nepal which is celebrated with parades, feasts, and family reunions of people.

Since NepalNew Year is seen as a deeply religious holiday, various rites and hope for blessings in the year ahead are a big part of the holiday’s meaning too. Many Nepalese go out on picnics in local parks on NepaliNew Year to travel around to see different parts of the country.

Many families also gather together to eat festival meals and joy as the whole nations unite welcome in the New Year celebration. Colorful decorations appear on both public and private building and there are streets dances parades traditions games and sports activities youth pageants and contests.

Gifts and greeting cards are exchanged. Students plan out the year’s studies on this day, and everyone takes time to reflect on what lies behind and what lies ahead towards. It gives the peace, love, entertainment, yo-yo at the New Year. It is celebrated for its passion and to the real and searches for an enlightening job opportunity to do the thing at the new day or year.

The celebration of New Year is at their own style of dancing with cultural programmer today and tomorrow always. It is listed with the visitors to move to different places .9 best places visiting at the New Year of the people and for the tourist.

Pokhara is a good place for going. People go usually in the New Year. Pokhara is the best place for visiting like as the tour, it is for the Nepali people at Nepali. It is visiting the low cost. It is a wonderful place with natural beauty. It looks very beautiful.

The party is done at Fewa Lake and greenery everywhere. The party at the middle part of water at the lake with the light. It is the way of life. The entire thing seems to be nice. It is situated at the Nepali of mountain region; it’s delighting the life of New Year.

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The Pokhara is like heaven. It is like the coral of two eyes. All over the world, Nepal is decorated with the colors and lights in the sense of beauty nation. It is played by the song of Nepali with the religious way of life to be with the starting of the fun day. It has begun a lake. It is natural to do. It already acts as a suitable movement.

It is the way of measurement of the activities. The living of bands and the city of Kathmandu areas the performance. Nepali people are celebrating in Nepal the New Year for their entertainment at young ones. The deleted of the Nepali concept as we all are thinking that increment of life. TheNew Year is wanted of life.

It is the celebration of the first Baisakh. It is the way of religious matter. NepaliNew Year is different; they are numerous at the time. It is the technique of enjoyment. Baishakh first is our NepaliNew Year with lots of joiners. Its calculation is so much wide.

TheNew Year is also the best way. Nepalese people are of 38 castes living at Nepal. It is of many castes living together in the Nepal city. It is the different caste of one place to live. The Tamang, Sherpa, Magar, Gurung live in the community and celebrating the New Year event. They are celebrating it with the singing, dancing and acting with much delicious food to preserve it too.

People are a group of indigos to be happy New Year. The seam is celebrating in Nepal. Nepalese is living at the sincerely. It is also done by the Bikram sambat for knowing. All day people used to spend their time in work. This is the way of life to create such a happy moment.

Nepalese calendar is situated in Nepal to see at their pleasure. It expresses their feeling at all. It is the way of the traditional way. Most of the caste are eating their own traditional food.dhido is the transitional food of Nepal people.

Visiting the Rara national park

There are most things to do for visiting the national covered 900 km area for the national park.mugu, Jumla and Humla are situated in this is highlighted as the main them to visit that park.

Most of the Bollywood actor and actress are getting the new film releasing in the New Year. It is a wonderful and most famous way for the hero and heroines. The way for about New Year. Most of the people enjoyed seeing the Nepali and Hindi film in the cinema. People pass their New Year by seeing it.

It is also the best for friends and your relatives. Most of the people went at the parcel to decorate their face and looking so beautiful at the party ofNew Year. Some people have gone at the high hill for visiting the New Year celebration.

It is in the Himalayan region so cold and natural beauty everywhere. You went out to the family in the Chitwan national park by seeing the different animal which is kept at the park from the ancient time. Many tourists come in the New Year to visit Nepal.

The mountain peak is at the great height 8848 ft. so tourist sees it their nature with their own eyes. People go picnic and tour for the recreation and has got the public holidays. It had to go to the park of flowers for looking at its beauty. People had unity in Nepal. The sports game is taken at that time. People take the new jewelry for wearing at the party of New Year.

People are brought many colors to make the pangolin at the corner of the home or at the front of their house in New Year. Many guests are cooling in New Year for wishing the happy New Year and getting the new wishing in front of my life. It is commitment at the article of their tradition.

People worship by giving gal in the Tulsa in New Year early morning.baishakh-1 is the main day. In the roads, it is like fear in happy New Year. Nepali dance is performing in that new year. Nepali people eat meats on that day for fun and it is as like the tasty food.

It is the delighted festival of getting the new thing for us.some people wish for the long life left on the earth. Meat is a special theme in the party of Nepali people. Meat as delicious food for the Nepali people.

New Year celebration in INDIA (Indian New Year)

In India, it is known as the greatest festival with the light like the festival of Diwali. It is the stating period of their life in such a way it did that. This festival is celebrated as a happy of life events.

It is the largest festival for Indian people. It signifies the way of life. It is celebrating indifferently from the region to another region by their choice. People went to the temple to worship the god at early in the morning and give them a lot of thing or food, clothes for wearing to poor people.

It is also called as the denote people take chocolate for the kid to give it. It is celebration knowing for the past history. It is best on their ideas on how to celebrate it. It was one believed that god ram came at the new year in the Ayodhya in past time. It is only a thought believe.

It also gets the small lamp forgiven in the door to getting a new vision of success. It is also praying for the is stated from the 2-4 days. People gave white flower took the other friends and other relatives for the peace and away behind towards it. It is celebrated at home also. The people gave snakes, noodle and the varieties of dishes making for their guest.

People bought the gold on this new day. It is the traditional way. They follow the month of New Year at the January 1. It is the main day of their thought. It is marked by the people to do that. It is linked with one another. It has filled with the blighting day of life; it is like a fear. Indian people are celebrating the festival by enjoying a great way of best luck. It is lightning everywhere around India.

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The government gets holidays to form that to remaining at open time. ThisNew Year gave the Indian people of the new sense of ideas in front of you too. People go to participate in the parties for fun and getting joyful entertainment. It went out of a restaurant to enjoy the party in several ways. People play indoor and outdoor games with their friends and their parents. It is the channel of the new gate of freedom in life.

People gave a greeting card to friends with a lot of messages by writing in cards. People wear a colorful and new dress to go to the evergreen and unique parties. It lies the way of a famous solution to our life.

it is the time of the traditional way of practicing. It is known as the best habit. it is the new year festival, it is celebrated for the loved and gathering of many people as the guest or being the part of life. India is full of festivals celebrating country. Some people went at kali mandir of Kamala for bathing and after it is prayed to the god at the temple in New Year.

Most of the people marry on the new day of happy New Year. The birth of the baby in New Year it believes for the symbol of the best baby at the time of New Year. It is celebrated as the best life towards new or the coming year, it is so wide. Kollam is like a new flower is selected at the New Year.

It is the deep thought of people to celebrating like that. Some people get much shopping at the India gate for their own profession in the way of life.

It gives you the warm sensation beauty of love. It is already done at the wonderful lonely life. It is the coolest festival as like in theNew Year for doing such creativeness thing for supporting your family and your parents for the way of the nice life.

India is the best place for visiting such a national park which is famous you the whole world in the way of the right journey of good performance to the big city. The already improvement of the starting period to the most valuable duty performed of the lesion. It is our good thought to do some the fear like it preferred the best proof in their judgment of their fair life.

New Year Celebration in BENGAL

It is celebrating the first day of Baisakh-1 for Nepali and 14 April for the Indian. It has one believing that you spend a lot of year by fun and happiness, theNew Year gave the best life for ours to be a happy new year.

New Year Celebration in UGADI

It is situated at the Andhra Pradesh or at the Karnataka. This place means the new age for exciting the day of New Year. It is believed that the god gave the Brahma for started the natural and wonderful universe we have to live in the space of earth. It is the universal truth of all to create such a beautiful way to spend our life.

New Year Celebration in KERELA

At the cereal people celebrating by worship the Lord Vishnu, to you created our valuable life on the natural earth surface.

New Year Celebration in ASAM

People are celebrating New Year by dancing in the song of god Shiva to refresh and worship of God with the fun of music. It means to symbolize the color of a beautiful life. They also made Rangel at the home for peace.

New Year Celebration in ORRISSA

People are celebrating New Year by offering the fruit and water to the lord at the temple on the 14 April, theNew Year is the best of doing the new thing or purchases anything.

New Year Celebration in PUTANDHU

It is celebrated by Tamil at the first Baisakh.TheNew Year celebrated to give light towards the home and also take out of lamp for burning as the occasion of a new day through special times.


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