Naya Sambidhan New Constitution of Nepal 2072 : 2015 PDF

New cosntitution naya sambidhan of Nepal 2072 BS or 2015

Important of Media in New Constitution of Nepal

Print media are other means of communication. Newspapers and magazines are powerful means of communication. Such print media tend to be slower than electronic media but they have the importance. In Nepal, more than 3500 hundred print media, including newspapers and magazines, are published in various languages. Because of the role of media in spreading information, media is also called the fourth organ of the state. Because of the importance of free media, the Constitution has the following provision about freedom of press:Independent judiciary: It should have provisions for an independent Justiciary.


“There shall be no prior censorship of publication and broadcasting or printing of any news item, editorial, article, feature or other reading or audio-visual material by any means including electronic publication, broadcasting and the press… No means of communication including the press, electronic broadcasting and telephone shall be obstructed except in accordance with law.”

The guarantee of press freedom given by the Constitution shows how important communication is. Nepal Television and Radio Nepal are the most accessible means of electronic media in the country. Like there hundreds of fm, dozens of TV, and thousands of online media are now to serve the Nepal and Nepali. You can download and Nepal ko naya sambidhan (new constitution of Nepal 2072) on the several blog or website. Likewise you can read and download the Nepal ko naya sambidhan online. They reach to viewers in almost all the districts of the country. Besides, there are other means of electronic  media such as FM radios that have recently become the chief sources of information and entertainment in most parts of Nepal. Means of online digital web portal or blog or website not only provide information but they are also source of knowledge and entertainment.

Friends as we all have understood the concept of federal system of Nepal. Now let us focus on the importance of federal system. As we know, that Nepal has been divided into 5 development regions. But till the date of New constitution of Nepal’s declaration, we don’t have fixed number of states. Politicians parties are bargaining for the total number of states in Nepal. Now let us try to understand the purpose of this division. When each and every part of a nation is developed only then the nation can be considered to be a developed country.

The main importance of the federal system in Nepal are:

  • To achieve development equally in all parts and areas.
  • According to the principal of decentralization the problems of one region can be solved in that region without the central government’s intervening.
  • It is not necessary for the central government to be involved in all the day to day activities of the regions.
  • It helps to create unity in diversity and make the nation strong. It also helps to achieve the balance between the states.
  • Each states concentrates on developing their region which makes the development process efficient and quick.

Click here to Read Online new constitution of Nepal 2072.

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