100 Information and Facts About Nepal’s Economy

34. Nepal’s government rescue or publish the budget every year for the development of the country. As we know that the budget is like the mirror of the country in which all the past and the description of the present event are maintained and the capital is distributed for the different products.



35. THE COUNTRY BUDGET CONTAINS ALL THE HISTORY OF THE VILLAGE, TOWNS AND THE COUNTRY DEMAND AND SUPPLY. Nepal every year on the month of last Shrawan published the budget. The budget sent by the government of Nepal is not properly used and properly invested. The government sends the budget for the development of the village road, transportation, and communication. But the leader of the village does not invest full capital to make the project for which the budget has come for.


36. These are also one of the reasons for moving the slow economic curve. If the budget is not fully used then it’s impossible to make the back area village developed. All the leaders of the back area invest only fifty percent of the budget and rest they corrupt and invest in constructing their own house.


37. If there is happened development of all the infrastructures the map of the country will itself change and it shines. The country will create a new history and the person will live the high life. The poverty will be thrown away from the network of the people live.

Less establishment of industries and the job opportunity

38. Nepal is small but the area and the environment of doing anything are very large. The people of Nepal are honesty in nature because of the mostly Hindu plantation. So you all know that Hindus are very honesty and humanity in nature. The government is not taking any interest to the extent the industry in Nepal. Very few in number the international industry are operating their factory and providing the product at a low rate.

39. If there is a great number of an international industry then there will arise the competition. If there will be competition then the product will be sold at a low price. The personal income and expenditure depend upon the sources of income which comes from the job. But here in Nepal, there is very difficult to get the job. If you are talented then you can self-create the job and announce the vacancy. The many unemployed youths also get the job.


40. The establishment of an international factory provides the job opportunity according to their skill which makes the person sources and opens the living of expenditure life. If you want to buy anything then you need money but if you have not money then how can you buy those things. These all things will be only possible from the sources of income.


41. Nepal has the very short market so that the international company is not interested and the political situation is also not good. The company needs security which is difficult to provide them because of installment strike and threats.


42. There is no any fixed time to close and nobody knows when will the country will be on strike. The absence of constitution has made all the people tiger. They are like the tiger who has left for the grazing. The man is like the animals if they are not kept in the cage and under the rule then it will be difficult to handle like once the lion will be out of the cage.


43. Similarly, the man should be bound by the constitution so that the proper development and management will form and the country will run in the path of development. If all the youth and all the unemployed youth get the job then the saving will increase and from saving the investment will increase and the from investment the government can achieve the tax.

Nepalese Police in Nepal Strike’s Day

44. If we see the present economic chart the country is running through the Remittance which is sent through the abroad country by working with the youths. I think from every home one youth has gone abroad for the earning the money. It’s because not getting the job in their own country. No one wants to live from the far from their parents and father and mother.

45. Agriculture remains Nepal’s principal economic activity, employing about 65% of the population and providing 31.7% of GDP. Only about 20% of the total area is cultivable; another 40.7% is forested (i.e. covered by Shrubs, pastureland & forest); most of the rest is mountainous.



Foreign investment

47. The new formation of the constitution has given the discount in many sectors and increases the function facilities. The government has also announced the approval of living the foreigners in Nepal by making their own home.


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