100 Information and Facts About Nepal’s Economy

21. To control corruption government have to take a hard step and have also manage the punishment facilities for the corrupter. If this step should not be taken then the country will burn like the forest. And the people have to suffer from poverty due to the poor and bad economy.

a young man is counting Nepalese rupees money cash
A young man is counting Nepalese rupees

22. This is also the major problems of Nepal which have touched almost all the people of Nepal. Poverty is like the disease of sickness in which the person feels difficult to survive. The conditions of Nepal is going bad day by day. It’s because there is no maintenance of the government rule. All the rich person are sucking the blood of the poor people by discriminating the labors. The Nepalese are suffering from the disease of unemployment which is major sources of living.

a kid boy children of Nepal is carrying working
A kid of Nepal is working

23. If the sources of income are coming then only the person is in energy mode. Because money is like the energy giving machine which makes the effortful. The person lifestyle is differentiated due to different income. The person’s income makes the person showing. The empty stomach can’t be hidden and it can’t be filled by eating the water and taking the wine. The person mentality will only be in good condition if their pocket is fulfilled with money and he or she will only work.

24. The poverty is mainly causing in Nepal due to least establishment of the international factory, nonproper agriculture and nonmanagement in hydroelectricity. It has been told that Nepal can produce about eighty-three thousand megawatt electricity.


25. But Nepal has not the vision human resource which can use the Nepal resources properly and make the people as well as the country rich. The country should be forward in making the human skills and modern technology which will make the resources used properly.


26. If the exporting youth is stopped then the country has the youth manpower which will make the country development fast and furious. To stop poverty in Nepal the government and the people of Nepal should come in the rally of quieting it. The strong hand and the strong voice makes the works successful and achieved.


27. The development of Nepal is going at very slow speed. The earlier rises country have done development in fast speed. The Cost of Living Index in Nepal is comparatively lower than many countries but not the least. The quality of life has declined to much less desirous value in recent years. The people of Nepal are living a luxurious life.


28. The living and the wearing of the clothes are more highly ranked. Nepal’s current score of 19.5 is better than in 2010 (20.0) and much improved than its score of 27.5 in 1990. Nepal was ranked 54th worst of 81 ranked countries (those with GHI > 5.0) on the Global Hunger Index in 2011, between Cambodia and Togo.


29. THIS IS ALSO THE GREAT CAUSES AND I THINK IT’S THE VERY GREAT REASONS. The politics have to make the country blameful. As Nepal is a beautiful country rich in the natural resources but due to mismanagement of rule and the staffs and long time taking decisions is pushing the country back. The government office is not behaving positively with the public. The government staffs are not well educated and skilled. So that the problem of protest starts.

30. The public and the government staffs are always fighting. The government office is also not well managed and the service is not fast. The upper-class politics leaders appoint the staffs with their own power. And they appoint their own relatives.

31. The unfair exam of appointing the person in the place of vacancy is ruining the governmental office stamps. The attitude of the political leader is not good and also not the right vision and the right though for the development of the country and the Nepalese.

32. It all happens due to the scarcity of unwell manpower and unskilled and nonvision leader. The leader should be the goal-oriented, developer, nondiscriminatory and public servicer. But all the Nepalese leader are in the race of constructing their own building long.


33. The government should be strict on the wrongdoing of works by the staffs so that they will behave and maintain the good and sweet relationship with the public.
Improper use of government funds and budget:


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