100 Information and Facts About Nepal’s Economy

10. They pay the tax but also the development is not moving. If we see the condition of the west zone of Nepal the people are even facing the problem and scarcity of drinking water. The transportation and communication have not been reached there. The Karnali and Mahakali society are even now backward in the education sector.



11. The government also do not take any interest in its development. The development of the people decides the development of the people. The country economy base is the income and employment of the people.


12. There are many banks like the commercial, development and cooperative, rural bank. All bank is opened for the development of their different sector. Like as the work of the commercial bank are like

I. Money depositing
II. Providing loans
III. Keeping the safe security of the wealth
IV. Remittance of the money
V. ATM facility
VI. Locker facility
VII. Letter of the credit
VIII. Exchanging money
IX. It is mostly opened for the development of the money.

13. The bank of the bank of Nepal is Nepal Rastra Bank which is the supreme authority of the banking structure. The father of the bank NRB promotes the banking network all over the country where is its need. The work of NRB are:
• Note issue
• Handling government bank
• Works as the banker’s bank
• Credit control
• Maintenance of exchange rate
• Extension of banking structure
• Clearinghouse

Nepal Rastra Bank, foreign exchange rate

14. Similarly, there is a development bank also working for their some specific sector. The works of the development banks are:

 Opens for definite sector development.
 It is small in nature.
 It may be closed after the development of that sector for which it has been opened for.
 It may work as the nonprofitable or social organization.
 It runs their program with the together advice of the management and locality.

banking in nepal

15. Nepal entered the modern era in 1951 without schools, hospitals, roads, telecommunications, electric power, industry, or civil service. the development of the country is going in the speed due to the king established of King Birendra. He was the people beloved king of Nepal . as the passes of the time, his own brother’s son kills him and the country became kingless. Once his brother GYANENDRA have tried to become the king but the people of a country have told him the killer of his brother and rejected the king.

Children of Nepal Are Struggling for to fulfill thier thier life's needs
Children of Nepal Are Struggling to fulfill their life’s needs

16. Then from that time, the constitution has also not been made. And according to my view, this is also the great reasons for having poor economic growth. The country has, however, made progress toward sustainable economic growth since the 1950s and opened the country to economic liberalization leading to economic growth and improvement in living standards than compared to the past. The increasing of irregular and illegal activities are also the main reasons for a downward sloping curve of Nepal economy.

Corruption :

18. Nepal is ahead in this sector in comparison to another sector. The absence of the constitution has made the country valueless and meaningless. Great Nepal is facing the problem of defaming. The personal identity is related to the country identity. If the country is developed and powerful then the people of that country are automatically called the powerful. The Nepal is greater and developed in the natural and tourism sector but due to the mismanagement of the government staffs and the leaders.


19. According to transparency, international Nepal is in the position of 128. This shows that Nepal is suffered from the great cancer of corruption. Mostly the government leaders and the administrative staffs are doing the corruption. For controlling the corruption the government has constructed the Corruption Investigation Department. But it is also not working properly. The present time depends on the power of the people.

agricutlture tour farmer madhesh, terai Nepal
A farmer in Terai, Nepal

20. If the person has power then he will rescue even after doing any criminal activities and whose has not any power then they have to receive the punishment. The head department officers are sucking the economy of Nepal. The poor people are working hard and the upper government staffs and the leader are living life heavenly and enjoy fully. Corruption has surrounded the country like the fire caught in the forest.


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