How to Write Nepali Words | Font | Text | Language | Unicode in Facebook


How to Write Nepali Words | Font | Text | Language | Unicode in Facebook

How to Write Nepali Words | Font | Text | Language | Unicode in Facebook: The only platform where communication is faster and language have no barriers. The world has become a simpler place and translating meaning has become easier. Yes, that is what we call is Facebook, the best social networking site.

For millions of academic students, Facebook has become a way of life it is an enormous spring of social inspiration that displays the enchanting and fascinating portions of our daily lives.

Since its establishment, Facebook has been a major part of our lives and has also fostered to make itself better. The world is a smaller place and the interaction is quite simple because of this social networking site.

Therefore refraining from Facebook is easier said than through, particularly in view of the fact that a great deal of our generation’s communal, and even proficient, relations now depend on web-based content. Thus, Facebook will be here to hang about for a while, and justly so.

Facebook is American revenue driven enterprise and an online web-based social networking and long range interpersonal communication benefit situated in Menlo Park, California.

The Facebook site was propelled on February 4, 2004, by Mark Zuckerberg, alongside kindred Harvard College understudies and flatmates, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum, Dustin Moskovitz, and Chris Hughes.

The organizers had at first constrained the site’s participation to Harvard understudies; notwithstanding, later they extended it to advanced education foundations in the Boston region, the Ivy League schools, and Stanford University.


Facebook slowly included help for understudies at different colleges, and in the long run to secondary school understudies also. Since 2006, any individual who cases to be no less than 13 years of age has been permitted to end up plainly an enlisted client of Facebook, however, varieties exist in the base age necessity, contingent upon appropriate nearby laws.

The Facebook name originates from the facebook registries regularly given to United States college understudies. The organization held its first sale of stock (IPO) in February 2012 and started pitching the stock to the general population three months after the fact, achieving a unique pinnacle showcase capitalization of $104 billion, another record. Facebook makes the majority of its income from promotions which show up onscreen.

Facebook had had more than 2 billion months after month active user as the start of June 2017. Its ubiquity has prompted unmistakable media scope for the organization, including huge investigation over security and the mental impacts it has on clients.

Lately, the organization has confronted extreme weight over the measure of phony news, detest discourse and savagery predominant on its administrations, all of which it is endeavoring to balance.

The social networking monster Facebook has approximately 4 Million users in Nepal, gratitude to the Smartphones and internet access. Compared to 2011, when there were only 0.85 Million Facebook users in Nepal.

With increasing numbers and users desire to try new things has established a new trend to use Nepali Font “Devanagari” to update status. If you are one of those who seek to merely use Facebook in Nepali, Facebook has lately instigated the Nepali version of its platform.

You can simply opt Nepali from Languages on Facebook. Subsequently, you have seen your friend’s Facebook status in Nepali font and consider that’s cool?

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Otherwise, you may be just uncertain how can someone can type Nepali on Facebook. If that is true, you must understand that Facebook doesn’t allow typing Nepali on Facebook by default, even on its official Nepali version.

This made me remember an incident where I wanted to post the same kind of status in Nepali and I did not know how can I manage to write something in Nepali because I did not know about the software and I was amused to see how people wrote in Nepali so perfectly.

Thus, it can be easily understood that typing has got nothing to do with the Facebook platform; it’s more to do with your keyboard and operating system settings. Most Nepali users are well acquainted with typing Nepali on Microsoft Word or other applications using Nepali fonts.

Even if you merely copy-paste your Nepali vocabulary from Microsoft Word to your Facebook, you won’t be able to see Nepali characters. That brings us to significant term about typing Nepali on the web platforms like Facebook.

However, if you are one of those, who are interested in updating status in Nepali language, then kudos, you are in right place. Here are some of the tools, software’s, and services that make it easy to type Nepali on Facebook.

  • Unicode Nepali Typing:

Unicode is an International encoding standard for handing over an exclusive numeric value to letter, digit, or symbol of dissimilar languages and characters. Use of Unicode diminishes the inconsistencies originated by the unsuited coding system. The most frequently used Unicode standard is UTF-8, which uses one byte for every ASCII typescripts.

The most up to date version of Unicode encloses more than 128,000 typescripts covering 135 contemporaries in addition to historic scripts and various symbol sets. The most usually used Unicode standard is UTF-8, which uses one byte for any ASCII typescripts.

Nepali Unicode is a set of distinctive numeric value that is dispensed to deliver Nepali letter, figure, and symbol.

Previous to Nepali Unicode, an assortment of Nepali fonts such as Himali, Preeti, & Kantipur were utilized to type Nepali documents. But these days, due to the use of Unicode, other Nepali fonts are not in use due to its difficulties for further modifications, which brings us to the fact that Unicode is way more simple and easier to use in comparison with any other fonts.

As these fonts use Devanagari inscription as vivid illustration of the letter, it fetchedbunch of barriers while transmitting the data from one processor to another.


Unless identical typescript is installed in the supplementary processor, the Nepali letter is not exhibited appropriately and data processing for instance “Sorting”, “Spell Checking”, “Find and Replace” were impossible. However, such issues were deciphered after the release of Nepali Unicode in 2002 by Madan Puraskar Pustakalaya.


So how does Unicode Nepali typing work: Well, it is quite simple and faster. The website will involuntarily translate any Roman English content into Unicode Nepali text.Moreover, on every occasion when a user types a letter, supplementary clues and suggestions are provided in a segment precisely underneath the text area.

Unicode Nepali also provides the user a supplementary tool to type in Nepali means of English. For accessing these features, users are required to click on the pinnacle of English to Nepali Typing tab. This instrument power-driven by Google lets you simplyinterpretEnglish to Nepali.

However there are certain complications, the major setback with these portals is that you have to write words in this portal and later copy paste the text back to Facebook.

Moreover, the internet is just to translate the words. The use of Unicode is also seen in the offices where people cannot type in the Nepali language thus they are using Unicode to type in Nepali which has made the work simpler and quicker.

I truly believe that its advantages outweigh the disadvantages; if you also share the similar belief then you can access the website through link given below:

you can visit this site to help translate any language to Nepali which can later be posted on the social media sites.

  • Transliteration Bookmarklet:

Transliteration bookmarklet is a tool which helps the user to type in Nepali on any web portals including social networking site such as Twitter and Facebook. The tool uses the Google transliteration service in the background in order to translate various languages.

A Bookmarklet is a little browser-based application that is stockpiled as a linkage in your bookmarks directory or bookmarks toolbar. Users can haul the following links to their bookmarks toolbar:

When a user visits a site, for instance, Twitter or Facebook, then he just has to click on the appropriate bookmark link in his bookmarks toolbar, and the application will permit him to type in the speech that the user has bookmarked. So as to de-activate the trait, the user just needs to click on the link again. The bookmarklets can also be to affix content to Wikipedia.

The bookmarklets at present are active for Chrome (version 2 and exceeding), Safari (version 4 and beyond), Internet Explorer (version 6 and exceeding) and Firefox (version 3 and beyond).

To type in Nepali on any web portals, do follow these simple steps:

Firstly, click the [अ Type in Nepali] push button in the Bookmarks toolbar. Then, Wait for few seconds until the message “Transliteration is enabled …” gets exhibited. This message notifies us that transliteration is ready to be used.

Second of all, click on any text box where you want to type in Nepali. Then, you will be able to see a “अ “icon in the text box. Proceed to type in English and words will be automatically translated to Nepali as you write on.

To end typing in Nepali or to re-enable to type in English, click on the [अ Type in Nepali] button in Bookmarks toolbar again.

I truly believe that it is a worth website and if you also share the similar belief then you can access the website through the link given below:

  • Google Transliteration:

Who has not used google? And the next feature that is used is the transliteration. It is simple and easy to use as well. Google Transliteration in the past known as Google Indic Transliteration is a transliteration typing service for Hindi and other languages such as Nepali.

This tool initially came out in Blogger, Google’s well-liked blogging service. Soon after on, it came into continuation as a distinct online tool. Its reputation got it implanted in Gmail and Orkut. In December 2009, Google launched its offline version named Google IME.

This tool from Google is pedestal thesaurus based phonetic transliteration approach. Contrary to older Indic typing tools, which functioned by transliterating within a fastidious scheme, Google transliterates by corresponding the Latin alphabet words with an ingrained dictionary.

In view of the fact that users do not require to memorize the transliteration scheme, the service is so straightforward that it is appropriate for entire new learners. For transliteration among various scripts, there was a separate service named Google Script Converter up until July 2011.

Google has been keeping an eye on the problems of people and thus had made this software to fix the problem of communication and language barriers.

Google Transliteration is actually a well-organized and most prominently easy tool to type in Nepali. You have seen people having problems with their projects and assignments because they need it to write in Nepali.

The problem can be solved through practices and learning but the deadlines are the obstacles here. So what you can do is, you can use the name of the software we have mentioned to translate the English language to Nepali in a second.

It will help to solve your problems and finish your assignment as soon as possible.  It permits users to enter text in one of the maintained languages using a roman keyboard.

It is quite easy as users get a privilege to type a word the way it sounds using Latin characters and Google Transliteration IME will translate the word to its indigenous script. In order to access these tool users need to visit this site and simply type a word in English and push SPACE bar to get it transformed into Nepali. And please Do not forget to select the Nepali language from the drop-down box.

You can use this software to help with your work as well. You can view hundreds of language and translate simply. Yes, there will be few problems since the exact translation of the words might defer when put in a sentence. You need to be careful with it.

Nevertheless, if you want to update an status in Facebook in your own language or in Nepali as for some people you can simply use and copy paste it to the news feed of your Facebook profile.

So here we have few name of the software which can be used to translate any language to the Nepali language to write it on the facebook. Do not forget to write to us in our comment section and if you have any suggestions.

I hope you have liked our article as well. And if you did please go to our page and like and share if possible.

How to Write Nepali Words | Font | Text | Language | Unicode in Facebook


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