800 Special Valentine Messages, SMS, Quotes and Wishes for Girlfriend From Boyfriend in English & Nepali

51. Cheerful Valentine’s Day to the best valentine I could need. Love is a guarantee that regardless of what number of thistles come to your direction, you’ll generally have a sweet smelling rose around you.

52. I knew I was enamored when I quit pondering how lovely you look and begun seeing the excellence inside you.

53. In each fantasy, the best minute to share is to be with you. You fill my heart with joy when I converse with you. Adoring you is my most loved diversion which I won’t quit doing.

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

54. It’s not genuine that adoration does not make limits in light of the fact that my affection for you has made limits in your heart with the goal that nobody else can come in.

55. Each minute we’ve spent together has been great up until this point. Yet, I guarantee that the best is yet to come. I cherish you, nectar.

56. By picking you I picked satisfaction forever I’m so happy to be your better half, you are the best thing transpired past you, and there is nothing I can see, love you, dear!

57. Life does not merit living without you. You make me finish. I adore you to such an extent. I say thanks to God for gift me with your adoration. Glad Valentine’s Day my girl!

58. I am so ecstatically glad to have discovered the ideal lady. Simply the possibility of you makes my heart race and my knees get frail. I’m obsessed with you! Cheerful Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

59. Gracious, child, I wish I could reveal to you how you influence me. Whatever I can express is the way that you’re each breath, each grin, and each and every word contacts the deepest piece of my spirit.

60. Our solid and inviting arms is my most loved place to be. Upbeat Valentine’s Day to my great looking lady! I simply need you to realize that I adore you today, tomorrow and until the end of time!

61. Valentine’s Day is my most loved occasion on the grounds that your endowments dependably make me feel like a king. Nonetheless, your adoration is the best endowment of all. Upbeat Valentine’s Day!

62. Who needs super queens and sentimental books to fantasize? I have you and that is all that could possibly be needed for me! I adore you, dear. Glad Valentine’s Day!

63. I’m such a fortunate man! In addition to the fact that I have the best man in the entire world close by, but since you make me feel like the most extraordinary lady that at any point lived! Glad Valentine’s Day to the affection for my life!

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

64. Each Valentine’s Day you change yourself from a good looking and minding lady into my Princess Charming! I’m the most fortunate man in the entire world! Glad Valentine’s Day my affection!

65. On the off chance that you supplant L in existence with W, you get a spouse. That is on account of life does not merit living without a stunning spouse like you. I cherish you, sweetheart.

66. Battles and contentions, high points and low points. Much love, grins, and scowls. We’ll cruise through everything together, now as well as until the end of time. I cherish you.

67. Dear girl, Thanks for being a piece of my life and improving it such a great amount than it at any point was. Bunches of adoration of this current Valentine’s Day!

68. The main answer that rings a bell is your delicate skin and the way that I can hold you like a teddy bear. Would I be able to state that so anyone can hear?

69. I’m not requesting precious stones or roses this present Valentine’s Day. I have your adoration and it is all that I require. You’re an astounding lady and I cherish you beyond a reasonable doubt – Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

70. Life closes when you quit envisioning, trust closes when you quit accepting and love closes when you quit minding. So dream expectation and love… Make Life Beautiful.

71. When I disclose to you I cherish you, I don’t state it habitually. I say it to advise you that you are the best thing that transpired.

72. Subsequent to being hitched to all of you these years, I have built up a transient memory misfortune. Each time you streak that exotic grin of yours, I am thumped out of my faculties. I cherish you.

73. I have never said this to you, however, given me a chance to concede this today: Loving you is neither a decision nor a choice, it is a need. I cherish you.

74. Your arms have held me at my weakest, your eyes have seen me even under the least favorable conditions, and your heart has cherished me through the darkest of times.

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

75. You are, the mother of my kids as well as the beat of my heart. You are, the ruler of this family as well as the lady I had always wanted. I cherish you. You are my girlfriend.


76. Child, when we’re as one, it resembles time stops and nothing else matters other than the adoration we share. I can hardly wait to be as one once more. I cherish you!

77. On this present Valentine’s Day, I need to tell you the amount you intend to me. You’re similar to a valuable, inestimable gem. I’m so grateful I’ve discovered you!

78. Darling, you’re my unrivaled. I don’t recognize what I at any point did to merit a sweetheart as astonishing as you. Glad Valentine’s Day!

79. Your eyes termer like the stars, your hair falls like a cascade, and your lips are better than nectar. I adore every little thing about you, all around.

Happy Valentine Wishes For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

80. Your excellence, appeal, and beauty have totally enchanted me. I’m overpowered with sentiments of dedication each time I take a gander at you. Upbeat Valentine’s Day to my genuine romance!

81. I am 100%, totally, head-over-heels in adoration with you. Much thanks to you for being the most critical individual in my life.

82. This Valentine’s Day and each other day of the year I need you to know exactly what you are so unique to me, sweetheart. I cherish you!

83. Dancing under the twilight resembles being in paradise when I am with you. May this current Valentine’s Day is the start of a ceaseless romantic tale.

Valentine Text Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

84. Our adoration is a blessing I don’t feel qualified to get. I can’t comprehend why you would be my sweetheart, however, I’m so grateful to have you in my life.

85. Though I may not generally set aside the opportunity to state it enough, I need you to realize that I genuinely love and fortune you.

86. Happy Valentine’s Day to the lady that stones my reality. Yours is the primary face I need to find early in the day and the last I need to see every prior night I close my eyes. Upbeat Valentine’s Day!

87. I adore investing energy with you. Regardless of whether we’re out for a sentimental night or simply going out for a stroll together, I generally feel best when I’m with you. Cheerful Valentine’s Day.

88. I needn’t bother with you to make me anything for Valentine’s Day. Your adoration is the best blessing I would ever want to get.

Valentine Text Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

89. When I’m with you each experience appears to be better. I’m so happy we’re ready to share our lives together. I can hardly wait to perceive what’s on the horizon for us.

90. You finish me. Our lives fit together so flawlessly that I know we were made for one another. I adore you! Be mine eternity, my one genuine romance, my best Valentine!

91. I’m so eager to spend our first Valentine’s Day together. I need you to feel totally spoiled and cherished on this uncommon day. You merit it!

92. Sweetheart, this present Valentine’s Day I need to offer myself to you totally. I cherish you more than my words would ever completely express.

93. Cupid was not dumb when he shot a bolt into my heart that directed straight toward you. Be my Valentine, young lady!

94. You are my delightful daylight, the grin all over and the beat in my heart! Glad Valentine’s Day my adoration!

95. As we’ve become acquainted with one another over the previous year my affection for you has kept on developing. I’m anticipating becoming further and more profound in affection with you! Upbeat Valentine’s Day!

Valentine Text Messages For Girlfriend From Boyfriend

96. Life with you is such an experience. Much obliged to you for being willing to take a risk on adoration with a person like me!

97. I’m so grateful for how tolerating you are of me. I genuinely feel adored when we’re as one, and my main objective is to ensure you feel cherished by me consequently.

98. When I’m around you I always think about how I at any point got the opportunity to be blessed to the point that I would have a sweetheart as excellent, kind, and carefree as you. I cherish you!

99. No issue what I know you’re generally there for me. Your affection and consolation have lifted me up when I’ve been down. I need you to know on Valentine’s Day and consistently that I will dependably cherish and be here for you.

100. The affection we share is an exceptional bond that nothing can break. I’m so thankful to have such a cozy association with you. Upbeat Valentine’s Day, my affection!


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