24 Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

11. ABC Television:

In the race of communications sector, it has also made grand entry with the motto of delivering the reliable and realistic news. It is one of the news channel of Nepal which maintains their order in most searching channel graph. The channel has the largest network throughout the country. As it is owned by the private company, focus its programs to deploy on the base for elastic to make watcher believed. There are many news channels in Nepal. Among them, it is also in competition due to its values and ways of delivering the news in the modern and stylish chamber. Different format of programs related to the different subject which makes aware the country, people, and government differently. It has made the fourth position among all another news channel which also shows its reputation and status of making its own identification in Nepal.

12. News 24:

It is also reputable media sites in Nepal who has grown by delivering their realistic news and gain the trust of the watcher and Nepalese. From the time of launching in 2010, it has made a good stand-in Nepalese media race. It also one of them, which broadcast the news 24 hours a day. The group of large skill manpower have also helped the channel to grow up with a strong erection. It is situated at Panipokhari. As it is Nepalese news channel, it only broadcast their all the news related as well as other programs in Nepalese language only. The channel currently broadcast the programs like Development Forum( daily TV show), Aama, Power News, Jay Swavimaan, Issue of the day, Hatkadi.

13. Himalaya Tv:

As the name itself confess the meaning and its graph as well as strength. Himalaya means mountain and mountain represent the bank of power and unbreakable in solid form. Similar to this conception, the channel is working. The channel comes in him yes f people in 2010. Then after, it has never stepped down in the course of time. As it is also private based sites but works efficiently and effectively in the matter f delivery the news to any other programs. It is busy to entertain and provide all kinds of forms in one platform through different demandable programs like as musical programs, phone in programs, folk shows, interviews and so on. It has gain high trust and affection in very short spam f time due to hard work and demandable program displaying. The channel has kept all the Nepalese by their lovely and likely programs. You can see this channel in Asia, Europe also. The motto of establishing this sites is campaigning for prosperity.

14. Kantipur gold:

it is the sister channel launched by the Kantipur networks private limited. Kantipur channel focus on the news delivery and this channel focus on sports, entertainment and lifestyles. Kantipur gold was launched in 2015 but has got high reputation and admiration by the people. In today era, most f the people are daily going aware and try to achieve knowledge about the healthy lifestyles, entertainment, that it mostly highlights through the channel. It is also the reason that made the watched stuck with it.

People are adopting the information about successful lifestyles, healthy living along with g interested in entertainment to destroy stress and mental pressure. The channel also links a sports club. Furthermore, it broadcast all the game where there is involvement of Nepal. National to international Nepalese game is broadcasted through it. It broadcast all the premier league as well as many other national, regional game which is the Nepalese sports.

15. Tv filmy:

As its motto describe that the channel is fully dedicated towards filmy and entertainment. The channel slogan is Manai dekhi filmy (filmy from the heart) interprets the channel fully displays the videos as well as songs, trailers of Nepalese movies. The channel broadcast eth events and accidents of Nepalese film industry. This is the first channel of Nepal who shares all the back and front stories of Kollywood to the public. It updates the information and stories of actors, actress and others publicly. The information of filmy world used not to come out before some years. Now it has become transparent. It also highlights the stories, movies information about releasing dates to earning and another subject. Moreover, it shares eth interviews with many popular Nepalese actors. All these have made the channel as one of eth prominent and likeable channel in Nepal.

Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

16. Tv today:

It has also made their place in the list f Nepalese media site by their own goodwill and characters of broadcasting programs. The channel mostly focuses on news and other entertainment programs. It has made its location in Kathmandu, Pepsi-Cola. The channel was established in 2010 and kept busy in delivering the different likeable programs according to the demand of the customer. Even though, it has not made its identification as shining star in the median sector and communication sector in Nepalese context. At its launch with the motto of ” Dedication For Development” also signifies its devotion and contribution with expecting any return from me their investment. That is also the means which has made the channel respectable in everyone’s eyes.

17. Makalu tv:

This Tv has also made their different fame from others in Nepalese communication sectors. Launched with the motto of localness, development and promotion, also discovers its own position ad publicity in the market. Makalu television also mostly highlighting in delivering news and personal interviews of many popular individuals. Makalu channel has not got such notability in comparing others even though its prescribed and described by every people. It has made its station in Biratnagar and broadcasting nationwide. It came in appearance in 2014.

18. Arena Tv; smile arena Tv:

Both names have same roots. This channel is established in 2014 from Itahari Sunsari with the motto of media for youth. It speaks to the youth and their role and responsibility in the country formation and the development. From another aspect, it also reflects the direction and instruction of youth fro forming the nation in strong manners many people call it by the name of arena TV and many call it by smile area Tv. This medias mostly exposed the mater and their problems, solution and many other problems about the youth. How they should be managed and comes from the hart time.

19. Gandaki TV:

You can also say it the local media because it has not accessed their networks as well as not gain the reputation as other in the entire country. The channel is established in Pokhara one f magnetic city of Nepal with the slogan and motto of ”Janta Ko Paurakh, Janko Gaurav” (pride of public, proud of public). The channel also views the news as well as songs and other entertainment programs. The channel is creating a new mark in the market and mind of watcher by their programs and project and perception.

20. Aavas tv:

It broadcast their program from Chitwan as it has made their station there. The channel has not got such big level of notability lie other but is currently delivering the different tastes of the program for engaging the people. It was established in 2013. We can say it the local channel also. It is mostly watched by the local people as it represents mostly the stories, accidents and any appearances in their locality.

Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

21. Tv Trishul

The name has been kept on the name of the longest river of Nepal. Trishuli is one of the longest rivers of Nepal. Since the Trishuli Tv also present self in the unique and different form. It is operated and conducted from Nuwakot which also known as the hub of tourist places. It came in appearances in 2013 with their own plan and perspectives. The channel is gradually making their stand and achieving positioning in the competitive communication sector.

22. Hamro television:

This is also one of rising channel of Nepal. As it is broadcasted from Biratnagar, speaks all the stories about the eastern region. So the channel can also be said as the delegation of eastern part of Nepal. The channel came in the existence in the year 2016, recently one year ago with the motto of ”Sabaiko Lagi Hamro( we for everyone). The channel objective reveals itself by its works and fluxion of different local t national wide programs. Broadcasting the local level subject to the national level subject has made the people engaged and connected in one chain. By its job, it clearly proves that the efficiency is investing in country formation as the unification of people to people.

23. Bhaktidarshan:

This is a religious channel which mostly focuses on broadcasting the Bhajan, ethical songs, Goddess and God’s song. It reveals the story of Bhagwat and Kirtan as well as temple images and worshipping etc. the channel represents the traditions, culture and festivals of Nepal. Nepal has their own mark and goodwill in the world because of unique identification. Bhaktidarshan shows the social works and religious related activities. The channel makes the contribution and broadcasting of social and festival events if happens anywhere. Moreover, it mostly broadcast the bhakti and religious activities as peace and ethical. Mostly this channel gets traffic a morning and evening. The channel also reveals the horoscope which attracts a large number of the watcher.

24. Janata television:

The name itself describes its meaning. The Janta means public television mostly engaged with public and express the views, thoughts, conception, attitude, wave and different other affecting aspects of any particular events and incidence. The channel is public, not private. Therefore, it represents the public or common man. So we can say it the voice of common man and public. The channel displays the different programs which have made its identification more popular and notifiable. The motto of this channel is ”Broadcasted by the public for public”. From the time of launching in 2016, it has made its standing in a violent manner.

Writer: Dipak Sah

Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

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