24 Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

24 Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

Nepali TV Channels List in Nepal: – Nepal has not their own satellite but is very ahead in the communications sector. Without having own satellite, Nepalese are easily watching the number of a television channel. In Nepal media and cable, there comes all the Nepalese channel along with some of the Indian channel. It is happening due to the using f Indian satellite. Nepal has not their own satellite, that also reason Nepal has not achieved the development as it can be. Due to the open border of India and Nepal, many people even use the cable of India, because of low prices and a number of channels. Nepal has not launched yet any free setup box for broadcasting their channel.

Nevertheless, Nepal has climbed the stairs in this sector at very fast speed. many channels are increasing day by day and different programs are adding in speed rate. The size of media sites and communication is going bigger and larger. Media sites of Nepal are mostly led by their own authorized direction., that might be also the reason, Nepalese media has not got such places in the international media world. Some of the media sites are mostly liked by the people due to their contents of Tele-programs in comedy subjects. Here are some of the media sites of Nepal, which in the way of expanding its size as well as quality and popularity by their different programs.

24 Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

1. Nepal television:

This is first and oldest Television of Nepal which was launched on 31 December 1983 with the slogan of communication for development. Still, now, it has made their place on the top. It is also one of the most popular and most watched TV channels in Nepal. It may be due to its some of the programs which can be also said as its assets. Nepal television has played a great role in the development of the nation. It is government-owned media. Nepal television is shortly also called NTV, is regulated according to the direction of government. Thus, many people are against this news channel. This channel only broadcast the positivity of government, not any bad works, said by the majority of people. Media is known as the fourth parts of justice.

Nepali TV Channels stations List in Nepal
Nepali TV Channels stations List in Nepal

Media should always display the right by clarifying and verifying it. Despite all, it is able to become the first choice of Nepalese citizen. Currently, this channel is broadcasted worldwide in multiple languages that are Nepali, Maithili, Newari and English. Anciently, there is a different program, which is firstly broadcasted on its screen due to not availability of others. After the owning of government, it has become the man of tied hands. Editorial is not independence which states that it has become the government private media not public. Some of the program, which has helped to intact and hold the first choice of people are Bhadragol, Chaleko Chalan, Gup Chup, Jai Hosh, Jire Khursani, Meri Bassai, Mitho Satya, and news broadcasting and other too in different schedule. This all are the some of the aspects which have endorsed it to keep constant in the top place in Nepalese media.

2. Kantipur television:

We can say it as the second most-watched television channel of Nepal. It is also called the competitor of Nepal television. As it is a private channel, it has a large team which formulate its different program to a higher standard. Kantipur also broadcast the different channel which has made them popular across the world among Nepalese. Kantipur was launched in July 2003. Kantipur is mostly focusing on the broadcasting of different types of programs from news to comedy. furthermore, it becomes more popular when it gets rights to display the BBC Sajha Sawalprogram which direct interaction program.

BBC Sajha Sawal is one of the popular show of Nepal which mostly focus on the direct meeting and interaction with public and leaders. The asking of question and discussion of different issues has made more knowable and active about the condition and direction and action of the country. Media works as the guide who wakes up the sleeping public to change the governance into good governance. That is doing Sajha Sawal. Its most popular program which followed and watched by an almost large group of people is what’s the flop run by Sandip Kshhetri, also a Nepalese artist. Along with it also broad the program like call Kantipur, double trouble, Harke Haldar, Ditha Sab a comedy program, fireside, Ghum Gham and different music videos.

3. Apaan Tv:

This is a Maithali news channel. That is why it has gone more popularity among the Madhesi community. The confliction and many discrimination are happening between government and Madhesi people. It is established with the mentality of overviewing all the news related to Madhesh and nationally also. Some of the important news which is based on Madhesi are mostly boycotted by the Nepalese national television. Appan TV becomes able to established self as one of good news channel as well as the favourite channel in Madhesh. The channel not only broadcast the news but also domestic comedy program based on grass root. That has become the advantage because it is liked by many people as the subject and content are locally incidence based.


Being Maithali channel, it ha snot got popularity as a national channel, but has become most favourite and watched the channel in Terai region as Madhesi region. Its establishment has not crossed more days. It new and broadcast different programs in novelty manner to become the more reputed. It is broadcasted from the Janakpur which is also known as the heart of Madhesh due to its riches history. After its establishment, the Nepalese channel is going in declining rates in Madhesh. There is a different program which makes people likely to look it because of homely feeling. A program like Rochak Ghochak, Direct interview, Geet Gunjan and different others. Its feeling and voice of all Madhesh and Madhesi because it is delegates of Madhesh. This channel came in 2015 with the motto of ”Appan bhasha Appan sandesh”. The channel represents the vice of entire Madhesi community.


Image channel has also their own module of displaying d broadcasting the different programs for influencing the heart of Nepalese. Image channel is also private which mostly focus on news broadcasting. The channel was launched in 2003 with their personal perspectives. At first, the channel was only broadcasting their program in the Nepali language. Later on, it started to broadcast in the Maithili language. It is not limited only to display but also in the air. The radio station is also run by its network having the frequency 97.9. the national channel has also national radio station which works on their own scale and stability.

And television is leading their own plan, principles and procession. It displays different kinds of entertaining, laughing program. These all program keep connected the people with themselves. The different direct conversation to direct interviewing program is conducting which is helping the channel to move ahead I reputed manner. At the time establishment, it has not such seeds capital as a present. Therefore, expanding its new block has spread its network and access it to worldwide. After that, it also becomes the choice of people all over the worlds where there is the presence of Nepalese. Its sister channel is Image metro. From the time for establishment, it is always busy in entertaining the people, displaying the actuality and providing the basic as well as factual news as a symbol of reliability.

5. Ntv Plus:

It is sister channel of Nepal television. Ntv plus was also launched in 2003. Currently, also, it has a high number of the watcher. As it mostly focuses on entertainment, Teleserials, and different programs, people are engaged in it. There are many people in present times who dos do not wait for the actual time of listening to the news. Nepalese channel broadcast even news in time to time being a new broadcasting channel. That way also, the craze and wants of watching the news in television is not slopping upward.

People watch and know the news from the newspaper and other mediums. Moreover, it has not got such popularity only by broadcasting the other programs more by broadcasting of world cup of football. Its more broadcasting is titled under entertainment. This channel shows the different national game played anywhere, as well as international games like football world cup and other Olympic games. It mostly runs with the objecting awarding the youth, by providing entertainment, games, informative subject matter, national and international sports and other. It broadcast the program like Maithaili drama, English documentation, Namaste Nepal, Wai Wai quiz. Presently, it has made access to 40% of total popular which reveal its highest craze and a large number of the watcher.

Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

6. Avenues television:

It is also one of most popular television with its attractive pumping program. Avenues Television was able to make their stands different from others. That is why also, avenues as made their position similarly. It is not so old as other television. It is launched in 2007. That is why also, it has lots of challenge to make their stand and placement in the competitive media market. Due to its broadcasting program, has slopped up in very few period. The good anchor and program broadcaster have uplifted its popularity and m reputation. Its almost based on new broadcasting. Although broadcasting the news channel, it has brought revolution in media sectors of Nepal due to its presenting and dialoguing styles.

It is directly throwing its frequency and broadcasting through the receiver in 56 countries which highest one. Its delivery of news has made people interested and curious to look. Generally, people get bored while seeing news on television. But avenues enters the market with a classification of different new broadcasting programs, which become their strength. People who used to feel lazy and disinterested to see the news become active and interested to watch it. It delivers the news as fast as possible with reliability. So its access is all across the country. Some major program and packages which has made it able to list on the top list of the news channel in the country in most respectable and reliable way are Khabar Bhitra ko Khabar, of the beat, nine news, business news, we the people, we have something to say, Aparichit Yatra and so on.

7. Terai Television:

Terai television is also known as the television of Terai as its name indicates. It was first news channel who started its broadcasting by establishing its root outside of Kathmandu. Its headquarter lies in Birgunj which is one of the most moveable cities of Terai region. It came in seen and establishment after the devastating earthquake. The channel has not got high popularity as other but delivering the different program. As it has headquartered in Terai region, it mostly focuses the news and incidence to broadcast committed here.


The different program there are broadcasted by this channel are Prashta Bichar, Lakshy Safal Jiwanko, Gap Sap with Gaambaali, Cyber Sansaar, Wai Wai little champs, jukebox, khhazzamandu, Champions- Sports Now, Silver Screen- Nepali cinema show. These all program are giving the large vibration to the customer. The channel has mostly the watcher from Terai region, not from Hilly and Himalaya region. That might be the problem which is pulling its growth and popularity downwards. But it’s is also trying in every manner to upwards their status. The different localities based program has mostly affected the people. All the program are basically linked with a local subject which people are interconnected and familiar. That is also the reason which has made the Terai television stable for long years and will be.

8. Channel Nepal:

It has made its identification as first Nepalese satellite TV channel. It broadcast its channel overview worldwide mostly to that community who are living in abroad belong from Nepal. The channel is based on providing the short news and information and knowledge of programming and others. It is not so popular as other because of its priority and popularity to the Nepalese. It has also focused only on the outside to make them connected with their own portal. It is owned by Jamin Shah who is also known as a media entrepreneur. Jamim Shah has also their own identification and role in communication development in Nepal.

9. Nepal1:

It is also one of the oldest and most popular Nepalese channel of Nepal which broadcast all the program having special character and speciality. It was launched in 23009. It is broadcasted all over the world except Pakistan. It is opened with the objectives of entertaining the Nepalese people whoa re living abroad. With the view of providing them entertainment and delivering the actual and reliable news based on truth should be disclosed. The channel is able to create own brands and position in the Nepalese market but no in a competitive format. Nowadays, even the channel has not chased and searched even in top serials. Although, the channel is doing their business in an honest manner with the reliable approach. People who are spending their good and bad time n abroad, mostly they are targeted. That way, the channel is mostly watched by the outside Nepalese like Myanmar, Hongkong, Malaysia, Singapore.

10. Sagarmatha Television:

After some years, the speed of releasing news channel and company are increasing. It shows that Nepal is leading ahead in the sectors of communication. There is saying that, where there is not good and impartial communication in today century, it means they are surviving in darkness. Throwing the lights on the chapter of past, the condition of communication was in deceased where there is no hope of coming again in Nepal due to different intervention and assault. Presently, the speed of communication release exposes the developing wave of Nepal. In all the series of time and development of Nepal, Sagarmatha has also risen with their own objective and plan. We can also say it the oldest channel of Nepal who is contributing to their perfect service in Nepalese communication sector for the good growth of country from 1997 to still now. Its broadcast area is America. The objective of Sagarmatha television displays and broadcast the Nepalese and their activities as well as culture in America too. It keeps connected the people abroad Nepalese to their home country.

Nepali TV Channels | Stations List in Nepal with Their Information

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