Best & Famous Nepali TV Shows 2017 You May Want to Know

Best & Famous Nepali TV Shows 2017 You May Want to Know

In this today’s world of science and technology, it’s really hard to satisfy the needs of the people. In these days of competition, there needs a huge talent and something really unique and very interesting in order to seek the attention of the people. Talking about the TV shows in Nepal, this year the TV shows like” Bhadragol”, “ Meri bassai”, “Nepal idol”, “Himalaya roadies”, “livon the evening show”, “what the flop”….. has succeeded to win the heart of the Nepali audiences with its entertaining facts.

Best & Famous Nepali TV Shows 2017 You May Want to Know

1.Meri Bassai and Bhadragol

One of the oldest television channel in Nepal named “Nepal television” is making laugh to people with different comedy shows like ‘Bhadragol’ and ‘Meri baasai’. These two amazing comedy shows have been entertaining people for a very long time and are still running smoothly and getting huge love from the audiences at home.

“Bhadragol” is one of the most viewed TV show in Nepal which is produced by Mr. Subash Karki under the banner of Subi Films Pvt.Ltd that revolves around the daily happening of the people in the village. Talking about the story, the most entertaining character of this show ‘paadey’ is the most cunning and clever man in the entire village who cheats and fools the people in the village with different creative ideas.

He is hugely loved by the audiences and has earned lots of respect for them. The other character like ‘jigre’ is a young crook along with his fellow’s cockroach and bale, commits petty of crimes. In this way, the story of this show revolves around the daily activities of the funny people in the village. On the other hand, one of the old comedy show ‘Meri Bassai’ has again won the heart of the Nepali audiences like past few years with its amazing scripts and characters. ” Meri bassai” has been able to maintain its TRP since last 5-6 years and is still getting a very good response from the people. Meri Bassai and Bhadragol is one of the Best Nepali TV Shows 2017.

2. Nepal Idol 2017

A new show broadcast by AP1 channel named ‘Nepal Idol’ has got a huge success and love from every single Nepali audience this year. Nepal Idol 2017 is the first Idol franchise in Nepal and the judges were “nhyoo bajracharya” who is a music composer and singer who has composed a dozens of Nepali songs, “Indira Joshi” she is a model, actor, and a singer as well and the third one is “kali Prasad devkota” he is a singer, musician, writer and lyricist who has given a lots of biggest hit songs of all the time like Jaalma, Nira, saili and so on.

The Nepali reality television singing competition where contestant aged 16 to 30 were allowed to participate was won by Buddha lama from Pokhara, Nepal. It is said that there were 93,100,000 votes for the grand finale according to the organizer. There is no other reality show which has got this level of success in the history of Nepali reality shows. Nepal Idol is definitely the Best Nepali TV Shows 2017.

3. Himalayan Roadies

“Himalaya roadies” another reality show which is based on the popular Indian show MTV roadies has earned a great fame this year. The show has got a huge success with its unique format and tasks. The journey of 17 constants at the beginning where they were given diligent tasks to complete was won by saman from Dhahran at the end. Since the show was related to the passion and hard work of the young people, most of the youths were the audiences. The show has greatly shown how desperate people are to achieve their dream due to which young people got relate to it and enjoyed the show. Among the Best Nepali TV Shows 2017 Himalayan Roadies is surely the one.

4. Livon The Evening Show

Three of the talk shows which are “Namaste TV show”, “livon the evening show” and “jogindar bole pranam Ji” are the best talk shows this year. “Namaste” is a daily television show that broadcasts live and its format it to interact with viewers live based on a telephone conversation. Apart from live interaction the show also invites bands and guest from the entertainment industry. Similarly,” livon the evening show” is a brand new entertainment talk show which was started in 2016.

The show holds different fun activities along with the entertaining combination of the celebrity host which comes every day at six pm on Himalaya television. And the other one “jogindar bole pranam ji” is another best talk show in Nepal which is hosted by a typical man named jogendar whose attitudes and personality seems to be different than normal people. The format of this show is very similar to livon the evening live show. All of these talk shows are quite different from each other in certain ways and people never want to miss even the single episode of these shows.

5. What The Flop?

The comedy show hosted by Sandip Chettri “what the flop” is one of the best comedy show in Nepal. Sandip Chettri, a very talented person with his unique ability to make jokes based on the reality of the society is the host this show. He inspires and aware the people in a very funny way through this show. He presents different hilarious reports on any topic like politics, sports, media or corporate culture. Humorous breaking news, weather, reports and skit the highlights of this show. The show has a very good fan following as well. The What the Flop Show is Surely the Best Nepali TV Shows 2017.

What The Flop - nepali tv shows programs
What The Flop – a Nepali tv shows programs

6.Tough talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak

“Tough talk with Dil Bhusan Pathak” is very interesting TV show which focuses on the mainstream regional and national issues. The host of the show Dil Bhusan Pathak is a Nepali journalist and filmmaker who was awarded the best journalist of the year award in 2005 for his journalistic contributions made during the conflict era Nepal. It’s a weekly talk show that comes once a week. Since the show is related to the current affair, so the people who love to be updated with the current situations and a bit mature people relate to it and enjoys the show.

7. Hamro Mumin

Another successful show broadcast by the Nepal television this year is ‘Harmon Moomin’ which is written and illustrated by Finnish-Swedish writer and artist. The story of Moomin is based on the adventurous life of white and roundish trolls with large snouts. This edited show is especially for kids and they are very much addicted to it. So this show is on the list of Best Nepali TV Shows 2017.

All of these shows mentioned above whether it is a talk show, comedy show or any other kind of show, People are loving all of it so much that they never want to miss any of the episodes of these shows. People are giving a very positive response, so we can take all of the above-mentioned shows as the best shows in Nepal this year 2017.


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