22 Most Famous Nepali Traditional Jewellery Ornaments


Nepali Traditional Jewellery ornaments: – In every community of the world, jewelry is considered as the identity of the community. Since the civilization of the human the jewelry is being the part of our life.

In every country and community, we have specific jewelry that gives our identity in the world. No matter in which country we belong and which ethnic group we are we have specific jewelry.

Well, jewelry is famous among female people in the world. Ladies of every community loves to wear jewelry. Well, jewelry is made up of different metals like iron silver, gold, platinum, copper, etc. out of these metal in western country platinum diamonds and pearls are famous.

Women wear ring necklace bracelet etc. similarly in the Asian country especially in Nepal India Tibet various type of jewelry is famous made up of gold silver pearl etc.

Our tastes in adornments and jewelry are frequently encouraged by our legacy, heritage, cultural background, social foundation, and ethnicity. A considerable lot of one of the kind pieces we see individuals wearing today steam from old social and ethnic roots.

African and Asian impacts are two noticeable styles that frequently skim all through mainstream culture and design as patterns and style change. Generally found in silver adornments and jewelry, the Celtic outline is lovely for its basic class.

Essential lines meet up to frame expand outlines. Celtic outlines are additionally found in a ton of present-day gems.


While a significant part of the Celtic adornments and jewelry today is frequently found in inventories and stores taking into account soothsayers, witches and aficionados of the dream and medieval ways of life, many individuals of Irish respectable are attracted to Celtic gems as an indication of their legacy, heritage, background, and foundation.

Individual articulation, state of mind, and form are not by any means the only factors included while picking what gems and jewelry we wear. Our geographic area additionally impacts our inclinations.

Here we are discussing the traditional jewelry that is very popular among the Nepali community and between the different ethnic groups.

22 Most Famous Nepali Traditional Jewellery Ornaments


Tilahari Nepali Traditional Jewellery Ornaments

The old and very popular jewelry made up of gold is Tilhari. This jewelry is worn by the only married woman, especially the Hindu community. Unmarried women do not wear tilahari. Married women are allowed to wear them.

Tilahari is made of gold and is found in different sizes. These the tilahari of a big size known as Chadke tilahari are popular in green Potae. Well, tilahari is attached with Potae of different color and are wear in the neck as a mala.

It also a symbol of married women and it is believed that this ornament brings good luck and prolongs their husband’s life. It is also a very important ornament for a Nepali wedding ceremony.

Tilhari is found in much different design and different sizes like the very long one which we can wear a cross are called Chadke Tilhari, whereas the small one is used for a regular basis.

Whatever the shape and sizes are Tilhari is very important in our society in the group of married women. It is considered as if a married women wear Tilhari regularly than the life of her husband will be safe and secure and also will have a long life.

Well, Nepali women wear Tilhari with beads of a different color, especially with red-green or yellow. Some of the women also wear mixed color beads too. That is why Tilhari is considered one of the very old and very traditional jewelry in Nepali society which has both social and religious value.

2. Phuli

The other jewelry that Hindu women wear in their noses. These jewelry are made of either gold or diamond. It is also believed that if the Hindu girl is not wearing Phuli than others will not drink water touched by her.

Well, Phuli means little flower worn on the left side of the nose and it can be simply a dot of gold or a small diamond. It is considered as one of the most important jewelry to wear by the Nepali women. In our society when the parent has a baby girl they pierce their baby girl’s nose at a very young age and put Phuli on it.

Phuli ornament Nepali woman
Phuli ornament

All the community like Tamang rai Chhetri brahmin wears Phuli except newar. Well in the Nepali society also Newari girls and women do not wear Phuli. Other community people do not drink water touched by the girl who is not wearing Phuli whereas Newari people don’t drink water if the girl or women are wearing a Phuli.

Well, there is a different belief in different cultures and religions. Whatever the reason is Phuli and Natthi are both very important and popular ornaments in Nepali society. Here Natthi is the round ring that we wear in the nose too.

3. Suduk

The other traditional jewelry is Suduk which is especially worn by the sherpa or Buddhist women. It is either made of gold or silver and is decorated with the precious stone around it.


The jewelry is hollow inside it where we can pot religious mantra or sacred text. It is believed that by wearing it women can be safe from black magic. This large amulet is also called Gou.

4. Bulaki


The very old and traditional jewelry made up of gold is called bulaki. It is light in weight i.e can be made of in less than 4 Aana of gold. It is the jewelry for the nose. It hangs below the hole pierced through the septum. Usually, it consists of a ring with pendent. Here the pendant hangs below the nose until their lips.

It is worn by the old people and the women of the remote area. This day we don’t see the young women wearing it. But still, the old people and the women of Tamang and the especially Mongolian group wear it. In some ethnic groups, the bulaki is placed in their mouth after the death of the people. It is also believed that if we do so the dead body soul will get into salvation.

5. Iron ring

Iron ring

This is another jewelry wear by both male and female people of the Hindu religion. It is a plane and a simple ring made up of iron. This ring is worn by the people under the supervision of the astrologer. An astrologer is the people who can say about your future by reading a person’s birth date and going through some astrological process and then decided whether one can wear the ring or not.


It is similar to wearing other precious stones like Muga ruby pearl diamond etc. the astrologer once decides whether the ring is fruitful or not. We also wear this under the supervision of the astrologer as they can tell us about the position of the sun moon and another planet in our life and their impact whether it is good or bad.

Thus this plane ring is considered as one of the religious jewelry wars by the people of the Hindu community under the supervision of the astrologer and by knowing its good impact in our life.

6. Dragon Head Bracelet

The other ornament that is very old and very popular in all communities is the dragon head bracelet. It is one of the most popular ornaments in the Newari community since the 19th century. Earlier it was worn by only the Newari community women but these days it is been very popular and is wore by all the people all around the country.

The design of the bracelet is believed to have come from Tibet.it is made by different metal like iron gold silver etc. it is designed as the head of the dragon so it is called dragon head bracelet.

7. Jantar

The ornament is very old. It was supposed to be in use since the 19th century. This ornament is made of gold or silver and attached some precious stone in it. Earlier it used to come in a square shape with a different animal print like fish, butterfly Kalash which is supposed to be a symbol of good luck.


It is one of the traditional and very old jewelry worn by Nepali women. It is attached with a bead and is wore in a neck again by the married women. It was also used to wore by the women to be safe from evil eyes earlier but these days people wear it as an ornament in different functions whereas villager wears it more often.

The ornament Jantar is found in other shapes also like a diamond and so on. It is also decorated with Nava Ratna and with precious stone too. This is a very attractive ornament found in Nepali society.

8. Nau Gadi

The other ornament made up of gold for Nepali married women is called Naugedi. It is made of gold with nine round shaped gold beads and Pote with it. It is worn by married women so it is considered as the symbol of marriage who wears it. It can also be worn with Tilhari or Jantar in it.

It is considered as one of the old ornament used in Nepali society. These days we also find seven Gadi, Naugedi and so on. Nepali women wear it on different occasions like Teej, Tihar, Dashain, and other parties with their traditional dresses.

9. Mangalsutra:

mangal sutra

The other ornament that is worn on the neck is known as Mangalsutra. It is made up of gold, silver, diamond and other metal too. It is a pendant crystal or any other pote around it. Usually, it is made with the black or red crystal on it.the pendant is also decorated with a small stone of different colors.

It can be either long or neck shaped. This ornament is worn by only the married women. It is considered as the symbol of marriage too. It is given the husband to their wife so we don’t share Mangalsutra with other women as it is believed that it is not a good symbol. Mangalsutra once married women wear never take it out until her husband is alive.

It is also said that the women who wear Mangalsutra their husband’s life will be safe and will never be affected by bad things. The Mangalsutra is found in different mala one two or three parts of the crystal.

Mangalsutra is worn by Nepali and Indian women. It is much popular among the Hindu women of Nepal and India. Mostly the Indian women wear it regularly for their husband’s long life. Well, it also one of the ornaments made of gold which consists of 1 tola gold or more gold. It is found in different shape sizes and structures.

Well if anyone can’t afford a gold mangal sutra than in the market silver Mangalsutra are also available. Also, the readymade and gold plated jewelry is available in the market.

10. Rani Haar:

Rani haar

The ornament is made up of gold or either pearls necklace. It is one of the very old jewelry that was used to by royal family women so the name itself is rani haar. This jewelry is worn by the queen and another member of the royal family women on different occasions.

Well in the past it was worn by the royals but these days it is been wearing by other women too. The ornament is highly designed with different shapes flower animals birds and other structures too. It is made of about 3 tola gold and is worn around the neck. It long in size.

This ornament is usually used in a special ceremony like marriage and other different festivals like Teej and other traditional functions. This ornament is used with traditional saree Lengha and so on and with full makeup. This ornament is very attractive and is still worn by the high-class family women as it is expensive too.

11. Sri bindi


Sri Bindi is one of the old Nepali and Indian jewelry are worn in the head. This ornament is mostly made up of gold. These days we also find this ornament with a different stone attached to it.

This gold head jewelry is mostly used in the wedding ceremony, whereas these days Nepali women have started wearing it in other functions like in Teej Tihar and in different parties too. This ornament is mostly used with sari and Lengha.


12. Tayo


Taya necklace is one of the old ornament wear by the women of the Newari society. It is the largest ethnic jewelry piece. It is made up of gold these days whereas in ancient times it is used to used brass and gold too. It has hollow inside it whereas inside the hollow part it consist of enchanted mantra and so on.

This ornament is used in the important rituals including the marriage ceremony. It is a uniquely shaped pendant that is hollow and enchanted amulet is placed in it for good fortune. Even now it is mostly used by the women of the Newari society of Kathmandu valley.

13. jun(moon) clip:

jun(moon) clip

The other ornament made up of gold is the moon clip. It is used as an ornament of the head. It is made in the shape of the moon and attached with the star too. This ornament consists of different stones to decorate it.

Here we also see different animals, birds, and flowers on it, which shows that the artist who made this first is completely inspired by nature.this ornament’s main frame is made of silver and is covered with a foil of gold so is affordable by all level people.

This ornament is very affordable and it goes with local attire, but these days we see women wearing it with all sorts of dresses.

14. Bunga Bala:

bunga bala

This is an old traditional silver round shaped hollow bracelet. It has its unique design and always comes in a pair. This ornament is worn by a small child and woman.

It has a different design like for child it is made plain and simple whereas for the women it made with thorn on its outer part. It is also sharp in the edge while smooth in the inner part so women will not have difficulty in wearing it. Well, it is not just jewelry but it can be a small protection weapon for women because of its sharp edge.

15. Bengal:


The other ornament that is worn on our hand is called Bengal. It is made of either gold or silver. The married women wear gold bangle with other normal Bengal whereas unmarried girls wear silver or the other type of Bengal called Pancha Ratna.

Well, whatever it is an ornament which is very popular in the Nepalese and Indian community. A woman loves to wear jewelry from top to bottom. Well from head to toe so out which bangle is also a kind of ornament. Bangles are rigid bracelets usually from metal wood or plastics.

They are traditional ornament worn by South Asian women on a different occasion like marriage ceremony different festivals and so on. Married women if not wear bangle than it is considered to be bad luck.

So all age group people wear bangles of different materials. These are considered are very important jewelry for the women who are married and they spend even a single day without wearing a bangle on their hand. It is supposed to be bad if they do not wear bangles after marriage.

Well, it is a kind of religious value to wear bangles for married women. These days even the unmarried girls and baby love to wear these bangle on the special occasion with the beautiful saree or lehenga which add a flavor to look beautiful to every women and girl on the special day of theirs. That is why it is considered as very important jewelry in Nepali and Indian society.

16. Anklet


The traditional ornament that is worn by the Tharu women is known as an anklet. It is made of silver. It is the ornament made by the silver and is worn in the ankle and arms.

The arm bracelet is decorated with fish and other animals whereas the anklet is plain in shape and size and is of 15cm width. The Tharu community people wear the jewelry of only silver in a huge quantity from head to toe.

Here all the community people wear anklets in different festivals and also daily too. Here Tharu people wear Palin anklets whereas other community people wear a designed anklet called Pauju.

It is a very pretty looking ornament made of silver and especially wears in the marriage and by the married women. But it is not limited to only married women even the teenager and baby girl these days love to wear anklets on different occasions.

17. Ring


The round-shaped ornament that is worn in the finger is called a ring. There is various type of ring available in the market. The ring is popular between all the community people from eastern to western and so on. Well, all the people either male or female both wear a ring.

Simply a ring is made of different metals like gold silver iron copper diamond and so on. Well, the ring is found in different designs from simple and plain to highly decorated ones.

Well, the ring is decorated with precious stones like Muga Panna pearls diamond and other stones. Some people also wear the ring on the finger with the advice of the astrologer.

The astrologer sees the future of ours by our date of birth and then suggest to wear the ring of different metal with the attached of stone on it. The astrologer also says in which finger we can wear a ring and in which finger we cannot wear.

Similarly, the ring in the ring finger indicated that the girl and boys are engaged with each other in the western community. They exchange the ring and get married. Similarly, even in Nepali and Indian society, we exchange a ring at the wedding ceremony too.

More than boys girls wear a ring. They love to wear a ring in all the ten fingers of their hand. Well, the ring is also part of our jewelry and makeup and sometimes we get the set of rings and necklaces with an earring too.

Well, the Nepali women wear rings in a different ceremony like Teej and other wedding parties. Everyone wears at least a ring in their finger daily.

18. Dhungri:


The ornament of gold which is worn in the center of the ear is called Dhungri. They usually made up of gold. They are medium size around two cm in diameter and held in place by a long tube and fastened in the back. The design of Dhungri is usually starred with an uneven number of points varying from seven to eleven or flower.

It is also decorated with different flowers and different precious stones on it. Well, we find the different shapes of the Dhungri but these days people have reduced wearing it. But we still find these ornaments in the village side women wearing it.

Thus it is considered as one of the most traditional ornaments worn by the Nepalese people and are found in various shape and size. The ornament Dhungri are very outdated these days are not much in use. These days only the old women of the very remote area wear this ornament daily.

19. Bichhi


The other ornament that is worn in the toe is called Bichhi or toe ring. It is popular in the Terai reason women, especially married women. It is also worn by the other girls too but is popular among married.

It is made up of silver metal. It is not so expensive to afford even to the middle-class family women. Jewelry is worn as a signifier of some form of affiliation whether ethnic-religious or social cause, here Bichhi is also worn by the married women in India and Nepal for the married status too.

In some of the places of inner terai women who don’t wear Bichhi people don’t even drink water. So it is also considered as one of the religious and social values of this jewelry too. It is a very nice and valuable ornament for Nepali and Indian people.

20. Marwari:


It is the ornament that we wear in-ears. It is round-shaped rings that are used in Nepal and India. It is hollow inside it. Marwari is the gold ornament wear by the Hindu women.

Especially these ornaments are used on a special occasion with other ornaments like a necklace bangle and another gold ornament. It can be of a different design on the outer surface but inside will be hollow.

Marwari is a ring-like earring are has to thorn like the design on the surface but it is safe to wear it. Well, this day due to a change in fashion trend the jewelry is also getting updated so many people do not use it. Instead, they wear to top and Ramlila a lot. But Marwari is the old design of gold ornament that is used a lot in the earlier days.

Pearls, Gems, adornments, and jewelry are a piece of many societies and traditions around the globe. For a long time, individuals have been utilizing diamonds and gems as trimmings, blessings, and for venture purposes.

The significant sections of the Gems and Jewelry industry are Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Platinum Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry, Costume Jewelry, and Other Gemstone Jewelry. Gems are principally connected with ladies in numerous areas over the globe.

In numerous traditions, it is utilized to portray riches in the public arena. The worldwide pearl and gems industry over the previous decade has seen huge changes and displayed development, by expanding salary and additionally requests from the rising economies over the world.

Among the different sorts of adornments, plain precious stone gems represented the biggest offer of the worldwide gems advertise, trailed by plain gold gems.

The pearls and adornments area in Nepal is occupied with sourcing, assembling, and preparing, which includes cutting, cleaning, and offering valuable gemstones and metals, for example, jewels, different valuable stones, gold, silver, and platinum.

The pearls and gems industry has an imperative part of the Nepal economy. Nepal is the biggest market for gold gems on the planet. Gold overwhelms the Nepal gems showcase and defines right around 80 for every penny of the piece of the overall industry.

Gold gems are the most favored type of adornments popular in Nepal as it is viewed as promising to buy gold on real events like celebrations, marriage, birth, and so on.

Additionally, gold involves the second position among all venture instruments and is considered as the most secure speculation alternative. Gold is trailed by created studded adornments including precious stone and gemstone studded gems. Similarly, there are many other very old traditional jewelry available in the Nepali culture.

Jewelry also represents a different culture of Nepal. We know our country is filled with various traditional cultures according to or community. Here we have various community people like Tharu Tamang rai Muslim newar etc live so they wear the ornament according to their norms beliefs and values.

Thus there is other various jewelry available according to the cultural community of Nepali people.

20. Tharu’s People Ornaments

The main characteristic for the Tharu adornments and jewelry is that it is made of silver or silver substitutes and that is worn in extraordinary amount, however, these days it is considerably less then what was worn before.

The hair decoration called Ali band is mainstream with a wide range of gatherings. It is a metal band that keeps running from the focal point of the brow over the piece of the hair and around the sides of the head. The Tharu rendition is vast with a conspicuous focus outline and might not have the inside band.

All Tharu pieces of jewelry are outwardly critical. They are regularly extensive and overwhelming and the Tharu wear them in products. The har jewelry is comprised of two extensive level triangles from which hang various chains of expanding lengths.

The Hansuli neckband is a round neckline worn tight around the neck or laying on the neckline bones. It is made of strong silver and up to 2.5cm in distance across, so it can be very substantial. The Kanthshri jewelry is worn by the Rana Tharu of the west. A large number of rehashed little metal components are hung on two texture strings.

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21. Muslim’s People ornaments

Muslim wedding gems simply like some other marriage adornments or jewelry is an unsafe field. They can resemble landmines… if you venture on the wrong fix i.e. pick the wrong wedding component… *sounds of explosion*!

Among all the simple things that go into building the wedding profile, one of the essential building obstructs that can represent the deciding moment a whole marriage look is the correct decision of marriage gems. Because of the expanding rivalry in the imagination and advancement in wedding adornments and jewelry outlines, you would now be able to locate the ideal Jhumka or hand-chain or neckpiece of your decision today to finish your trousseau!

The image we see here is Muslim bridal jewelry, one of the traditional jewelry. There are many bits of gems and jewelry that are particular to customary marriage looks in changing societies and practices – like the tiara for a Christian wedding or the Chandra-Surya Pirai in the Tamil wedding.

You get the substance of the story. Muslim marriage adornments are a class separated from some other marriage incline in the Indian wedding scene in that it indicates a particular flavor that is generally rich and smoothly contemporary.

The astounding assortment accessible today in Muslim marriage accumulation of design gems remembers the fashion development, the advancements in wedding topics for weddings, and frill that will keep the marriage look present and snappy!

22. Newar People Jewels

In Newar tradition, there are lots of traditional jewelry. The picture we see here is a beautiful image of kumari decorated with the traditional Newari gems nad ornaments.


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