50 Nepali Songs by Shiva Pariyar : Best, Famous, New, Movies, Gajals

Get here 50 best Nepali songs by Shiva Pariyar collection. We are here with top 50 Nepali gajals and geets by Nepali famous singer Shiva Pariyar. He is the very popular singer of Nepal. So, we have collected some 49 new, best, top songs that are sung by Shiva Pariyar. These songs are adhunik songs. These songs are filmy geets. These geets are gajals as well. Have fun with these mp3, and video songs. If you want to download these songs, you should go to Youtube.com and other blogs. All are free to watch and download.

50 Nepali Songs by Shiva Pariyar: Best, Famous, New, Movies, Gajals

Shiva Pariyar is one of the most popular singers of Nepal. He has sung many hits in his long successful career. All Nepalese enjoy his songs as he sings with such delight and joy and excitement. His songs will definitely make you get up on your feet and dance to his numbers. Here are 49 popular songs of the singer Shiva Pariyar that you should definitely keep on your playlist.



This is such a fun song to listen to. if you love listening to Nepali songs, then it is guaranteed that you have definitely heard this song before on the radio or on your tv set. This song also carries some kind of message in its lyrics.  “behosipachi ta hos ma aauda” meaning coming to senses after losing them to alcohol. This is a fun song to play at your parties. This number is one of Shiva Pariyar’s greatest hits. This song got a lot of attention because of the fun, musical beats and the harmonious rhythms that it carries. The song may hint towards the actions and consequences of alcohol, but that is what makes this song even more fun in a sarcastic way. this song is enjoyable carrying a social message as well as has good beats that you can enjoy with your friends.


He fun never stops with Shiva Pariyar. The song itself is very much fun and the music video is even more fun starring the beautiful SwastimaKhadka and the talented group Bhimfedi guys. The song and the video both are very colorful and enjoyable. You can play this song at your party or just enjoy this song by yourself as it shall fill you up with lots of positive energy.


This is a very much melodious song that is so heart touching. The music video has starred SwastimaKhadka which makes this music video so much more beautiful. This is a love song that has conveyed the message of love and its strong emotions. Couples will definitely understand the value and harmonies of this beautiful song. You must definitely download this song and keep it on your playlist.



You can really enjoy the melodious voice of Shiva Pariyar in this song and the beats and the rhythm really make you dance to its melodies. This is another song that will definitely be a hit in your party. This is a song that you can slightly blame your friends when you drink and of course you can sing along to its lyrics having lots of fun. This song is also one of the hit numbers of the talented Shiva Pariyar.



This a heartbreaking song that has connected us with reality; the harsh reality that a lot of Nepalese families face. Husband go abroad because they want to work and provide a better life for the family. This song will give you goosebumps and make you miss all of your loved ones. The harmony and melody reflect the singer’s love for Nepalese culture. This song has such a meaningful social message.




This is another song by Shiva Pariyar that is about love. This song is all about how one is madly in love and is willing to do anything for his love because falling in love is the most beautiful experience one can feel. It is an expressive song that has shone brightly with its harmony, melody, and message. This song is a must for your playlist.


  1. MAYA DEU:

The song by the talented Shiva Pariyar has a lot of fast beats that will make you jump on to your feet and dance to its beats. This song will make you and friends dance with a lot of joy in your party. So you should definitely download this song and keep in your playlist for your party. Enjoy a lot of friends!



This song “shirsajaune” by the most talented Shiva Pariyar is a song that when you hear it, you will definitely feel the Nepalese melodious vibes. This is a very heartwarming song that you, your parents and all of your relatives and friends will definitely enjoy. This song is also a must for your playlist. It shall soothe your heart and soul.



This is a fun song that has teased the famous social networking site of Facebook. This is quite humorous and you can definitely tease your friends with this fun song. The beats and the rhythms are very much enjoyable and one can easily enjoy this song at parties or various events.



The song “nayajasto” is a very heart touching song. This song is about heartbreak that tells that a heart once broken will never be the same. In this song, the singer has also showcased his musical talents. This song a must for your playlist. This song warms up your heart and soul. If you are going through some difficult times, then this song will surely be a healer. The voice of Shiva Pariyar will definitely soothe your heart.

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