Top 10 Nepali Songs That are Popular on YouTube

Nepali Songs Analysis: This is the post about the analysis of Nepali songs. We are here on this page with analysis most popular Nepali songs videos songs on the social video site, Find here top 10 Nepali songs that are very famous on the video channel We have collected 10 popular Nepali songs on this page. We hope you will, of course, love these songs. We are with Nepali famous songs with hot Nepali songs, classical Nepali songs, pop songs, adhunik songs, Nepali movies songs, Nepali folk songs, or Nepali lok dohari songs.

Where To Download Nepali Songs

Here we are going to talk about where to download Nepali Songs. In these past few years, everything has grown and developed massively. People are very much into their work as to fulfill their basic needs in a proper way. In this situation of excessive work and stress, people really need something that can reduce their stress and pressure. There are several things they do for it but the most effective and common way they apply is listening to music. Music is something that works as a medicine in reducing their stress and giving relief to the people.Download Nepali Songs


Every country has their own kind of music based on their language and culture. Similarly, Nepal also has its own kind of music. In these previous few years, Nepali music has grown hugely. For example Every year many famous Nepali music artists like “Nabin k battrai”, “Sugam pokhrel”, “Raju lama” and many amazing bands like “Nepthaya”, “1974 ad” … gives out new beautiful Nepali songs that touch our heart and those songs reach to every corner of Nepal and in different parts of the world through various websites and other social sites. People get to hear new and old, rock and romantic or any kind of Nepali songs from any part of the world just by visiting some specific websites.


There are many websites and social sites from where the music listeners can easily download any genre of Nepali music at any time they want absolutely for free. The websites like “” and “” are the very renowned sites from where people can download any kind of Nepal songs. Both of the sites are free i.e.  People don’t have to pay any cost for downloading.Download Nepali Songs

Talking about these sites, first “Cybersansar” was started in 1997 as Cyber Nepal by “Abhinav” & “Dipankar Kasaju” when they were 17 & 16 years old. Cyber Nepal got its new Name “Cybersansar” in July 2005. Today it is the most visited entertainment portal in Nepal with over 60,000 daily unique visitors. Similarly, is another great site which allows people to enjoy and download Nepali songs for free. Its main aim is to provide all Nepali music songs through one source for easy excess to Nepal music.

Besides these, there are some other sites like “Amazon”, “iTunes” and “Spotify” which charges certain cash for downloading the songs from it and these sites only offers the evergreen and super hit songs. Its advantage is the songs that we download from these sites are of better sound and high quality. But here in Nepal, people are not much into this kind of money charging sites, so most of them prefer the free sites like Cybersansar and

In this way, people can download whichever songs they want to hear by visiting these sites directly. But, not everyone knows about these sites so in that case there is another way to find the link to these sites i.e. through social media like Facebook and Instagram. Nowadays, people use social media and sites excessively and do lots of works through it. They can also use these social media for finding the links of many music downloading sites. The Facebook pages like “Nepali songs download” provides the link to such websites. In this way, People and easily search, find and download any songs they wanted with the help of these social media as well.


There is also another way to find and download Nepali music songs which is by downloading the Nepali music apps. People can download various Nepali music app from play store without any charges. This is another easiest way to download Nepali songs. The procedure is very simple when the users visit the play store app and search for Nepali music apps, there appears a list of different applications that provide free Nepali songs downloading options. After choosing the suitable application, the next step is they have to install the app.

After the app is installed, they can open it and download the songs by searching it in search space. But, some of the applications like “Hamro Nepali music” app charge certain amount for downloading the songs. They charge their customers on monthly basis and provide all kind of Nepali music songs and videos and full album at any time they want. This application is pretty beneficial than the free ones as it provides the songs of greater sound quality.

YouTube, one of the most widely used video sharing website that allows users to upload, rate, and share, add to favorite, report, comment and subscribe to other users, now has the downloading feature as well. There is hardly any person who doesn’t know about YouTube. With its downloading feature, people can search whichever songs they want and download it in different quality like in HD quality or in a bit low quality. YouTube might not permit all the devices to download the songs and videos. In that case, there are certain applications like tube mate and vid mate which allows users to download the songs and videos from YouTube. Both of this popular application for mobiles phones when it comes to downloading YouTube songs has more than 10millions hits worldwide and that’s mainly because of its grand opportunities that it has offered to its fan throughout the entire world.

Well, all the above-mentioned websites are effective and well know sites, through which we can search, find and download any Nepali song we wanted. People are widely using it and these sites are the authoritative as well. Beside this, there are many other websites which give the downloading options but doesn’t work well. Those fake websites are completely a waste of time. So the users should be a bit concerned while visiting the new websites. For example: In case of fake websites, when the users try to search and download any specific song then the web page automatically changes into some other useless sites and shows error in downloading. In this way, we can identify the fake websites.


So these were the sites and apps where you can Download Nepali Songs.

So rather than visiting those fake websites, people can visit the above mentioned trustable sites for download.

Top 10 Nepali Songs That are Popular on YouTube

Human beings are social animals. So they cannot live alone. They live in society to share their sorrow, happiness and to satisfy their needs. Therefore, society is a group of people living and working together to achieve a common goal. There are several rules in the society which are not written anywhere but people simply follow them in mutual understanding. They are called social rules. Under the social rules, regulation, we are having fun with dances, songs, traditions, cultures, and festivals.

In Nepal, there are thousands of Nepali songs available in the entertainment world. But among them, there are some few songs, which are been famous.

We have collected 10 popular Nepali songs on this page. We hope you will, of course, love these songs. We are with Nepali famous songs with hot Nepali songs, classical Nepali songs, pop songs, adhunik songs, Nepali movies songs, Nepali folk songs, or Nepali lok dohari songs.

Nepali songs hot popular famous lok folk youtube videos actress model classic movies film non stops Mp3 Pictures

Hamro udesya nepali gitaharulai maya, sammana ani promotion garnu nai ho. Kripaya gitaharu daunaloda garisakepachhi aphno byaktigata prayojanako lagi matra prayoga garnu hola.

1. SURKE THAILI KHAI || सुर्के थैली खै || Woda Number 6 || Nepali Movie

Movie: Woda Number 6
Singer: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti, Anju Panta, Raju Biswokarma
Lyrics: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
Music: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
Actors: Deepak Raj Giri, Priyanka Karki, Jitu Nepal, Kedar Ghimire, Sitaram Kattel, Dahyang Rai, Wilson Bikram Rai, Dipa Shree Niraula, Shivahari Poudel, Kishwor Khatiwoda……
Choreographer: Shankar B.C
Editor: Gautam Raj Khadka
Cameramen: Deepak Bajracharya, Maan Krishna Shrestha
Executive Producer: Nirmal Sharma
Producer: Aama Saraswoti Gita Devi Films
Director: Ujwal Ghimire

Total views: 2,10,65,665 (updated on 11 Augest 2017)

Nikai nai mehanati ra milanasara svabhavaka nyaupane jaba gita gauchhan kunai karyakramama darsakaharuko tali, vaha vaha ra gitaka sabdaharule darsakaharuko majha nikai majale mana jitna saphala ra darsakako mayale garda aja sabaiko mana jitna saphala bhaeka chhan .


A Princess Movies & Black Horse Pictures Production
Popcorn Pictures Presents!
Nepali Movie LOOT 2 Masterplan Unfolds Falgun 13 (Febraury 24)
Song Title: Thamel Bazar
Cast: Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, Karma Shakya, Reecha Sharma, Bipin Karki, Praween Khatiwada, Sushil Raj Pandey, Pratik Raj Neupane
Music: Kali Prasad Baskota
Singer: Kali Prasad Baskota, Meena Niraula, Bhanubhakta Dhakal
Lyrics: Ektaare, Kali Prasad Baskota
Arrange: Rikesh Gurung
Mixing: Pradeep Joshi
Costume : Sujan Pariyar
Visual Effect : Manoj Shrestha
Choreogapher: Vikram Swar
Story/Screenplay/Director: Nischal Basnet
Producer: Madav Wagle, Narendra Maharjan
Cinematographer: Purushottam Pradhan
Editor: Surendra Poudel

Uni sangitaka silpi hun. Jhaṇdai pam̐chasaya gitama svara ra sangita dieka chhan. Loka, adhunika, bhajana, sastriya sangita sabai ksetrama unale hata haleka chhan. Aphu pani charchako sikharama puge. Tara, unama aham ra mahatvakanksa kahilyai palaena.Yo Geet desha ki bhibhinna bhag ma bhibhin umer ka manish ko oth ma base. Desaka bibhinna bhagama sangitika karyakramama byasta raheko nyaupane gita sangita va gajala yati mana sparsi ra bhavanama dubeka sabdama hunchhana juna unkai phesabukama bela bela korieka sabdabatai prasta hunchha.

3. Kutu Ma Kutu – Nepali Movie Dui Rupaiyan Song 2017  : 1,51,90,400 Views

G21 Production & Black Horse Pictures Presents!
Film: Dui Rupaiyan
Song: “Kutu Ma Kutu Supari Dana”

Lyrics: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
Music: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti
Vocals: Rajan Raj Shiwakoti/Melina Rai/ Rajan Ishan
Mixing: Shyam Swet Rashaili (Prisma)
Music Arranger: Rajan Ishan
Artists: Asif Shah, Nischal Basnet, Buddhi Tamang Featuring Swastima Khadka
Choreographer: Kabiraj Gahatraj
Cinematographer: Shiva Ram Shrestha
Editor: Lokesh Bajracharya
Colorist: Rajendra Moktan
Director: Asim Shah


nikai bajara piṭeko yo gitama svara, sabda, laya, saṅgita ho. Yo gita nepali philimama pani prayoga bhayo. Mela, mahotsava jatatatai manisaharu yahi gita bajaera nache, ramailo gare.

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