Nepali Song – 20 Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning

11. Ukali chadhaula orali jharaula, saatvanjyang vane pani tyo pani taraula:

when you listen this song, the guts to do anything for your loved ones gets increased in a very rapid way. Talking about the voice given in this song, it’s none other than the renowned and beautiful musical couple, UdaySotang and Manila sotang. The words of this beautiful song are written by Abiral Krishna. When you listen this song at the morning time period, it makes you feel that you love your special one very much and you can do everything for him/ her. The whole day, you might feel to do any surprising activities for your special one or you may spend the whole day with the positive vibes of being happy with your loved ones. Since the song lets you remain happy for the whole day with positive love vibes, the song can be enlisted in the list of the song that can be listened at the morning period time.


12. Eutai sahara timrai mayako:

this is the old nepali movie song that is sung by every love birds mentioning each other as the support for the whole life time. This is the song that is from the movie kusumerumal and it was again revised in the kusumerumal 2 with new generation actors. The song is composed by very talented composer RanjitGajmer and similarly the voice to this song is given by musical couple Udit Narayan Jha and DeepaJha. The song reflects the meaning of love symbolizing with the natural beauty. This song can be particularly listened at the morning time period as the song is melodious along with the music given to the song. When you listened this song at the beginning of the day then throughout the day you will feel the love and support of your loved ones in the melodious way and you may be reminiscing the memories of the time both of you spend with each other. Therefore, the song is very lovely and makes you indulge in the memories you had with your loved ones.

13. Ae jhari na jhari deu yesari jhari deu timi sustari sustari:

the next song that is amazing to listening during the rainy morning having a sip of hot coffee is “aejharinajharideuyesari, jharideutimisustarisustari”. This song is sung by the renowned singer Nabin k. Bhattarai and composed by very talented musician SambhujeetBaskota. The lyrics is written by Dr. ArunSayami and talking about the album, the song belongs to the album “timilai”. This song is best to listen during the morning time period of the rainy season as the words of the song reflects the pleading to the rain not to fall with thundering and lightning as it disturbs his loved one who is sleeping peacefully. This is the romantic song in which the loved one wants to spend time with his partner in this rain. Listening this song at the rainy morning makes you feel special whole day as such weather and such moments of being together on the romantic environment might not come again. So, it’s all about grabbing the special moments and making your day special. Therefore listen this song in the romantic rainy weather at morning time.

14. Pahilo prem ko pahilo kampanekarkakolakchhya mitho:

first love is the most beautiful feelings and the feelings aroused by the first love is very special throughout the life. Therefore, it is generally said that one can never forget his/ her first love throughout the life. The beautiful song of the movie “First Love” indicates the same meaning as mentioned above. The song is sung by our very own talented singer Swaroop Raj Acharya and RajinaRimal. The song when listened at the morning time period will make you realize about the first love you have experienced and with this realization it is obvious that you will have a beautiful smile on your face making your morning beautiful. Beside this, you will also have a beautiful smile on your face for the whole day and have the good vibes throughout the day which will lead your day towards the better path. Thus, this song can be listed on the songs list to be listened on the morning time period as this song create the beautiful smile on the face of the listeners with some good moment reminiscing in the heart. So, listening this song makes the morning beautiful and make you happy whole day.

15. Lagchha mana herirahu eknas timilai:

this is the next beautiful love song sung by renowned singer of Nepal, AnandaKarki. The song is all about love and listening this song helps in reminiscing the memories with your loved ones. If you also listen this song with your loved ones at the morning time period, it will also help to create the beautiful moments in the morning time period. The song can also be made to convince or persuade your loved ones if he or she is angry or in an upset mood. Therefore, this beautiful song can be enlisted to be listened at the morning time so that it can help in either reminiscing the created memories or creating the new memories with your special one for the whole life.

16. Bhanchhan koi jindagi yo karkala ko paani jastai ho:

It is very much better to realize about the practical implication of everything in life. The faster you realize some of the bitter and some of the better truth of life; it would be easier to move every step in your life. This song reflects the same sense throughout the song. This song too provides the different definition of life but the life is the best and valuable gift of nature, as said by the lyricist of this song. The song is song in a beautiful way by singer Kunti Moktan, who has given voice to different other beautiful as well as the meaningful songs. On listening this song, you realize how deeply you need to focus on the meaning of life and what you have thought to spend your life with. Therefore, on listening this song at the morning time period, you will realize about the meaning to give upon your life so that you can guide your whole day towards that particular path. So, this song can be listened at the morning time period and have a meaningful day.

17. Timro lagi sara sansar bhulai dinchhu ma :

The song, timrolagisarasansarbhulaidinchhu ma, is very beautifully song by Abhaya and the steam Injuns. This song portrays the meaning that love is the most beautiful feeling filled up in every living beings heart by the god. This song reflects that love is found and expressed in so many different ways among the people; may it be between child and parents, teacher and disciple or may it be between the siblings or the couples who promise with each other to spend the life together. This song is beautiful and yet meaningful about the existence of the love in the life of every people. Therefore listening this song at the morning time period makes you realize the different forms of love you have usually experience since your birth and now you are realizing and in coming days you will be realizing. Reminiscing the love you have been getting, you can start off a day and enjoy the beautiful morning with this beautiful song, so this song can be listened during the morning time period.

18. Thula thula mahal hoina, sip sikaune jhupadi deu daiba.

This is the next beautiful song that can be listened during the morning time period. The song is full of patriotic feeling and encourages the people to live for the humanity rather living in luxury. The song portrays the meaning of pleading the god to bless the human with the humanity so that one can live for others and also for the motherland. The song is sung by the talented singer Karna Das and gives the lesson to love motherland and treat every human equally irrespective of their caste, creed and race. Listening this song at the morning makes you realize your obligation towards motherland and humanity so that you carry out your day keeping in mind these love and obligation.

19. Ukali orali gardai ankha bhari rahar bhardai :

At the morning time period, when you are in bed you might have the desire to be at your village as the morning breeze may bring the memories of your childhood you spent in your village. Therefore, listening this song at the morning you will be taken back to the village and you might want to go there. This is the beautiful song sung by Sonu Nigam, the Bollywood singer. So, this song can be enlisted in the song that is to be listened at the morning time period and recollect the memories of your childhood in your village.

20. Naya naya sajauhai sansar, sukha dukha badhau haimile ra:

The first line of the lyrics give you the positive vibes to start the fresh beginning with your loved ones and as there is a saying that morning shows the day, the first line can reflect that how beautiful the whole song might be. Yes, the song is very beautiful and meaningful and the main thing about the song is it guides you to share the every happiness and sorrow with your loved ones with the fresh beginning. Therefore listening this song will make you realize that your special one is everything in your life and she or he is there for you in your every pain, sorrow and happiness. Just listen this song once; you might want to replay it again and again. Though the song was from the movie “Saino”, sung by Udit Narayan Jha , the song is reprised in different version by various singers. Since the song makes you celebrate the happiness of your small world with your loved one, the song shall be listened at the fresh morning.


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