Nepali Song – 20 Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning


Nepali Song – 20 Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning

Nepali Morning Songs: – Are you a music lover? I hope the answer is yes for every person as music is every person’s best friend. It’s very hard to find the person who does not like to enjoy the music because music engraves every form of emotions of the human beings. We can relate every emotion of ours to the music and it is generally the habit of every human being to listen to the music as per their state of emotion. Besides the emotional state, the type of music to listen also depends on the part of the day.

On which part of the day you listen to the music? This question answers the song that you select for the particular time period. The song you listen to the morning time period might differ from the one that you listen to the noon period or the evening time period or at the night time period. It is obvious that the song selection criteria differ from one person to the other. Generally, the people like to listen to soft music at the night and at the morning time period besides some exception. People may prefer old songs or new songs to listen as per their choice. Morning time period is the beautiful part of the day and is the beginning of your whole day which you want to spend smoothly.


Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning
Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning


For this people want to have the good beginning and therefore like to enjoy beautiful songs so that they can have the happy mood throughout the day. Some of the Nepali songs mentioned below gives the good vibes throughout the day to the people as these songs tend to provide happy and jolly mood in the morning time period. Let’s have a look at the songs that you should listen in the morning to have a good beginning and the reason to listen at this very particular period.

20 Nepali Songs to Listen in The Morning

1. Bihana uthne bitikai Himal dekhna paiyos,

Yi haatle sadhai sadhai Nepal lekhna paiyos:

Bihana uthne bitikai Himal dekhna paiyos, yi haatle sadhai sadhai Nepal lekhna paiyos is the beautiful song that cannot be escaped if you wish to hear some Nepali songs at the morning time period to have a good beginning. The song is sung by our own very talented singer Ram Krishna Dhakal. It is a great patriotic genre song. The beginning of the day with this song is obviously the good beginning as it reflects the feeling of patriotism and also makes the listener conscious of the love that you should have towards the country.

The lyrics are able to explain the beauty of the country and encourage every Nepali people to be proud that you are the citizen of the country like Nepal.The lyric is you wish to have the beautiful view of Himalayas immediately when you wake up and you wish to write “Nepal” with your hand always. This song reflects the true sense of patriotism and considers the country Nepal as the heaven. The reason to listen to this song is you are Nepali and you have a love for your country, Nepal. Therefore the respect for your country at the beginning of the day surely guides you to love the country throughout the day and respect from the core of heart.


2. Ful ko ankhama fulai Sansar, Kanda ko ankhama kadai Sansar:

The next song to listen in the morning time period is fulkoankha ma fulaisansarkadakoankha ma ankhaisansar. This beautiful song is sung by AaniChhoing Dolma and the composition is by the very talented composer Nyuhu Bajracharya. The lyrics give the basic moral lesson in a very compassionate way that if you are good, you think others good too and if you are bad you see others as bad too. This is all about thoughts and your feelings, how you perceive others. The reason to listen to this song during the morning time period is quite good that provides you the positive vibes throughout the day. The lyrics of the song makes you think twice to be good and think good about others too. Unless you are good how you can perceive others as good human being? So this song is to be listened in the morning to have the good moral lesson and follow that lesson throughout the whole day. Because if you listen to this whole song with closed eyes, you can definitely get moral lessons that drive your life towards the better path.

3. Kun mandir ma janchhauyatri, kunmandir ma jane ho:

If you get to know the reality of life at the beginning, you can act with conscious mind throughout the whole life. So is the case of listening to this song in the morning time period. The song Kunmandir ma janchhauyatri, Kunmandir ma jane ho, is the beautiful song sung by Robin Sharma at his very young age. The song is written by the great poet mahakaviLaxmi Prasad Devkota and composed by talented musician RanjitGajmer. This song shows the reality of human life and the truth of the existence of god. The words of the song reflect the truth of having god within yourself and questions you that why you are searching god in the temple, rather than search within yourself. The truth engraved within you is the god and this god drives your life towards the good path leading to the success. Instead of worshipping God with varieties of things, make the other human beings happy and feel good and bring a smile on their face. Therefore, the main reason to listen to this song during the morning time period is to find out the reality of human life and the existence of God within every living being. This will certainly guide you throughout the day to have right conduct.

4. Jaha chhan Buddha ka ankha snigdha shanta ra sundar:

This is the next song filled up with the emotion related to the patriotism. The song is sung by the very talented singer of the country, Swaroop Raj Acharya. This song was originally sung by Bhakta Raj Acharya and it was again sung recently by his younger son Swaroop Raj Acharya. When you listen to this song in the morning time period, it gives the sensation of how beautiful Nepal is and how the history of Nepal has been. It takes the listener through the centuries back with the words that describe the Nepali art and culture and this art and culture is to be promoted for our future generation. It reminds of our responsibility of loving our motherland and making her smile always. It also reminds the responsibility of spreading peace and happiness among all the Nepalese people. Beside this, this song also pushes us and encourage fulfilling the responsibility of recognizing Nepal in the whole world. We have lots of obligation towards our motherland along with our other obligation. Therefore, listening to this song at the morning time period reminds of the responsibility that we require fulfilling towards our own motherland. So, this is also the song that can be listened during morning time period.


5. Sansarimaya bichitra, marera k nai lanchhara:

when you hear or spell out the lyrics of this song, it may sound frustrated to some extent to listen at the very morning period time. But we have a proverb, “Better now or never”; therefore it is far better that you realize the reality of life and the world as soon as you can. Listening to this beautiful song at the morning time period will definitely guide you with the moral lessons that you required to implement at every step of your life. This song connects the people with the spirituality and guides towards the humanity rather than the particular religion.

On listening to this beautiful song of almost 15 minutes, you may have a change of heart towards the good matters. There is no doubt that this beautiful song can change the way of thinking of every people and change their ways of perceiving things towards a positive direction. This song shows you, the reality of life. If the people can implicate even only a part of the moral lessons provided by the song, it is obvious that people will change their way for the good forever. Therefore, the song can guide the people towards the better path and change their way of perceiving everything towards the better leading your whole day towards the better purpose.

6. Timra pau harumaa ma sadhai jhuki rahanchhu:

This is the amazingly beautiful song which can be listened to any part of the day and at any moment of your life. This song has immense beauty in its lyrics as well as the composition and the beautiful voice, cannot be discarded. The voice of this song is given by Late singer Tara Devi. The word of the song that is able to grab everyone’s heart is written by our own beautiful Late queen AiahwaryaRajyaLaxmi Devi Shah. However, her name in the poetic world is remembered as Chandani Shah.

The song reflects the immense love between the couples and the desire to be together for the lifetime. The word of the songs is composed of very typical love words that are usually used to express the love. The song shows the love of the wife for her husband and reflects that they never get separated. When you listen to this song, it will remind you of the love expressing a way of traditional Nepali wife as these dedication and love lack in today’s generation. If you want your day to be romantic and lovely, then certainly starting the day with this song will fulfill the desire. Therefore, listening to this song at the morning time period will make the morning and daytime period be filled with your loved one’s memories.

7. Gajalu ti Thula Thula ankha, tira bani basyoyo manaima:

This is the next beautiful song with lovely words as well as the beautiful composition. Every second of the life is beautiful and never return back with the same fragrance, therefore spending the morning breeze with your loved ones with this beautiful song, it’s really romantic. Our late king Mahendra is the lyricist of this song who has very beautifully used the words to describe the beauty of a lady.

Similarly, Gulam Ali is the singer of this song. As mentioned above, this song explains the beauty of the loved ones. It is for sure that if you listen the song at the morning time and spend some beautiful moment with your lady, then believe me the day certainly goes WOW. Therefore, praising the beauty of your lady with this beautiful song along with the morning breeze will make your day special. Listening this song at the morning time period fills not only your day with love but also the day of your loved one will go really special. This song guides you to praise the beauty of your loved ones in an epic and classy way. Therefore the song can be listened in the morning time period.

8. Kei mitho baatgara, raat tesai dhalkidaichha:

Morning time period always calls for the soft songs to listen and enjoy the chilling and cool environment. This song is the perfect song to listen to the morning time period though the song says that evening time is soon to come. This is the beautiful song sung by Narayan Gopal, a talented singer of Nepal. The lyrics are written by kali Prasad Rijal and the music is composed by Narayan Gopal himself.

The song reflects the meaning of spending time with your loved ones. Let’s have some beautiful talks as the evening is to come soon is the lyrics of the song. The reason to love this song at the morning time period is to have the fragrance of sweet talk you had with your loved ones all the day. This song is very soft and lovely to listen at the morning time period. It is really romantic even to imagine the time to be spend with loved ones listening this song and have the romantic talk. Therefore this can be the next song to listen at the morning time period.


9. Timile ta haina timra bhakaharule mero mutu chhoi sakechhan:

This can be the next song to listen at the morning time and it’s all about love, love and love. To have some romantic time at the morning time period with this song is the best option to engage yourself with your loved ones. The song is originally sung by Bachhukailash, one of the talented and renownedsingers of Nepal. The words of the song is written by KshetraPratapAdhikari, the next talent of Nepal and composed by Natikaji.

Though the original credit is given to these renowned people and talents of Nepal, various other talents too have sung this song and have promoted through the various media channels. This song has its own beauty to listen at the morning time period as this song will push you to engage yourself with your loved ones and making your loved one listen this song will reflect your true feelings to him/ her. Therefore, to reflect your true feelings to your dear husband or wife, it is better to listen this song together at the morning time period so that your whole day is filled with love and love.

10. Kahile timro pachhyauri ma aljhe, kaile timro chaubandi ma aljhe: This is the beautiful and romantic song which is sung by Udit Narayan Jha and DipaJha, the beautiful and talented musical couple. The words craved in this song areby the lyricist Raman Ghimire and composed by the musician Aalok Shree, the talented musician of Nepal. The song is included in the album “Upahar”.

The song explains about the husband being smitten by the love of his wife and on the top of that, the starting picturisation of this song is shown as the morning period. Because of this reason, the song is very beautiful and can be listed as the song to be listened at the morning time period. Every word of this song mentions the emotional consequences in absence of his wife and the moment when his wife is with him. So it’s about the emotions that a result when you are with your loved ones and when you are not with them and what difference it creates in your life. Therefore listening this song at the morning time gives the positive vibes regarding the love for the whole day.


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