Nepali Songs – 20 Nepali Songs That Have Touched Nepalese Hearts

20 Nepali Songs That Have Touched Nepali Hearts

About Heart Touching Nepali Songs with Mp3 and Video– Songs have always been a big part of our culture. There are many Nepali songs that have touched the hearts of all Nepalese, be it because of the emotional lyrics, video or the singing. Songs have always aroused emotions in people and that is why songs can become good career or messages as well.

The way songs carry emotions with them, they are a great source of pleasure to all the audiences who hear it. Given below are twenty of those songs which have been successful at touching the hearts of millions of Nepalese who have stayed in Nepal and abroad. These songs are from different time frames and different ages, but all of these have been able to touch the inner heart cords of people in Nepal. Sometimes these songs have made people cry or sometimes laugh out in joy.

Nepali mother crying in song heart touching

A Nepali mother crying in song

Please read below for such songs that have touched Nepali hearts:

List 20 Heart Touching Nepalese Songs of All Time with Mp3 and Videos

  1. Ful ko Akha ma Fulai Sansara

This Nepalese geet is one of the songs that have made Nepalese all around the world feel good listening to. The meaning that is behind this Nepali song which promotes goodwill and co-existence is so beautiful that nobody can stay untouched with the meaning of the song. Plus, the beauty of Ane Chhoying’s beautiful voice has made this Nepalese geet extra beautiful and one that can be listened to time and again without even getting fed up with the song.

This Nepali Song, when it came out was so much popular that every children and adult in the country and outside were so touched by it. Everyone preferred to sing it. The message behind this Nepali song is close to the Buddhist philosophy and the fact that a nun sang this Nepalese geet made this a beautiful tribute to Buddhism and to invite people to keep an attitude of co-existence, goodwill and happiness by destroying the evils of competition, ill attitude towards the others and keeping an attitude against violence and restoring peace in life.

You can watch live or download this song originally on YouTube. I have just embedded this here for easiness.

  1. Kun Mandira Janchau Yatri

This another Nepali Song is penned by the most popular poet in Nepal The Great Laxmi Prasad Devkota. This Nepalese geet has touched the hearts of millions because of the beautiful words that it has. This Nepali song basically talks about how temples, despite the popular belief that it is the holiest of the holy, the poet says that human body itself is like a temple. Humans can just keep their own body and thoughts organized in order to meet the divinity within.

There is no need to visit any special shrines in order to visit the holy. Everybody has the good inside themselves. Such beautiful sentiments have made this Nepali song a beautiful song which has touched hearts of millions of Nepalese. Of course all of us, at one time or another have wondered about this thing and had doubted religion. Everyone in Nepal knows this Nepalese geet and is touched by it everytime Nepali Song is played on the radio or on TV.


You can watch live or download this song originally on YouTube. I have just embedded this here for easiness.

  1. Sri Man Gambhira Nepali

If we are to talk about one particular song which had united the Nepalese for decades and decades, it was the former national anthem of Nepal ‘Sriman Gambhira Nepali’. This Nepali Song is touching in its own way because it was the national anthem and although it has been replaced now to suit the New Nepal that we are in right now, this Nepalese geet in itself had been a great source of inspiration for Nepalese all over the world to unite. Not only that, this Nepali song also reflects the common sentiments of Nepalese that have been scattered all around the world.

Whenever this Nepalese geet is mentioned, we all still bow down our heads with reverence to the motherland and be proud of the fact that we are all Nepalese. This Nepali Song shows our reverence towards the King and the Nepali kingdom which we were once so proud of. It also stresses on the fact that Nepalese are all united against all the differences and have always been brave in the face of distress. That is why we are still standing tall in the world even though we are one of the smallest countries when it comes to the geographical area.

You can watch live or download this song originally on YouTube. I have just embedded this here for easiness.

  1. Suna Saili

In recent times, if one song has been able to touch the hearts of the Nepalese to its core, it is this Nepali Song. This Nepali song tells the hardships of millions of Nepali brothers who have been living abroad in order to earn some money so that their families can live happily here in Nepal. Daily, thousands of youth move out of Nepal to foreign lands to find jobs. The condition is so bad that many of the Nepali villages are now empty of young people. In such conditions, they leave their family behind, even the wives and children.

In human conditions at different factories and manual labor jobs in the abroad, these people have been forced to work. Only to earn few hundreds of rupees, they have been giving away the joys of their youth. Therefore, this Nepali song here tells that even though the youth has been going to be spent on working on foreign lands, away from the family and the love of their lives, they intend to return back later and promises to enjoy life even if they are in the middle ages of their lives. The message is so touching for the common Nepalese that this Nepalese geet topped the Nepali charts as soon as it was released. Touched by this Nepali song, many youths in Nepal as well as outside were quick to show their responses. Such a contemporary song is always welcome for Nepalese.

You can watch live or download this song originally on YouTube. I have just embedded this here for easiness.

  1. Yasai Gari Bitai Dinchu – Narayan Gopal

This is another Nepalese geet by Narayan Gopal which have been successful in touching the hearts of millions of Nepalese all around the world, not just in Nepal. This beautiful song and the meaning behind it has been very touching. This Nepali song basically talks about how one would sacrifice his own wishes for the others. It is a bit sad in its message but that is exactly why this Nepali song has a deep meaning.

You can watch live or download this song originally on YouTube. I have just embedded this here for easiness.

This Nepalese geet says ‘Yesai Gari Bitai Dinchu Dui Din ko Zindagi’. IT is all about sacrificing personal happiness for the sake of the other, be it the one person he or she loves or for the communal good of everyone around. Because of such touching lyrics and music and sound, this Nepali song has been one of the classics in Nepali music industry. The message is beautiful and as it has a bit of a pinch because of the sadness within, this Nepali song is nice to hear while alone when one is in a pensive mood. The beauty of this Nepalese geet has been acknowledged by many people in Nepal and outside among those who understand Nepali language and hear it out.