Nepali Song: Pilayo Sathile By Shiva Pariyar : The YouTube Video is Forcing to Drink


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Get a video post about Nepali song Ma chhu Bhani Bharos, pilayo sathi le by Shiva Pariyar….. We have posted here some facts about this nepali popular song by singer Shiva pariyar titled pilayo sathile. This is one of the most popular Nepali song in 2015 or 2072 BS. It is going hot trending in Nepali communities. But this song shooted by the Director…Bishal Bhandari is forcing to drink and have girlfriend, which bad for the society. Anyway, the song is very good but it’s effect may be bad…..

Nepali Song: Pilayo Sathile By Shiva Pariyar : The YouTube Video is Forcing to Drink


Vocal : Shiva Pariyar
Lyrics : Neeharika Laxmi Sahi
Music : Tara Prakash Limbu
Arranger : Rajan Ishan
Mixed & Mastered :- Maheshwor Rajbhandari
Audio/Video : Genius Digital Music
Actors : Puspa / Anu / Deepak / Ramesh / Nabin

pilayo sathile shiva pariyar nepali songs

Choreographer : Deepak Singh
Camera : Hari Humagain
Editr : Nishan Adhikari
Director : Bishal Bhandari

यो गीत हेरदा नखानेहरु नपिउनेहरुलाई पिउने मुड बनाइदिन्छ। यो डाइरेक्टर कुशल प्रभावशाली क्षमताको कुरा हो । तर त्यो क्षमता र कुशलता पिउन र खानु पर्ने देखाउनुभन्दा नपिउने र नखानेतिर ध्यान केन्द्रित गर्दा अझ वेश हुन्थ्यो होला।

Chhar botal vodka kam mera rojka जस्तै हनी सिंह जस्तै उनी विवादित गीतमा मुझन चाहन्छ कि? Best of luck.. It’s my totally my thoughts. Sorry for any mistakes. thank you.

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