300 Nepali Riddles With English Meaning – Gau Khane Katha

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300 Nepali Riddles With English Meaning – Gau Khane Katha

What’s more brain storming and fun at the same time? Haha. Here are 300 Nepali riddles for you with their english meanings as well.( p.s. since its typical nepali riddles, the english translations may not give a perfect sense in some cases)

300 Nepali riddles (Gau khane Katha) with English meaning

  1. Sapha chij chaidaina fohor ma baschu. Raat vari ahara khoji dinvari lukchu. Ma ko ho ?( i don’t need clean place, i stay in dirt. I search food for all night while i hide all day. Who am i )

(Answer: lamkhutte) mosquito

  1. Usle bolda sabai dhyan diyera sunchan. Kura sabai bujhna sake manis hunchan gyani. La vannus k ho ? (When it speaks, everyone listens carefully. If understood every word then people become sincere. What is it ?)

(Ans: radio)

  1. Haat khutta kei pani chaina jata sukai jancha. Bolne mukh navaye pani gopya kura kholcha. La vannus k ho ? ( no hands, no legs, yet i go everywhere. No mouth to speak yet I tell the secrets. Who am I ?

(Ans: chitthi) letter


Nepali Riddles in Roman script:
Question: Sano sano ghar vitra kta kti baschan. Tauko ma sabaile kalo pheta kaschan. K ho?
Ans: sahlai vitra ko kati

Nepali Riddles in English:
Question: – inside a small and tiny house, there live girls and boys. Everyone ties a black cloth on their head. Who are they?
Answer: matches in a matchbox


Nepali Riddles in devanagiri Font:
Question: – सानो सानो घर भित्र केट केटि बस्छन्। टाउको मा सबैले कालो फेटा कस्छन्। के हो?
Answer in Nepali: सलाई भित्रको काँटी

Nepali Riddles Gau Khane Katha in Nepali with English Meaning
Nepali Riddles
  1. Rog ko jaro vaye pani oth vitra rakhchan. Raas tito vaye pani mitho mani chakhchan. K ho ? (Even though its a seed to disease, they put it inside theirr mouth. Even if it tastes sour, they taste as if it tastes sweet. What is it ?)

(Ans: surti khane) eating tobacco

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  1. Agadi ko katepachi khane chij bancha. Bich ko katda sunne anga bancha. K ho? ( if cut the front part, it becomes something we can eat. If cut the middle part then it becomes one of our hearing organs. What is it? )

(Ans: noon) salt

Funny Nepali Riddles Collection Questions with Answer – Gau Khane Katha
  1. Dinvari sutne, raat vari uthne k ho? ( sleeps all day, wakes up all night. What is it ? )

(Ans: chamero) bat

  1. Mathi udna pani sakchu ma ta.Bagna pani sakchu. Bagdai bagdai takka adi jamna pani sakchu. K ho ma? ( i can fly, i can flow. When flowing i can also freeze. Who am i ?)

(Ans: pani) water

  1. Tauko le lekhne, puchhar le metney k ho ? ( writes from its head. Rubs from its tail. What is it? )

(Ans: kalam) pencil

  1. Padhna, lekhna, herna pani huncha mero kaam. Kagaj, kalam, masi hoina vana mero nam. ( my job is to read, write and see. Not a paper, pen or paper . Tell me my name)

(Ans: chasma, computer)

  1. 1 vai nachne, 5 vai herne, 4 vai lukne. K ho ? ( one brother dances, 5 brothers watch, 4 brothers, hide. What is it? )

(Ans: surti maleko) preparing a tobacco

  1. Ghari ghari kapda napne tara afu vane kei nalagaune k ho? ( measures the cloth time to time but doesn’t wear anything. What is it ? )

(Ans: kapda napne tape) measuring tape

  1. Swarga ko pani, garva ma nani. (Heaven’s water, with A girl in the belly.)

(Ans: raksi leko) making of an alcohol

  1. Jhola ma ataune, dhoka ma na ataune. K ho? (Fits inside a plastic but doesnt fit at the door. What is it?)

(Ans: chata)  umbrella

  1. Lamo hanga ko eutai paat. ( long branch with a single leaf. Ehat is it? )

(Ans: panyu)pan

  1. Hiddai cha paila metdai cha. ( i am walking and my steps are rubbed away. Who am I? )

(Ans: Dunga chalako)rowing a boat

  1. Falni vaye fali hala, natra jhundiyera marchu.( if you want to throw just throw it away else I will hang till death. Who am I ?)

(Ans: singan) mucus

  1. Bahira jada aghaune, vitra auda vokaune.( when goes its full. But when comes inside, it’s hungry. What is it ?)

(Ans: jutta) shoes

  1. Sabailai chahine, maravumi ma napaune. K ho? (Everyone needs it. Cannot be found in the desert. What is it ?)

(Ans: pani) water

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