8 Nepali Sultriest Plus Size Actresses, Models of Kollywood Film Industry


8 Nepali Sultriest Plus Size Actresses, Models of Kollywood Film Industry

Nepali plus size model and actress: – Plus size actress, model or the people are beautiful. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. If you saw a girl and her figure is not as slim as your mind summarily expects it to be, then you may never see her as pretty.

Beauty depends on her attitude and frame of mind. Any girl can be beautiful if the right people are looking at her in their own perspective. It’s not that I’m on the side of fat girls but if anyone says you are ugly just because you’re fat then kick him/her in the butt as hard as you can.

Yes for sure, if you do exercise and lose your weight you will be healthy. So let’s stick to the point. In this article, I’m going to list 10 Nepalese Actress/Model who is fat and still manages to enter into the movie industry with a numerous fan following.

8 Nepali Sultriest Plus Size Actresses, Models of Kollywood Film Industry

  1. Barsha Raut

She was born on 14th December at Sindhuli, Nepal. A Nepali actress and model who has established herself as a successful model in the Nepali movie and music industry. And was a hot cake model for Nepali music industry before stepping into the movie industry.

She has done more than 100 music videos and all were super hit. She rules the modeling industry for 2 years. After the successful two years in modeling, she finally entered into the movie industry. Barsha debuted from the movie Nai Navannu la 4 opposite Paul Shah. Her smile and expressive eyes are the prettiest in her.

  1. Arunima Lamshal

She was born 17th February 1986 in Biratnagar. She acted in over 30 Nepali Movies.Arunima got married to Amit Aryal from Biratnagar. Though he didn’t have any connection related to film industry, he met Arunima and had affair before the marriage. They both have children born on November 8, 2011.

Arunima Lamsal
  1. Karishma Manandar

She was born on 8th February 1974 on Lalitpur. On the age of fourteen, she did her first movie ‘Santaan’ opposite to Bhuwan Kc in 1988. From then she changed her name from bunu to Karishma.


She went to Mumbai for the training in her acting skill. Later on, she got married to Binod Manandhar.

  1. Jal Shah

Born on 13th December 1982 and was a popular actress during the late 1990s. Acted in more than 50 movies. Her performance in the song “suna suna Sanam” was loved by the audience. She played various role ranging from simple village girl to modern girl and housewife. Mostly her emotional roles are known.


  1. Rekha Thapa

She was born on Bhadra 5th 1982 in Morang, Nepal. Everybody knows that she was the number one actress of Nepali Movie Industry. She stopped her study in plus 2 and moved to the film industry, and married Chabi Raj Ojha in 2001 and got divorced in 2012 Now the owner of movie production house called Rekha Entertainment.

Also, she was the top 10 finalist of the Miss Nepal at 1999. Well, critics say her name and fame is because of her affair with the director chibi Raj Ojha but who cares? We love Rekha Thapa and she still manages to be on the top of the list even if she is 33 already.

Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
Nepali actress Rekha Thapa
  1. Sushma Karki

Actress Sushma Karki started her acting career as a VJ in a Nepali Tv Channel. Before she debuted as an actress in the movie “Mero Euta Sathi Cha, she has done modeling where she rules with her seccxy poses.


Well, she became very popular from the item dance ‘Udhreko Choli ‘ of movie loot. The movie Bindass and Bindass 2 totally ruined her career and left her without any new films for a year and a half.

sushma karki 1

A huge and bright tattoo on the top of her left breast was very popular as she has been wearing low cut dresses to show off the art piece.

Later on, Censor Board questioned the tattoo as it resembles the sun of Nepal’s National Flag and asked her to hide in the movie. Sushma had affair with many popular boys which didn’t go well for her. She also took vocal training because she was interested in singing.

  1. Jyoti MagarJyoti Magars Sexy Photo

Model, singer and an actress Jyoti Magar were born in a village of Rolpa District, later on, her family migrated to dang. Jyoti was more interested in dancing than singing since her childhood. She is a dropout student and decided to focus on music than study.

Her interview on NTV Plus was never broadcast because of the censor team who found it apparently vulgar. Due to her dress issues, another interview was also censored. In an interview she was asked if before marriage is Ok for her, then she replied that if there is long commitment and if the person you are involved in secx is HIV negative, it should be OK.

jyoti magar
jyoti magar

Also, she revealed that she does get plenty of love proposals from the one who really like her emotionally, but also from the ones who are merely seeking physical pleasure from her.

Well, she is mostly hated by most of the woman as she produces and sings a double meaning song for cultural festivals and also with so many vulgar videos which are hard to watch with families.

  1. Trishna Budhathokitrishna budathoki

Trishna Budhathoki is one of the another plus size models in Nepali glamour industry. Well everyone knows that she is an extra model. Born on 27th Ashad in Dhading. She did some dance training for 3 months from the famous Dipak KC. Also, she took some acting classes to make sure that two skill would not be a weak point in her career.

Before she started doing modeling, she owns a business by opening her own cold store in Thamel and then her own café business in New Road. Mostly, people know her for her vulgarity. As she posts her bathing videos and much more secxy videos on youtube.

Tirsina Budhathoki- Nepali Model
Tirsina Budhathoki

Many people hate her for demoting the name and culture of Nepal but these are the person who looks Sunny Leone videos with honor. Everybody has their own life and they can do anything with it.

Whether she did it by showing her body or anything. Don’t interfere with the culture and make it vulgar and she can do anything with her life.


Actress/Model of Kollywood Sultriest Plus size


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