Nepali New Year Tradition

Nepali New Year Tradition

Nepali New Year Tradition: Nepali New Year starts in Baisakh that falls in mid-April. Nepalese follow Bikram Sambat calendar. Since there are more than 120 ethnics groups residing in Nepal, they have their own traditions to celebrate this New Year.

Most of them have similar trend while some of them have different. The most tradition people are following on New Year are the family get together, visiting the temple, organizing the picnic, party, giving wishes and much more. Happy New Year 2077.

Let us know some of the traditions in Nepal to celebrate New Year.

Nepali New Year Tradition

1. Family get together

The most similar tradition in celebrating New Year is a family get together. Every New Year is a public holiday for all Nepalese. On this holiday, most of the Nepalese get together to share their lovely moments and joy with their family members.

Since people may have been some other places due to their jobs, business or study purpose, this New Year is the perfect time to make them gather in one place.

2. Visiting temple

Nepali Female is worshiping Lord Gautama Buddha

Female is worshiping Lord Gautama Buddha Statue

Most of the Nepalese are Hindus and they have great belief in their religion. New Year is the perfect time to visit the temple for all the Nepalese since they believe that visiting the temple on the first day of New Year will lead them to the peaceful and happy year ahead. So, they bath in the morning, wear a healthy dress and visit nearby temples with good hearts.

3. Bisket Jatra

Bisket Jatra is one of the most important festivals celebrated in New Year by the Newars in Bhaktapur. A special game called tug of war will be held on this day between two communities of Bhaktapur.


Whoever wins is believed to have the good year ahead. Many tourists are supposed to visit this town just to have fun with this festival. This festival is celebrated in the memory of the Mahabharat battle.


4. A Picnic organization

Picnic Spot friends are enjoying in the picnic copy

friends are enjoying in the picnic

Nowadays, New Year is not only celebrated among family members but it has been celebrated among the community member since few years. Many of the picnic spots will be full of programs and gathering of the people.

A group of people from the same community organize a picnic program to celebrate the New Year with happiness, fun, and joy.

5. Wishes

Friendship students handshaking wishing well wisher

Students handshaking

Since New Year is celebrated with joy and happiness all over Nepal, it is one of the best days to share wishes among each other. So, most Nepalese celebrate this day by offering a good and prosperous year wishes to each other. It is also a good day to start new relations by forgiving all the past sorrow and debts.

No matter how we celebrate this New Year, one must start the day with positive mind and attitudes. Forget all the past and forgive all the mistakes. Start with new emotions and joy to make your days good. So, we hope your upcoming New Year will be full of happy, joy and fun.

Wish you all Happy New Year 2077. May god give all Nepalese a beautiful life ahead? Jay Nepal.

Writer: Niraj Thapa Magar

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Nepali New Year Tradition