Nepali Name List of Baby Girl Starts With X with English Meaning (Nepali Naam Ko Arth Sahit)

Get Nepali Name List of Baby Girl Starts With X with English Meaning (Nepali Naam Ko Arth Sahit). Find the all our Nepali name baby girl starting with X Alphabet with perfect and right English meaning. Get popular Nepali name dictionary for baby girls.

We have here posted more than 50 popular and most rare Hindu Nepali girl name which are important and helpful for all parents inside Nepal and out of Nepal to select the top names for your sweetest newborn cute baby girl.

Therefore we are here going to publish more than hundreds of girl names starting with X Alphabet. Get the Nepali name dictionary with right meaning in English language and font. Nepali name ko arth haru in English language and script. X bat suru hune Nepali Nam haru. नेपाली नामहरु

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Nepali Name List of Baby Girl Starts With X with English Meaning (Nepali Naam Ko Arth Sahit)

S.N.Nepali Baby Girl Name in English ScriptNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali Language and FontNepali Baby Girl Name in Nepali PronunciationMeaning in English Language of this Nepali Baby Girl Name
2Xyloक्स्य्लोksyloHope; Sky; Fiercest
3Xitaक्सिताksitaDuel Nature
4Xoiniaक्सोइनिअksoiniFrom the Farming Land; Femaine of Xoin
5Xolikaक्सोलिकाksolikaScented Ion
8Xagarक्सगरksagarPass through
10Xmaक्स्माksmaGentle and Tolerant
13Xailajaक्सैलजाksailajaCrossing the Daughter of the Mountain
14Xalakक्सलकksalakSplendour; Shimmer
16Xamakक्समकksamakTwinkle; Shimmer
20Xeniaक्सेनिअkseniHospitality; Welcoming; Guest; Stranger; Wisdom

Nepali Name List of Baby Girl Starts With X with English Meaning (Nepali Naam Ko Arth Sahit)

24Xamiक्समिksamiEverything Known

We have posted here 27 Nepali names for baby girl with meaning in English language. See rest of the Nepali girl name list.

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