Nepali Folk & Traditional Musical Instruments with Names and Pictures

Get here a name of Nepali musical instruments with names and pictures. We are here with list of folk Nepali musical instruments with names and images. So, be updated with traditional Nepalese musical instruments.

Nepali Folk & Traditional Musical Instruments with Names and Pictures

Folk musical instruments are our pride, identity and source of economy to the nation. They are accompanied folk songs and assist to make a song lively functioning as a soul by it. Nepal is enriched with various folk musical instruments and it must be the concern of government and common civilians to work for their promotion.

Folk musical instruments are accompanied with folk songs in any social occassion in the soicety. Folk musical instruments differ according to place, culture and people.

The instruments which are played together with folk songs are known as folk musical instruments. They are played during fairs, festivals,  Jatras, gatherings or any other ceremonies. Musical instruments produce melodious sound and make the songs praiseworthy and interesting. Generally, they are made using the locally available materials.

Just similar to folk songs, such instruments are also different as per the places, people, races, festivals and religions. They are also directly related with Nepalese culture and lifestyle. For instance: Yalambar is associated to the Kirants community, Sarangi is popular among Gandarvas, Panchai Baja is  mainly played by the Damai  community where as Damphu is famous among Tamangs. These Nepali musical instruments are helping to enter the tourists.

On the basis of the nature of playing, Nepalese folk musical instruments can be divided into 3 groups:

a. Percussion Instruments:

Musical instruments played by hitting with hand or stick such as drum, Madal. etc.


b. Wind Instruments:

Musical instruments that are blown and vibrated due to pressure of wind like Bansuri (flute), Murali, Harmonium, etc.


c. String instruments:

Musical instruments having blown because of vibrating strings of different lengths such as Sarangi, Sitar, etc.

Famous Nepali Musical Instruments in Nepal

1.    Binayo:

Popular among the Kirants, it is made from a piece of bamboo by curving it ‘and fastening a thread on both ends.

2. Dakkari:

Used widely in Mithila region, it is made of wood joining six strings in it.

3. Dholak:

The Dhol or Dholak is made of a hollow cylinder of wood by stretching leather over both of the edges. Actually, it is a large drum like a Madal and is played in the same manner.

4. Dhyangro:

It is shaped in circular frame of wood that is covered with skin from both sides containing a handle downward to hold. It is hit and played with a stick called Gajo. It is generally used by Dhami (witeh doctors).

5. Dafali:

It is circular wooden or metal frame with one side covered with leather. It is used during Holi in the Terai, especially in Mithila culture.

6. Damphu: Made up of hollow wood stretched by leather over one edge, it is popular in Tamang community. It looks like a small drum.

7. Ektare:

A single string instrument that is used by sages, ascetic or Yogis is Ektare. It is made up of wood covered by leather.

8. Fasmuk:

This instrument is used in Limbu community and made up of three piece of bamboo put together.

9. Hudko:


It is similar to Damaru, a small drum played with two pieces of cords on both sides. It is widely used in Mid-Western and Far- Western Regions.

10. Hlung Pipari:

It is wind instrument that is played by blowing with mouth and is popular among the Kusundas.