Nepali Films – 32 Bitter Truths | Facts About Nepalese Movies You Must Know


21. Local singer and local song:

Sometimes we can see that even a song of the movies makes the movies upper hit and popular. People go to cinema even when they listen to the songs. Mostly the people think that its song is good means the film will be surely better. In Nepalese movies, there is scarce of making the song replaced by any foreign singer. Like as Udit Narayan Jha of Bollywood popular singer has sung many Nepalese songs and they become hit too. After that, no any foreign singer has sung the song. Even in two to three song has been sung by LataMangeshkar.

Then after, Nepalese film is backing their steps and interest to place the song sung by any foreign singer. It also increases the interest and will of people. Their minds and thinking also become change when they heard the news of songs given by any particular popular singer. By this, we can also make our popular on the international platform. The movies can access a long and large market which directly impacts the goodwill of Nepalese movie industry. Nepalese movies also get the high value and respect on the international ground too. Nepalese songs even change its vocal and format when it is sung by any foreign singer.

22. Deportation of popular actor and actress:

Mainly, it comes in the news that any particular actor is leaving the country or has left the country. This expedition and action have not been slowed down till now may be of their own perspectives and perception. Many popular actor and actress have left the country for fulfilling their passion and desire which cannot be fulfilled in Nepal. They have left due to having good reputation and prestige as well as earning from the movies. Thus, most of them headed to America and another foreign country and settled there with family. After moving from the country, they even left the love from the movies. Due to different messing in the film industry, may they have felt bored and annoyed which makes them quite the career in Nepalese film industry. These all matter and events are also dark aspects of Hollywood which have made the movies little beat black. It has not achieved the popularity as it actually has to achieve.

23. Less releasing of patriotic movies:

It is also the weakness we can say in the white tongue. Movies screen is great if we become able to screen and expose your patriotic there, then we can make the chain between the Nepalese. Unity in diversity is slowly reducing its effect and leaving their mark on the people. Nepalese are going furious and arising of discrimination and clash is also going in increment level.

When the country has not peace, it is difficult to speed up the development wheel. Development, as well as prosperity, can be only possible when the country has not faced any kids of riots, clash, and conflicts between people to people, groups to groups, religions to religions and geographically. These all making scarce in Nepalese movies. Form the movies, the message of unity in diversity should be screened and released. Furthermore, patriotic does not mean the management of people and building the melodious relationship but also devotion and dedication toward the country and its prestige.

 24. Slow stagnation and improvement:

In present upcoming moves, we can see the difference between past and present. Today movies released in Nepalese banner are increasing its standard and quality which has also increased the looking eyes of people towards it. Otherwise, people used to talk only negative and criticize the Nepalese movies on different titles. But now it is less seen and listens to the people. Meanwhile, the Nepalese movies are slowing making their mark positive and qualitative in the market and mind of the watcher.

It has increased the gain and beliefs of peoples towards Nepalese movies. In present releasing movies have a mixture of all the things that should be required to stand the movies in popular form. That may be reason nowadays Nepalese movies are collecting god collection and well as response form watcher. Nepalese producer has also started to pay and invest the needed money in the film to make the movies more productive. There was also the time when Nepalese film has to face difficulties to even achieve the investment amount but today double and the triple amount are soonly earned.

25. No good suspense, just the common story:

If we know the mystery and myth earlier, then it becomes fade to hear and watch it. If we know that there are particular things inside the unique box, then it is not encouraging and interesting. But it there is suspicion and suspense about it, then it really creates the wave of people action. People become curious to know about the box what lies inside. The same thing and concept are also applied in Nepalese film too. Nepalese watcher has watched many movies but they did not get any new story which is effective for people.

A common man watches the movies and common concept in the movies makes them bored. Movies should be prepared in suspense which keeps the hope and curious vivid till it ends. Only the common story which comes in understanding before the movies show the realistic scenes and events connection. If such movies are built, then it becomes tasteless to the watcher. The movies should be full of suspense and mystery to attract the watcher.

26. Few releasing of movies based on women empowerment:

There is only crowding and crying of the voice of women empowerment but the Nepalese film industry is not making the movies based on it. The ladies or women cannot be empowered only by enchanting the slogan f women empowerment. They should participate in every developing structure and projects. Women empower can be more possible when the movies based on its subject will be released. It can be possible when the women become aware and knowable. Women empower is more effective to educated groups of women. Nepalese movies are also lacking the roles of women in the movies. A large number of boys are making the several roles which have also make the movies not best. The participation of women in different works and releasing of movies based on it will also make the country more illuminative.

27. Less releasing of youth inspiring movies:

It can be also calculated as the facts of Nepalese movies because the Nepalese movies are also heading their graph by excluding it. Many movies have excluded the topics and subject matter which can influence the youth in the mission of country development as well as their personal goal achievement. Today’s youth are also leading incorrectly in the one is there even to show them, the right path. So the mix-headed youth and is-leaded youth should be correctly leaded toward the formation of better future and career of them as well as the country.A youth watches the movies too much but they are not learning something new from them. If the movie released on the inspiring contents, then it may burn their passion to achieve.

28. Screening of politics context:

Nepalese movies have just started currently to shows the effects and internal impact of politics in every sector. Form this chapter, it has made much Nepalese consciousness about the real politics and showing politics. It is the remarkable contribution of Nepalese cinema which has made the Nepalese active and thinkable about the politics how it regulates. Meanwhile, Nepalese movies are nowadays mostly built on the bases of political effects and its wrong uses. In today Nepalese releasing movies many movies have influenced the people by exposing the culture and actions as well as the behavior of Nepalese politicians which has affected the unity between Nepalese.

29. Very few versatile roles of actor and actress:

The artist should be versatile. So that they can perform any kinds of role if arises. Versatile actors make the movies soonly popular because of their purity in acting. They have such ability and appetite that can transform the duplicate role into original looks. Actors should always try to make the movies building better and better to make the watcher happy. In Nepal, there are very few versatile actors who keep the potential of making the movies popular on their own ability. But when there comes the matter of few, it means there are high demand and high prices. This makes them obliged to build the movies with new actors as well as available actors and artist.

30. Movies based on child and playing of child actors too:

It seems hard sometimes in Nepalese movies the role of any child artist. It may be due to scarce of child artist and other problems. Nextly, the releasing of movies which include child artist or child based movies are in very few numbers. Movies are not impacting the child in a positive manner. Movies should also be the means of delivering the knowledge and behavior to the child. Instead of all these things, Nepalese cinema is replacing with the vulgar and nude scene to make the youth dirty minded. The scarcity of child actor has made it back. There is no formation of such scripts which needs the child artist. That is also the facts of Nepalese movies.

31. Continuity to hit movies:

Nowadays Nepalese movies industry is also giving the priority to constructing and releasing the movies which had got the good review and watcher. It is because they think that if this movie would be released then it will surely drag the watcher. Truly, sometimes it becomes successful and sometimes it becomes fizzle. This is one of the wrong concepts which Nepalese movies maker are adopting. Rather to building its next part, they should give their concentration and invest their ideas in formulae and create some new story which can make the watcher glad.

If you make the movies with the conception of gratifying the watcher, then it is sure that you will receive good reviews and well as collection. May sometimes you will not able to achieve collection as expected but you will surely achieve appreciation and admiration which is largely great than earning. This is also the fact which reveals all the inter-pole and pasture of Nepalese movies.

32. New looks of villain:

In Nepal, there is lack of versatile actor who can play any roe which has to be given. Here, the director makes the scripts according to the acting and instruction of actors rater it should be the acting by the instruction of directly. But it happens minorly. In Nepalese movies, mostly in past movies, it used to see that villain having long hair and stand as well as behave in brutually behavior. But nowadays, this theme has been changed. The villain is seemed med and manufactured in new and stylish looks as the actor.

This is one of the appreciable steps that filmmaker are serially and slowly adopting. After doing so there creates and grow the opportunity for coming and sharpening the acting and actors more in probability. Most of the youth have dreamed of becoming an actor and very few have become the villain. So doing this can form the situation and creates an opportunity for all endeavor.

33. Modern characters and artist:

In currently released movies, there is nowadays seeing something change in the movies. So we can say that a Nepalese filmmaker has increased the flavor and works to make the Nepalese movies more popular and accessible. There are different new character are showing their best acting and filling the absence and essence of movies through which the movies get more brightness and popularity.

Different stagnation is going on in every movie, that we can see and feel. Comparing the movies of past and looking the current movies, we can assume and rewrite the differentiation in multiple points which describe the stagnation and innovation. From comic actor to seriousness are discovered and shown in the movies to grasp the attraction of watcher. Nepalese industry is also making it size bigger and bigger with an increment of releasing movies in more and more number.

Writer: Dipak Sah