11. Effects of Bollywood and Hollywood movies in Nepal:

India is our neighbor country and Bollywood has made their root and expansion of its craze all over the world. The world I famous and h are crazy about the Bollywood movie. Bollywood movies enchanted the feeling and mind of the people from the world by its unique and unexpectable films. Moreover, the megastar and superstar of Bollywood has made the value more valuable. There are bunches of a superstar and a star whose craze speaks louder than their actions. They are popular around the world. Bollywood and Hollywood movies are released worldwide which helps to collect the high gross of the amount.

In Nepal, there exist high effect of Bollywood movies. Seriously, the youth are not interested in watching the Nepalese films but the crowd appears when any Bollywood moves released. Bollywood movies get a high number of a watcher than any Nepalese movies. It may be due to their popularity, craze, films scripts and stories which influences them to watch.

12. No high expenses for promotion and publicity:

Publicity or promotion simply refers to advertisement or marketing in filmy concept. We cannot see the product without advertising and promote i. people do not know and become unaware and unknown about the product, It creates suspense o buy it. In the same concept, we can also look the Nepalese movies. Firstly, it has a low budget. Secondly, it does not expand on publicity and promotion which also make people disinterested. Promotion and publicity create the craze I and wave in people mind.

Talking about the movies Bahubali, of South Indian, has created a high craze among the watcher after releasing of Bahubali 1. When the second part released, there arise the wave of people to watch it. The producer or movies building team has expended great mount on publicity and promotion sectors which makes the movies more popular and more income generating the movie of the era. This is also the weakness of Nepalese film. If the movie’s team make the higher expenditure in media as well as through other sources, then it is confirmed, the movies will generate the more earning than the present.

13. Songs and dance:

The song and dance of Nepalese movies are also not so beautiful. The song gets lost after some time of releasing. We cannot listen to any song or dance for a long time. This is due to marketing of silver as gold. When we do so, we cannot able to make others fool for long period of time. Therefore, Nepalese film is also lacking the qualitative songs and videos. Nepalese film has made their identification as vulgarity. The film should be built with the objective of grasping all groups of people. The dance and songs have not such quality which can sustain for a long time in the market. Mostly the producer or director or even actors sing their song. They do not want to sing a song from reputed singer because of higher paying of remuneration. When a person wants to become self-king and the self-public, they cannot rule for a long time. That is why Nepalese film industry is not including the subjects form special artist.

14. More including of vulgarity:

Nowadays, Nepalese film has left to build the movies which include all the stories, culture, prestige, family background and many more. Currently, the building movies have made difficult to watch the movies with the family. Use of vulgarity scene and races scene in the movies also shows that it wants to attract the youth most. It proves that Nepalese movies have not given concentration to other class which is also factors for not becoming popular. High use of rapes and the dirty scene can only disturb the mind and intention of public and youth. It said that the film industry is also the cause of increment of real rapes in Nepal. Vulgarity scenes in movies have also made the movies dirty like any dirty fist makes the whole pond dirty. The intimate scene has a great effect in movies but even it cannot make a great impact on people in Nepal due to cultural thought.

15. Rule of the dynasty:

It looks in many film industry but more in Nepalese film industry. seeing the list of actors and actress in Kollywood, the Nepalese cinema, there is the existence of most of the actors from the artist background. There are many actors and actress whose background links with filming. This is also the facts which are leading the Nepalese cinema back. When there is no more new artist entry in the film. It raises the question about newcomers. The family who has links and doing investment in film sectors mostly selects the artist by their own wish. They mostly make their own members and relatives entry in the movies. When we focus on the personal benefits, we even mess with our ultimate destination and achievement..wecan not unviewed this fact from the Nepalese cinema which has become the problem and barriers in the leading and heading growth as well as the flowering of Nepalese cinema.


16. Casting couch:

Many times, there comes in news and matter of casting couch. In Nepalese cinema, it is unreleased and kept secretly due to many problems. Many producers and director are sometimes alleged in this matter. They are impeached by some of the daring girls only who face this event. Mostly the girls who have dreamed of becoming the big actress does not speak loudly and actively about this attack. Those girls who care mostly about their character than a dream, they become safe. Due to compromising in personal benefit, many directors even get fizzle to pay roled by a good actress.

If the girl has good character then, they do not accept their proposal and stands against it. But it happens in few cases only if she is daring girls. Otherwise, many girls even neglect it and accept the proposal for their greedy dream fulfillment. Casting couch in Nepalese cinema has taken the bigger effects and size for corrupting the girl’s character. This is also the black facts which have kept the Nepalese cinema in darkness still now. Casting couch makes the film, as well as director, defame and guilty. Undeniably the movies directed by him or produced by him does not get good watcher.

17. Western effects:

This can be treated and taken as the good and bad aspects of Nepalese cinema. In Nepalese cinema, nowadays, the vulgarity, as well as short clothes showing or two pieces showing, has made normal in movies. It has also become the barriers in upgrowing of movies and getting a good customer. Many directors or producer has forgotten to broadcast and build the cultural movies. They are paying attention to build the movies having the deodorants of sexiness, intimate scenes and the rough word which will make the youth stimulus. The movies are not including the cultural and love of Nepal they are missing the love and flavor of Nepal. Movies are made in Nepal and its watcher is Nepalese. Thus, they should build the movies with its concern.

18. No inspiration movies:

Nepalese movies are missing and stands in dilemma to produce and release the movies which in inspiration. Movies should be released in all categories, affecting all the society, targeting all class of watcher. Nepalese film has not made more movies on the basis of inspiration which can inspire the youth towards positivity and develop the nation. Movies have now become the great mirrors for showing the reality and transforming the conception of people. In today era, media and cinema have connected and engaged the people directly.

Staring of producing Nepalese inspiring movies targeting the youth will also bring thumping change in society, helps information of great and good society. Inspiration makes people aware and the enforcement of aware people creates easiness in forming the nation efficiently. Many youths have not their goal. They are missing their goal and destination. They just living the life of a lost animal in the field. The scarcity of resolution has made them dismissed from the positivity. So, Nepalese cinema has not given their eyes and lights to revert the youth in positive and right track.

19. Fake actions:

Nowadays, most of the moves are showing the fake action in the movies which unbelievable. Walking far from the track, you cannot reach the destination fast. So you have to walk on track to make your speed and effects more efficient.in many movies which are missing the action has also taken good market but some of has been badly affected. Thought of including the action is also treated positively. But when you keep unbelievable action which seems fake even from external eyes, then it may fumble the quality and standard of the movies. Acton should always be based on realistic and believable. Showing far from the virtuality display the fakeness of movies too. When your face looks dark means you are in dark. Therefore, the outer looks should also be attractive and likable.

20. Lack of comedy movies:

Nepalese movies are also lacking the comedy movies. All the comedy serial and television program have made effects on peoples mind. They are getting a good customer but Nepalese movies builder are not giving their attention to building the movies in the scripts. Some of the comedy movies were released and achieved the great collection as well as notability. The consequences show that comedy movies are in demand of Nepalese people. They like to see the comedy movies. In today time, all the people are suffered from the problem and pains. Thus when you serve and released the movies based on comedy will surely make them happy blessed. They surely move to the cinema for even refreshment. Comedy movies are making the market vibrant. These should also be improved and should be highly concentrated. This is also facts of Nepalese movies which seems transparent.


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