Nepali Films – 32 Bitter Truths | Facts About Nepalese Movies You Must Know

Facts/truths about Nepali Movies: – Nepalese film has just stepped down nowadays. It has not come on track for many decades due to several causes. Nepalese film industry is called Kollywood. So, Kollywood has not big networks and their notability. The world has a large film industry that is Hollywood and Bollywood. That may be also one of the affecting cases which have made Nepalese movies always at the bottom level in the matter of earning as well as publicity. Nepalese movies do have made its structure as it has o be currently. With spending of time, Nepalese movies are also doing the change in all the aspect. Even though, they are not competing for the foreign movies.

There are many problems and postures which Nepalese films have to tackle with foreign films from Bollywood and Hollywood. The neighboring country has Bollywood and Bollywood have a large collection of actors, actress, and directors as well as a budget which help them to build the great movies. As Bollywood has the largest market and is popular all around the world, they do not need to make the movies more popular by investing extra amount. Looking the aspect of Nepalese movies, we can see much weakness which is stepping down and trapping the moving wings of Nepalese movies.

However, the government is also not concerning about the film industry. The many youths are even trying their luck in Indian TV programs of dancing and many others. The actors and actress of Nepal are facing pity condition due to not having earning as expected. Here are some of the real facts which reveal the reality of Nepalese movies which has also become the blockage in the way of stepping and growing more upper and bigger.

Nepali Films Facts About Nepalese Movies Y
Nepali Films Movies

Nepali Films – 32 Bitter Truths | Facts About Nepalese Movies You Must Know

1. Lower budget:

The first facts of Nepalese movies directly throw its lights on the cost of forming the movies. As we know that quality m product needs the high cost to form it. Similarly, good and qualitative movies cannot be built at lower cost. You can build the movies, not the good movies form a low budget. In most of the movies, it seems a major weakness. Actors and actress are also not getting the proper remuneration for their acting.

So that they do not use entire efforts in the formation of movies qualitative. You can buy the toy elephant in rupees 500 not real in the same amount. When any actors are p not pad according to their labors and hard work, they even become discouraged and do not use their acting skills entirely with happiness morale. It is also the reason which is making the Nepalese actors and actress make busy and earn extra income by investing in the business. They are not seeing the good future because of not getting the actual anticipated earning from movies. It is the great facts. Some of the movies have formed with great investment has also given a great return. This is the proof that you can only get good and anticipated earning if you invest without the intention of misery. Without giving water to any seeds does not takes rapid growth.

2. Unpopular actors:

There said that America has Batman, Superman, Spiderman, whereas India has Amitabh Bachchan, and other similar, China have Bruce Lee, what does Nepal have. As we know the goodwill contains more value than the product. Even the product have some fault and damages inside, they are sold at good price. That the effect of goodwill. India or Bollywood has made its size and area such great only by the popular actors who are even recognized and have made placement in the heart of the world. There might not exist any person who does not know Amitabh Bachchan and other Bollywood actors.

In that context, Nepalese actors have not such identification, not popularity. It is because of not marketing and access to Nepalese movies to international market. The youth or Nepalese youth even does not show their interest to see the Nepalese movies because of many problems. They have own bad attitude and negative conception about Nepalese film industry. Nepalese film industry has not made their size bigger which has to affect the size and personality of Nepalese actors. There is no any face who have made and received the international love and wishes. All the Nepalese who are living outside of Nepal e watch the Nepalese. It is also the facts.


3. Unpopular actress:

The same case repeats here too. If we go through the international beauty contest like miss world, miss beautiful, then all the world are ahead than Nepal. India has two miss universe and two miss world and other country have too. Both two has become the great popular actress that Priyanka Chopra, AishwaryaRai and there too. These all also shows that, when you once received an award or in the international platform, you become able to create your own identification as well as no ability which make everyone curious to know about you.

But no any girl or actress have achieved such awards and respect in international format, which has also affected the film of Nepal directly. After selecting miss Nepal, they are sent to compete with miss world. Nepal has not yet achieved a good position in such format which is pulling the popularity and growth of Nepalese film industry. Moreover, the beautiful girls who come after section, even not get movies after sometimes, which brings them in the pool which has no more way from both sides. They become harassment and depressed and leave the industry and travel to foreign or engage in another sector. The film is not popular only because of good and beautiful looking actress but also a popular actress.

4. Technology progression:

With the change in technology, Nepal movies are not adopting the change in the competing rapid due to high investment. The matter links with above point because capital is the root form where its structure is formed. Strong or robust the root can any product good and large fruits. Similarly, Nepalese movies are changing its technology and now making the 3D quality and HD movies. In the present time, people are interested to see the movies having low quality. Their emotion only dragged them to cinema hall if they have a good quality of looking. These are also the change which film industry have to think about seriously. Bringing new technology will also help to build the great movies without investing extra efforts and ideas. From all the small pressure and expenses, the filmmaker will get freed. Changing in technology will bring the great change in the quality of movies encourage watcher to watch repeatedly.

5. Unexperienced artist:

Highlighting the multiple movies, we can see that, many actors who have played a role have not able to maintain and present it in a standard and actual manner which also affects the formation of films entirely. There is saying that one rotten an apple makes rotten to all the apples in the basket. Here in the sense, may one bad performer not makes the film fully flop but it confirmed affects the quality and actuality formation of the film. The film does not stand and appear to such standard that it should be virtual.

Mostly the artist is brought without any procedure and training. When the untrained and skillless artist play the role, then it surely affects the quality of performance without having the knowledge of any proper subjects and sectors, if they are pushed to do that, then it will become the matter of compelling to participate in running champion to a blind person. A blind ma cannot take part in racing or run. If they are pushed coercively, then you should not get an expectable result. Hence, the inexperienced or skill-less artist has also down the quality and standard of Nepalese movies. Some of the artists may play a very good role even after giving instruction by showing two to three time, but it cannot happen to everyone.

6. No extra artist:

If we see the Nepalese movies in exhaustive looks, then we can find that there is no hope for newcomers. All the way are Fadely looks blocked when we see from far. That is also the reason which has mad many newcomers disinterested and discourages to move in this sectors. There has rooted the beliefs of nothing will happen in the film industry of Nepal. The good and skilled artist or newcomers are not trying their luck in Nepalese film industry. When the newcomer shows their interest, then there becomes the large group form which the best can be selected.

A large number of artist surely produces some good artist which become the influencer youth of Nepal does not show the shining career in film industry. Since they are heading to the foreign country for their better career formation. Truly, the more of the artist in Nepalese film belong from the actors or artist family. They have almost conquered and kept under their own control. Even they have huge capital, they invest and even appoint the artist according to their own wish and choice. The extra artist is searching the way to get in but very few hardly get that way to enter.

7. No new script :

It is also the problem and facts which has even not supported to move upward the industry. Overviewing all the movies of past and present, we cannot get any big change. The stores mostly match with Indian and English movies. So that there has also become the beliefs of the youth, that Nepalese movies are copied content. Maybe some of the movies do such, but its effects go on the entire film industry. The releasing of movies are connected with roots of Nepalese film industry and tagline.


Nepalese film industry has not made yet any kinds of the historic and high collection making a film which can compete or beat other films. Mostly it looks in the structure or script and well as styles in south and Indian movies. The good story writer exists here but they are not paid good remuneration. The scriptwriter and well as songwriter do not get the actual remuneration from movies which also discourage them to write with deep thought. There is saying that you cannot buy the gold at the price of silver. Similarly, if you want to buy the silver, you have to the price of silver and if you want to purchase gold, then you have to pay its price and the case applies in diamond also.

8. No foreign shooting:

Due to low budget, most of the shooting and clipping are practiced here. Nepal film also lacks the international scenes to build the appearance of the movie as international quality. Nepalese has become bored seeing too much the same canes and background of Nepalese places. Mostly, the people look cinema for observing, seeing and learning some new and noble matter. All these things are lacking in Nepalese film. Only a few films are shooted which can be counted in the finger from abroad.

Almost, every film is built in Nepal and have the same Nepalese context. It is necessary to review the movies on the international platform to increase the height and level of the film industry to make Nepalese proud too. As we know that, Nepalese are assayer. They mostly expense their earning on visiting, and maintain their living standard. Hence, the background and the scenes shown in Nepalese film industry does not look new and novelty for them.

That is also one of the significant reason, which has reduced the courage and will of people to watch the Nepalese movies. To place the Nepalese film in international format and standard, it should include the scene of international places which also creates the will to Nepalese for watching. Nepalese film has the low investment which becomes hard to maintain all the expense that incurred in the period of building the movies.

9. No foreign artist:

It is rarely seen that there is any foreign artist in Nepalese movies. It is due to not paying the expected and demandable remuneration to them. Nepal is the poor country and even the movies do not meet the investment amount sometimes. So it becomes difficult to pay the amount or remuneration what they actually amount. Foreign artist appearance in movies makes movie standard more active and brilliant. It also affects the mentality of people to watch it. When the film puts the role of any international actors even some time, then it creates one of the wave watchers to see the movies how he or she have acted in Nepalese movies.

The foreign artist has not yet any movie historic by playing any role. When there is not a foreign artist, it looks like the ancient film. In today era, we can see that many Bollywood actors and actress have played Hollywood movies and many Hollywood actors and actress have played Bollywood movies. This is also the way of expressing love and dedication toward each other. It also expressing and build the relational as well as love. Once when better relationship establishes, it becomes almost permanent. So it looks necessary to give the role to the foreign artist even for short appearance.

 10. Lack of large market:

This is also the main problem of Nepalese film which has become blockage and strike for the growth of Nepalese movies in full feathers. Nepal movies try to make the film more popular around the world but become fizzle to reach there and access the movies in that places. Even having very few populations, not many people have made their town and community even in abroad so that they even look in cinema. Mostly the Nepalese film gets released only in Nepal, not in the foreign country. But if we say the Bollywood movies, they are released all over the world which makes their collection bigger. Nepalese film does have conquered their market around the world. It can only expect they’re earning for the watcher of Nepal only. If there is a large market, then Nepalese movies can also make their flowering in large format.

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