Nepali Movies Review – 10 Nepalese Movies Based on The Real Life


Nepali Movies Review – 10 Nepalese Movies Based on The Real Life

  1. Prem Pinda:-

Prem Pinda is a breakthrough, first historic Nepali film. Prem Pinda is a version of the well-liked play written by Balkrishna Sama. The movie was a depiction of eternal love. Prem Pinda is a historical love story based on a real life of General Aidwin during Rana regime. The cast of this movie (Prem Pinda) are listed below:-

  • Neer Bikram Shah played the role of General Aidwin
  • Saroj Khanal played the role of Nakul
  • Sunny Rauniyar played a role of Sabita
  • Harihar Sharma played a role of Nakul’s friend
prem pinda Nepali movie poster
prem pinda- Nepali movie poster
  1. Dipendra Sarkar:-

The love story is based on a book titled ‘Maile Dekheko Durbar’ by one of the army officers of the royal palace, who is known as Bibek Kumar Shah, who had seen Dipendra grow up in front of him. The movie is less similar to the incident but the love life of the crown prince has been given more focus. According to this, it was reported that Dipendra was deeply in love with Devyani Rana. The king and the queen were not in favor of the marriage of crown prince with Devyani. Although the official information on the royal massacre tells Dipendra is the individual who did it, a huge number of people are not ready to accept it as true. The cast of this movie (Dipendra Sarkar) are listed below:-

  • Actor Pradip Khadka played the role as Dipendra
Dipendra Sarkar
Dipendra Sarkar
  1. Basanti:-

Basanti is a historical love, romance, and thriller story. This movie is based on a novel of the same name written by one of the prominent famous political activist and Nepalese novelists Diamond Shumsher Rana. It contains the narration of a female teenager and past incident throughout the era of the first Rana Prime Minister of Nepal i.e. Jung Bahadur Rana. The cast of this movie (Basanti) are listed below:-

  • Actress Karishma Manandhar played the role of Basanti/ Meethu
  • Actor Rajesh Hamal played the role of Gagan Singh Thapa
  • Gauri Malla played the role of Queen
  • Ashok Sharma
basanti Nepali movie poster
basanti- Nepali movie poster
  1. Saayad:-

Saayad is the tale of 2 generations residing jointly, however viewing the environment in extremely dissimilar ways. However the pressure of an honest, careful companion changes the lives of a buddy for the healthier, the egotism of, and deficit of supervision for the modern generation sets an added collection of friends on a path of drugs, casualty plus damage. The generational battle tells how ethical power has become ruined in Nepalese civilization, as well as how the separation of the present generation is taking them to chaos. This movie has crafted a powerful coming-of-age moral story, pointing upon the imaginings plus heartbreaks of the adults, and the implausible tasks of the adult generations. Saayad is a extraordinary treasure in the history Nepali movie industry. The cast of this movie (Saayad) are listed below:-

  • Sunil Rawal played role of Nirag
  • Samyam Puri played role of Odin
  • Wilson Bikram Rai played role of Veda
  • Jharana Thapa played role of Samridhi
  • Anita Dahal played role of shrish
  • Ritika Lama played role of Suchi
  • Gopal Yakten played a role of Palden
  • Dinesh Rawal
  • Kishore Sambampe
  • Indra Kumar
  • Anil Bamjam
  • Karishma Manandhar (Guest Appearance)
  • Babu Bogati (Guest Appearance)
Saayad Nepali movie poster
Saayad- Nepali movie poster
  1. Seto Bagh:-

Seto Bagh is a Nepali film based on a historical novel of the same name written by one of the renowned Nepalese novelists and political activist Diamond Shumsher Rana. The movie ‘Seto Bagh’ shows incident happened in the final days of Jung Bahadur Rana next to his demise plus the begin of conspiracies inside the Rana people with the motive of accessing the power to rule the nation. The cast of this movie (Seto bagh) are listed below:-


  • BS Rana
  • Raja ram Poudel
  • Rabi Giri
  • Shy am Rai and
  • Anjana Kattel
seto bagh Nepali movie poster
seto bagh – Nepali movie poster
  1. Dasdhunga:-

Dasdhunga is Nepali movie based on true events happened in Nepal and caused the mysterious death of Nepalese political leader of CPN-UML known as Madan Bhandari in Dasdhunga, Trishuli, Nepal. The only witness of the event and the driver of the vehicle were later shot dead at Kritipur. A dynamic leader, his case remains unsolved to this day due to a lack of proper evidence. The cast of this movie (Dasdhunga) are listed below:-

  • Anup Baral
  • Sanchita Luitel
  • Dayahang Rai
  • BS Rana
  • Bishow Basnet etc.
dasdhunga Nepali movie poster
dasdhunga – Nepali movie poster
  1. Maina:-

Maina is a Nepali movie which is based on a true story of a poor girl. The movie title and the name of that girl are same. Her name was Maina Sunar. She gets abused, raped as well as killed after that by Nepal Army personnel on February 2004. The cast of this movie (Maina) are listed below:-


  • Anita K.c.
  • Govinda Prabhat
  • Radha Shrestha
  • Kumar Maharjan
  • Ram Saran Pathak
  • Krishna Pathak
Maina Nepali movie poster
Maina – Nepali movie poster
  1. The Legend of Shankhadhar:-

The legend of shankhadhar is a first animated feature film in Nepali languages in the company of English subtitles, is about Shankhadhar Shakhwa, who cleaned debt of every single person and started Nepal’s unique age i.e. Nepal Samvat, 879 AD October 20th. The cast of this movie (The Legend of Shankhadhar) are listed below:-

Siddhiwant Joshi’s voice has been lent by comedy king Madan Krishna Shrestha, and that of Madan Das Shrestha has given the voice of Bhaktapur king Ananda Dev. Popular artists Raja ram Poudel and Kiran KC has given voice to the 2 porters. Likewise, Suraj Bajracharya has played the lead role in the movie, while daughter and the mother voice is given by Shlesha Shrestha and Sunita Rajbhandari ‘Junu’.

The Legend of Shankhadhar Nepali movie poster
The Legend of Shankhadhar – Nepali movie poster
  1. Blind Rocks:-

Blind Rocks is a real-life based Nepali movie. This movie is based on the life of the visually-impaired activist girl named as Shristi KC. She is from Bhaktapur, Nepal. Shristi was in grade eight when she lost her eyesight because of the negligence of hospital as well as the doctor. After that event, she plus her family became stressed but she didn’t give up and the story continues like that. The cast of this movie (Blind Rocks) are listed below:-

  • Arpan Thapa
  • Benisha Hamal played the role of Shristi K.c
  • Gauri Malla played the role of Shristi’s mother
  • Anil Keshari Shah
Blind Rocks Nepali movie poster
Blind Rocks – Nepali movie poster
  1. Acharya:-

This movie presents the journey of a singer, who grew up in an extreme poverty without father. His chance of achieving his dream of becoming a singer was slim to none, under the circumstances he was in. But, he overcame all the obstacles and became one of the greatest singers of Nepal; just find his destiny waiting for him with a different plan. Due to the quick spreading of cancer in his tongue, he had to decide among his tongue as well as his life. Bhakta’s heartbreaking melodious trip is selected by his 2 sons after he left off. He resides in Kathmandu with two sons, wife, and daughter in law plus grandchild. The cast of this movie (Acharya) are listed below:-

  • Satya Raj Acharya
  • Aruna Karki
  • Sunil Pokhrel
acharya Nepali movie poster
acharya – Nepali movie poster

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