15 Most Earning Nepalese Movies of All Time


15 Most (Highest) Earning Nepali Movies of All Time

Nepali movie industry, which is now commonly called as Kollywood, is not the most prosperous movie industry in the world right now. The neighboring country India and China have such big movie industries that compared to them, Nepali movie industry does not really stand a chance. There are very few movies from the Nepalese movie industry that have made big on the international stage.

The main culprit being the lack the quality in movie and technology related to movie making. Also, the talents are not that good when it comes to the art of movie making and cinema. Also, from childhood, Nepali people get influenced by the Indian movies and Hollywood movies to such an extent that Nepali movie industry is always left in the shade. Most of the Nepali citizens do not watch Nepali movies as much as they watch Indian or English movies. That is also the reason Nepali movies do not get as much attention as they should get in a country like Nepal.

However, in the recent years, Nepali movie industry has also been seen to buck up a little to catch up with the recent trends in the movie industry worldwide. Some quality oriented and social movies have come to the scene which has been internationally acclaimed too. Not only that, few of such movies have also made it to different competitions worldwide and earned huge respect from everyone.

Also, because of the number of Nepalese that has been scattered all around the world, Nepali movies get shown in theaters worldwide. That is why Nepali movies have also made huge earnings internationally. In one hand, the audiences inside Nepal have also started watching movies a lot because of the recent craze in theaters and movie industry. In the other hand, the scattering of the Nepali diaspora all over the world has made a huge difference to the rate in which movie goes watch Nepali movie in the theaters all around the world.

Given below are ten such movies, which have made it big in the Nepali movie industry and have been able to earn a lot. The figures given below are in Nepali rupees and it is the gross income for that particular movie.

15 highest grossing Nepali movies of all time

15.  Ram Pyari

Ram Pyari is also the greatest film which has crossed the blockbuster box. This film was released on Chitra26  and on the same date as NaiNavannu La 4 releasing. This was directed by SabirShrestha and the movies are based on romantic love story. The film has cast Rekha Thapa, Sabin Shrestha leading actors. These are the super hit movies in the first list that have made t attractive image and the first image for inserting their recognition.

Ram Pyari Nepali Movie
Ram Pyari Nepali Movie

15. Nai Nabhannu La 4

Nainabhannu La 4 is also one of the highest earning films of Nepal. This film is based on family issues and problems that are suffered by the family as a single person.  This film was released in Chaitra6 and it has directed by VikasAcharya.  The film has cast Paul Shah, BarshaRaut, Aanchal Sharma as a leading actor. Priyanka Chopra is also acting as the main role in this film. The film story around the child action and issue.


nai na bhannu la 4 - Nepali Movie Poster
nai na bhannu la 4 – Nepali Movie Poster

14. Wada number 6

Wada number 6 is also one of the greatest collecting films of Nepal which have crossed more than one crore around the world.  The film is based on comedy and love story that shows how the poor boys and third boys want to talk with rich girl and tuck or hypnotized and capture their wealth and property.  Movies have also made many recommendations by the people who have watched this once.

wada no. 6 - Nepali Movie Poster
wada no. 6 – Nepali Movie Poster

The movie cast Deepak Raj Giri, Priyanka Karki, Jitu Nepal KedarghimireSitaramKateland Kishorkhatiwada as leading actor movies have an achieved the new reward self and it was directed by UjjwalGhimire. The movie is appreciated by many people and full of comedy makes you laugh and laugh at every aspect of shots if you watch it.

13. Hostel Returns

Hostel returns are also one of the greatest earning movies of Nepal. This film cast Anmol KC who has recently played the super hit that is  DREAMS. The film is all about the hostel and the boys of hostel tell the story of how hostel student moves and runs in the wrong way and wrong habit.  The movies have a good combination of wrong and right love story.

hostel returns nepali movie
hostel returns Nepali movie

These movies have also made the reputation in all the sector and mostly the movies have collected more than one crore around. The movies were directed by SurajGhoshal which was released and Shravwn 4.  The movie cast SushilShresthaSashiShresthaand  SwostimaKhadka as the main role. This movie has also gained the popularity mostly by the teenager and youth that lives in the hostel and spent the fantastic and funny life a happy life.

12. Pardeshi

In the blockbuster list, the next name is Paradesi which cast the great singer and former Indian Idol PrashantTamang. He was one of the famous singers and still, he is. He has won the Indian Idol which is one of the greatest singing platforms and competition program. The movies are all about the foreign love and labor that a person of Nepal goes to a foreign country for earning the money by. Setting the story, Nepales swat on foreign land the movie leadPrashantTamang as the leading actor in the movies. It was released on Aswin 3.  This movie has been directed by Narayan Rayamajhi. It is also one of the super hit movies and has crossed more than 1 Crore in Nepalese collection box.

Pardeshi Nepali Movie
Pardeshi Nepali Movie

11. Dream

Dreams are one of the most popular movies of all the time and it has crashed more than 2 crores collecting the funds from worldwide which has released on falgun 21. It has hit at the blockbuster in the news and cinema Anmol KC as leading role and samagraRajalakshmi as actress opposite to Anmol KC this film is directed by Bhuwan KC.  This movie has made everyone surprised that a Nepalese movie can even earn such amount if the movies are better and the best.  People only come to see the movie when the movies have a good story and good content along with good acting that has the capability to attract the audience.

Dreams Nepali Movie
Dreams Nepali Movie
  1. NaiNabhannu La 2 – (3 Crore worldwide gross)

This movie made it big in the Nepali movie industry a few years back when it first released. Due to the application of new stories, new technological innovations, and good skills in filmmaking, this movie was able to establish itself as a good movie.

Much Nepalese from all around the world enjoyed watching this movie. As a result, the movie grossed 3 Crore Nepali Rupees worldwide.

Nai Nabhannu La nepali film
Nai Nabhannu La Nepali film
  1. Prem Geet – (Worldwide gross 4 crore)

Prem Geet is another movie which made it big in the silver screen all around Nepal and worldwide to wherever there are Nepalese living. Because of good songs, a good storyline and capturing the mind and hearts of the youths, this movie was able to earn big at the box office. Currently, the movie stands at worldwide gross earnings of 3 Crore Nepalese Rupee NRs.

Nepali Movie Prem Geet
Nepali Movie Prem Geet
  1. Hostel – (Worldwide Gross 4.5 crore)

The hostel is another youth-centric movie which made a big impact in the economic condition of Nepali movie industry. The movie came to the industry as a breath of fresh air to the moviegoers who were bored with the same kind of movie every time they go to watch a movie in the theater. Starring Anmol KC, the son of Bhuwan KC who is a star in Nepali movie industry, Hostel movie made a huge impact in the youth of Nepal. As a result, a lot of people went to the movies to watch this movie. As a result, the movie grossed a total of 4.5 crores in Nepali Rupees (NRs). This movie also opened new venues for filmmakers in the Nepali movie industry as well.


Hostel Nepali Movie
  1. Kabaddi Kabaddi – (Worldwide gross 5 crores)

The next name is KabaddiKabaddi which has also made the people mad and crazy to look this film. This film is based on the story of a village where there is the existence of a small and greater event that we have not noticed. This film has exposed the new schemes of romance and romantic features. The film cast DayahangRai, SaugatMalla, and Resham Gurung as an actress.  The movies have a hitten more than 1 crore in the collection box. The movie was released onMangsir 11 as it has directed by Ram BabuGurung. These movies have made a new record in the list of Nepalese cinema collection. The film have also a very good song that made many listeners mirth feeling.

With a worldwide gross of 5 crores, Kabaddi Kabaddi is another movie which was very acclaimed both by the public and the critics in Nepal. All those living in Nepal and elsewhere watched this movie with such an interest. As a result, the lost faith in the movie industry was restored to a certain extent with the coming up of films like this. Kabaddi Kabaddi earned 5 crores as its gross worldwide earning.

Being a comedy and a social satire movie, it made a huge impression in Nepalese all over the world and also gave a good peek to non-Nepalese about the Nepali way of life and Nepali lifestyle.

Nepali Movie Kabaddi kabaddi
Nepali Movie Kabaddi Kabaddi

10 highest grossing Nepali movies of all time

  1. Pashupati Prasad – Worldwide gross 5.5 crore

Pashupati Prasad is also one of the highest earning films of Nepal. The film is based on the contrary issue used that is faced by people in their life due to problems and policies along with the principal. Everyone has their own principal and problems that make them moves through appropriate aspect. The movies were released on March 5th which was directed by Devendra K Khanal. The movie cast KhagendralamichhaneBarshasiwakoti and Bipin Karki as leading actor.

This film based on social life in Nepal is Pashupati Prasad. This movie followed a somber note with serious issues that had been dealt with in the story. The performance by the artists and good direction made this movie a big hit in the Nepali movie industry.

Nepali Movie Pashupati prasad
Nepali Movie Pashupati Prasad

Grossly, the movie Pashupati Prasad made 5.5 crores in just a few weeks that it ran in the theaters worldwide. The social message and good performance are what made this movie a good one to watch out for.

  1. Loot 2- Worldwide gross 8 crore

Sequel of the movie Loot which was a big hit earlier, Loot 2 also made good records in the Nepali movie industry. The movie was much popular among the youngsters and many flocked to the theaters to watch it first-day first show.

Nepali Movie Loot 2
Nepali Movie Loot 2

Because of good direction from a young director, a group of talented theater artists and a good storyline, the movie made it big in the box office. At the end of its running, the movie Loot 2 made a gross amount of 8 crores. It met the expectations of those who were already a fan of the loot franchise when it first released a few years back.


  1. KaloPothi – Worldwide gross 9 crore

A critically acclaimed movie that released in the recent years is KaloPothi. Following the storyline of the ten years long civil war in Nepal, this movie very realistically depicts the situation of average Nepali living in the hills and mountains of Nepal.

Kalo pothi nepali movie
Kalo pothi Nepali movie

This movie was critically acclaimed for its originality and was awarded a lot of accolades not only from inside Nepal but also all over the world. The movie gave a very grim view of the Nepali lifestyle and was a great success in the box office also. This movie grossed at 9 Crore worldwide just a few weeks after its worldwide release.

  1. Kohinoor – 12 crore worldwide gross

Kohinoor was one of the most popular movies in Nepali movie industry recently because this was the last movie of Nepali star Shree Krishna Shrestha. A very loved actor in Nepali movie industry, Shree Krishna Shrestha passed away just before the release of this movie. As a result, all of his fans flocked to the movie theaters to watch this movie and made this movie an instant hit at the box office. Fans not only from inside the country but also all over the world watched this movie as a last gift from their favorite superstar. As a result, this movie grossed a figure of 12 crores worldwide making it one of the highest earning movies in Nepali film industry.

Nepali Movie Kohinoor
Nepali Movie Kohinoor
  1. Loot – 15 crore worldwide gross

The first and initial movie of the Loot franchise is Loot itself. Directed by Nischal Basnet, one of the youngest film directors in Nepali movie industry, Loot created quite a buzz when it first released. Undoubtedly, this is the first movie which pulled Nepali youngsters to the theaters in Nepali scenario. That is why this movie remained in the theaters for a long time and was able to earn a lot too. When this movie first appeared in the Nepali movie industry, the future of Nepali movies started looking quite hopeful and because this movie had a good storyline, great acting, and amazing dialogues, this movie made a huge impact. Grossing at 15 crores worldwide, this movie is still one of the most popular movies in Nepali film industry.

Loot Nepali film
Loot Nepali film
  1. ChakkaPanja – 25 crore worldwide gross

One of the most recent hits of Nepali movie industry is ChakkaPanja. Directed and played by much popular comedy actors in Nepali movie industry, this movie also made a huge impact on the psyche of Nepali moviegoers. The movie was a social satire to the Nepali ways of lives and that is the reason it was really popular among the middle class Nepalese all over the world. It became one of the most popular movies and created a big buzz in the movie industry playing in theaters for a long period of time. In the end, the movie was able to make a surplus of 25 crores worldwide in Nepali Rupees. This was one of the rare occasions in the Nepali movie industry and was a good surprise as well as a hopeful beginning to those working in the Nepali movie industry.

Nepali Movie Chhakka Panja
Nepali Movie Chhakka Panja

Yes, the film is ChakkaPanja which is one of the comedy films in Nepal and has collected more than 3 crores till now.  This movie cast Deepak Raj Giri, Deepa Shree Niraula and other comedian actors. This movie has forecasted the story that is happened in our surroundings.  The movies have tried to give the good message to the society and people of Nepal based on social issues and confidential accident this film has made a historical collection of all around the world and the movies have got high appreciation by all the movies watched.  Movies have made everyone happy and satisfied with its story and acting. The song and story have made the new screenshot to the people that give the popularity to both watcher and producer.


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