Nepali Movie Himmatwali by Rekha Thapa

Find here Nepali Movie Himmatwali by popular Nepali actress Rekha Thapa as a director. As we all Nepali film lover knows that she is one of the most beautiful Nepali actress and superb in acting. But now you will a such a movie that hot cake Rekha thapa directed the Nepali film named ‘Himmatwali’. Yes, Himmatbali is such a Nepali film which is directed by Nepali most famous actress Rekha Thapa. She has acted as an actress in more than 100 Nepali films.  For your kind information, the first movie, she acted is the Hero which is produced by Chabi Raj Ojha. After that movie, Chabi Raj Ojha is been her couple. Click here to Watch Nepali film Himmatwali full movie.

Nepali Movie Himmatwali by Rekha Thapa

By experiencing all those Nepali films as an actress, now she turns from actress to an director. Although she is an actress as well. Besides as the director of that film, she has acted herself in leading role in that movie Himmat Wali.

Rekhaa Thapa is a popular Nepali actress and model in Nepali film industries. Besides that now she is been a film director. She has directed first movie ‘Hiimmatbali’ For your kind information, Rekha thapa was one of the top 10 finalist for Miss Nepal in the year of 1999 AD.

This movie Himmat wali is a presentation of Rekha Thapa Films banner. As we all know that Rekha Thapa films company is her own company. It is her own banner. So, Himmatbali is made under the Rekha Thapa films banner. There are some beautiful songs in this movie Himmatbali. all the songs of this film Himmat Wali are good to watch on the social video like You can get the Nepali movie Himmatwali songs on YouTube. We will give you the Youtube links of Nepali Movie HIMMATWALI by popular Nepali actress Rekhaa Thapa. It is wonderful visualization of the choreography the movie.


The film is realeasing in Ashoj 15, Dashain Foolpati.

Nepali Rekha Movie Himmatwali

Nepali Movie Himmatwali Poster

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Nepali Movie Himmatwali Trailer

Nepali Film Himmatwali Full Movie

Nepali Film Himmatwali Song ” Kya Gajabko Maya’

Nepali Film Himmat Wali Song “Kali Timro Nazarle’

Nepali film Himmat wali mp3 songs

I have also watched the song named Kali Timro Nazarle. This song Kali Timro Nazarle of Nepali film Himmat Bali is outstanding. This song Kya Gajabko Maya is sung by Nepali another celebrities singers Rajesh Payal Rai and Manisha Pokhrel. Lyrics of this song Kya Gajabko Maya is of Mr. Ek Narayan Raj Bhandari. Likewise musi is given by Basanta Sapkota. Choreography is by Kamal Rai. Editor is Banish Shah and Arjun GC. Cinematography” is by Ram Sharan Upreti.

Finally this film Himmat Wali is produced by Saraswoti Thapa. As we all know that Saraswati Thapa is her mother. So, Himmatwali film is produced by actress and director’s mother. Last but least the movie’s story and direction is by Rekha Thapa.

best of Luck to all the units of the film.