Marriage in Nepal – Nepali Marriage Rituals, Customs and System

Ways, Tips, Process, Laws For Marrying a Nepalese Girl

Nepalese women are beautiful as like the shine of a diamond. As Nepal is beautiful, so as the Nepalese women are too.  There is a race between the beauty of Nepalese women and natural beauty. Nepalese women are very much concentrative to their life and to their character.


They are mostly in the search of good and strong hand having pocket large. You have to know very better that Nepalese girls or women are mostly the expenditure in nature they want to taste the new food and wear new clothes that launch in the market.

The wearing is mostly new and they are fashionable in these terms. They want to expose their beauty in public to get and collect the praises and admiration.  Thus, the, as well as foreigner, want to make their life colorful and glamorous by marriage with Nepalese women.

Nepalese women want to expose and show their internal as well as external beauty in mass for making and replacing others to make their position up.

There are many tourists who come to see the natural beauty of Nepal fall in love with Nepalese beauty due to their extreme glow in their face that drills their mentality for making them and sharing the same dinner for making the text of life too long.

Life is not like the animal because a human being is social creatures and they need the opposite gender to make their life more settle and smelling for further processing and continuity.

After all the visit and descriptive factor made by the tourist, their main target is to make their life color and pleased by doing marriage with  Nepalese women and then travel to their native land. There are many tourists who fall in the confusion and try to ask with someone and somebody.

Even though they do not get the right information about the way, tips, process, laws for marrying a Nepalese woman. If they do not get the right and perfect answer then they dissolve the problems and start their stepping up for their destination. They mostly come to entertain and enjoy the beauty of Nepal and the most amazing things to visit and tastes.

However, there are main=y tourist and foreigner who mainly comes to marriage with Nepalese women because they know better that Nepalese girls or women are not fraud and they care and love their husband as the God due to the empathy and tradition of Hindu culture belongings.

Mainly, the Nepalese women are also interested and there lies some of them who love their homeland more than others. But if we talk about the Nepalese girls, seems the hopes and green symbol for contraction and making it in forms by doing the formation.

Ways, tips, process, laws for marrying a Nepalese woman can be defined b in short manner and small text but it is not only the way to make your wish and desire applicable and you can get your achievement easily as you are thinking.

Marriage is not the game of entertaining life the foreigner thought about it, according to Hindu culture, it is the combination of two hearts and then after passed the life being combined by facing up and down circumstances of life togetherly. There are various ways, tips, process, laws for marrying a Nepalese woman.

So, if you are interested then you can give your attention to the following steps which will make you access to your wanting destination in short track without any difficulties and problem facing.  Ways tips, process, and laws  for marrying a Nepalese woman are mentioned following in short and  tactical way for clearance your evidence of desire:

Ways for marrying a Nepalese women

Affairs with Nepalese girls:

It is also the trick and way to make married Nepalese women. As you know that, Nepalese girls are also very much busy in social sites and from other sources also if you are connected to Nepalese girls then you can make her motivated and confessed her to make the couple by doing the marriage with all support of family members.

Nowadays, love with boys and girls are most engaged and there are not even any boy and girls of adolescents who are beyond the circle of love. it is now a day become the syndrome which has infected almost every boys and girl of all class and small religions.

There is saying, that love has no boundary and no principles, it can be attained and happed across the county too or outside the country to love does not see the religions and country tag what he or she hold and which nationality he or she belongs.

Ways, tips, process, and laws for marrying a Nepalese woman are the great things which consist the great meaning and does not have knowledge of all aspect to everyone. So, you have a visit to the concerned person and expert manpower who saw you the way to make your target achieved.

 Making her friend :

A true friend is better than a hundred gains because if you have a true friend always with you and supports you in any your action means the shadow of pains and problem will not come and arrive near too. A true friend is better than a hundred of betrayers.

A true friend is like the moon which is better than a hundred starts because even the hundred stars do not give the lights and coolness as one moon gives and provides.  So, you can also enter in the process and platform of doing marriage with Nepalese women.


If you are disconnected with any of Nepalese women, even though you are in the stubborn of marrying the Nepalese girls then you can make your post and advertise in the national newspaper for making your dream fast true.

Advertisement is the fair announcement and it helps to gain your target and achievement in fast mode because it is the common platform of sharing and distribution the views and ideas in the same trace. Ways, tips, process and laws for marrying a Nepalese woman have also this option under the category of the ways to find out the interested Nepalese women for marrying.

Tips of marrying a Nepalese women

Be smart:

A smart guy mostly likes and selected by Nepalese women because they want to make their relationship with smart and intelligent guys. If you are smart in looks and intelligent in habits then you will be chosen by the Nepalese girls.

Nepalese women mostly make the king to the smart guy there are many foreigners which makes their smart as fraud impress the Nepalese girls. But they forget to know that the golden polish to the silver cannot become the gold in real. Way, tips, process, and laws for marrying a Nepalese woman under the category of tips are described as above and one of the following is it.

 Nonsmoker and drunkard:

Nepalese women hate the drunkard guy. The Nepalese guy is mostly the non-drunkard who become a success to impress the Nepalese women for making their friendship into a couple.

The guy who is addicted to drugs and is a drunkard in nature will be an extra option and you will not be in their heart and do not make your presence even in their mind and heart. Nondrinker and the nonsmoker can make their stamps in their heart to confirm their hopes and horoscope positive.

There are many guys who look in addicted mood are not trusted by the Nepalese girl for whole life commitment to spend togetherly and they think that their future and life will not be secured and if they go through it then they have to pass with the wet problem always and spend their life in pins and punch.

 Non-fraud and non-cheater:

There are many playboys who think that the girls or women are the product of playing and they want to suck it and make it entertainment only. These types of girls are most hated and rejected by Nepalese women. As there exist several w boys wearing the feather of positivity but internally they are of the black and corrupted mind.

Therefore, Nepalese girls want to stay far from those black person having black and corrupted or playboy thoughts. Many boys are of the playboy intend and they make their friendship and relationship with many girls and they only use the girls as their entertainment factory for relaxing and refreshment and takes the pleasure of romance and crunching.

So, if you want to marry with Nepalese women then you have to be stand in a straight position and act as the real protagonist and superhero as you are in reality.

 Process of marrying with Nepalese  women

Introduction and identification clearance:

There should be exposure of both identity and introduction in public if you want to marriage with Nepalese women because it becomes your proofs and the girl’s proofs too.

If there exists any kind of miss-confusion and skeptic. there various fraud man who makes their marriage relationship with Nepalese girls and after few years they give t her divorce. As you know that Nepalese girl s are not of the foreigner girls.

They are well treated and franked with their culture which told her to grab and support the husband in every terms and condition and hold his hands in every circumstance. If there is furnished of identification in front of everyone then it will be easy to enter in the next process to form it. Ways, tips, process and laws for marrying a Nepalese woman are considered in this series and stairs.

Court permission and support:

There are rules of court permission and registration if you are doing marriage with Nepalese women. Nepalese government wants to clear all the evidence and document of marriage and you have to submit all the photograph and then after you will receive the document of court approval certificate of a document which signifies that you both have done marriage with your won wish not by other pressure.

The government will not give you any kind of torture in the future if there arises any kind of confliction and condition of disturbance and moving on. Supporting from the court will also allow you to move and visit the new places and all across the country because you become free and have achieved the permission of walking in a freed mode without hesitation.

  Family members proof and support:

The most important things to know for conduction and formation of marriage with the Nepalese women should contain the supportive document and legal document which can be furnished at any time if needed. Family member support makes your complexity combat for the next process to make your marriage celebration extremely decorative and accomplish.  Nepalese culture is fully changing and new from foreigners and you have to walk and pas with it.

 Laws  for marrying a Nepalese women

Police permission and  public admission:

Marriage in Nepal should not be conduct like the act of stealing something, it should be sound and made in public harmony to create an example. You have asked the police to celebrate and make your marriage function more standard and enjoying.

There may arise various kinds of confliction if you arrange your marriage function with any other permission because Nepalese and local society may intervention in your function. Therefore you have to keep patience and have to inform the police to support your function.

The most determining things are that the girls and boy both should be interested to make your function supportive and create and example of making the love outside the domestic territory. You have to also make the public admission because the public can also make you and treat you as the fooled person in marriage processing.

Girls and boys agreement:

For future reservation and secularism,  both boys and girls should be got in agreement to make the real and robust relationship between the crossed border loves.  If you both make the agreement and sorrow to make and spent the life in happy and dedication manner, it will not give a chance of any confusion and confliction growth in the family.

Author: Sabiz Ghimire, Ranjan Poudel