10 Most Famous Nepali Male Actors Of All Time


Most Famous Nepali Male Actor Of All Time

1. Rajesh Hamal

Rajesh Hamal a name that signifies the Nepalese cinema, growing cinema of the world and there are not various actors produced till now but if we enter through it Rajesh Hamal is one of the iconic actors that have taken the trustees and levels of Nepali cinema. He is one of the greatest actors of Nepal and also treated as the superstar due to his rolls and character along with acting,  have made many viewerattractive towards them.

Nepali Actor Superstar Rajesh Hamal Picture
Nepali Actor Superstar Rajesh Hamal Picture

His style of acting is one of the new lessons of a newcomer, who wanted to become an actor. He has started his career from the first movie that is Yug Dekhi Yug Samma and this film has made his new identity in the mirror of cinema.  At last, he is the most popular person and most searched face of Nepali cinema. He born on June 9, 1964, in Palpa, Nepal.

2. Haribansha Acharya

Haribansha Acharya is also one of the popularcomedy actors of Nepal. He has recently launched his biography books that is ”China  HarayekoManchhe”and become the best seller books in Nepal. More about him,  he is well-established actors of Nepal and also respected as one of the creative and courageous writers. HaribanshMadan Krishna Shrestha is a comedian of Nepal and these two are named as  ”Maha”Jodi all over the world. these two have also pushed up the levels of comedy in the Nepalese language as well as Nepalese films. He born on 9 October 1958.

Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya
Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya

3. Nikhil Upreti

Nikhil Upreti is also one of the most popular actor. He is famous for  adding new stunts in their movies. He have started his career from movie Pizza in which  he had jumped down from 7 floor. Almost hundred ten movies, he has done till now. The movie which has made him popular released in 2001, and started recognized as action stars of Nepal. Nikhil has done many movies and  made the  viewer happy through is acting models and good images. His deadliest stunt have made many  person crazy and made them to follow him.  He born as Dinesh Upreti on August 10, 1980 in Sarlahi.

nikhil upreti
Nikhil Upreti

4. Shiva Shrestha

Shiva Shrestha is also one of the popular actors of all the time. He has played in many Pakistani movies and achieved many  awards,  due to his Excellency roles and character. He was also honoured by former Queen Komal Shah. People recognized him in  industry as good man, have  played in  number of romantic movies. His name become popular with the number of films increment that he gradually does. His  devotion towards acting is always praised by the people.

Shiva Shrestha Nepali Male Actor
Shiva Shrestha – Nepali Male Actor

5. Sunil Thapa

Sunil Thapa is the legend of Nepali cinema. He has done many Bollywood and Tollywood film in India. He has recently done superhit film with popular actress Priyanka Chopra named”Mary Kom”, a super hit film of all times based of biography. Talking about the identification of Sunil Thapa, was Professional football player and journalist, later on, he moved to become an actor and established their identity as one of the best actors. He has achieved a number of awards in Bollywood and Kollywood. His role and acting are always in news headlines. He has made many new records for acting in creative and unique styles. He can make the film grass into gold due to his acting hunt.  He was born on May 19, 1957, in Kathmandu, Nepal.


Sunil thapa - Nepali Male Actor
Sunil thapa

6. Neer Shah

Neer or NeerVikram Shah both name is the master brand of recognition. He is a poet,  scriptwriter, producer,  director, actor and successful Businessman. He is many in one.   He was close to the royal family of Nepal. He has invested his capital in many Kollywood film as well as in Hollywood. He is the first man who has started the TV station in Nepal that is NTV, one of the most watched television. Neer is the greatest actor of Nepal and has made many people hunt from his acting positively.


Nir Shah - Nepali male actor
Nir Shah – Nepali male actor

7. Bhuvan K.C.

BhuvanK.C. is also one of the most popular actors of Nepal. He has started his career from first movie ”Juni” in 2003. He is now producer and director releasing many films with his son Anmol KC  who has made ignited remarks in Nepalese cinema due to his help.   Bhuvan has their own attitude and own identification. He is treated as one of the romantic actors of Nepalese cinema. He has first started his career by singing a song in Radio Nepal then after he moved to act sector and become successful to established self as one of the most recognized and popular actors of Nepal.

bhuwan kc - Nepali male actor
bhuwan kc – Nepali male actor

8. Shri Krishna Shrestha

Shri Krishna Shrestha, the man who lives and will in the mind of everyone forever. He has acted in many films and started his career from ”Maiti”  and ”AafnoManxe” which were the most popular movie of that time. He dies at the age of 47 in 2014.  His films are even now reminded and watched with great joy and great respect. He dies after his marriage of 1 years he is one of the most embarrassing stars of all the time and lives in the hearts of everyone with great affection.

Shree Krishna Shrestha

9. Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla is one of the best actors of  Nepalese cinema is new, but crossed the popularity of past actor. He is well established and known as Haiku Kalu. His career starts from the movie KabaddiKabaddi which became one of the successful movies of all the time. Later on, he plays ” Loot” which also become one of the greatest hit films. This types of successfulness have pushed him to new levels of Stardom. His acting is appreciated by everyone all over the world among the Nepalese film watcher.  He can do any role and characters as he has features of doing this kind of job normally.

Saugat Malla

10. Dayahang Rai

DayahangRai is also one of the rising superstars of Nepalese cinema. He came in Stardom by the movies Loot and ”KabaddiKabaddi”. He has started his career through movies and TV channels program. Rai is scriptwriters and actors as well. He is most famous for doing casual rolls. He has also won the National Award as supporting actor from the movies DashDhunga which was released in 2009 letter and he highly started laboring in the sectors of acting.



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