Top 10 Nepali Male Actors Of All Time in Kollywood Film Industry

Top 10 Nepali Actors Of All Time: – Actors are unique in their own way. Some entertain us with their hilarious and funny presentation; some impress us with their stunts and acting skill. Whereas some actors make a very spanking impression that they will always remain in people’s heart.

There are some actors in Kollywood industry who are well known for their versatility and mesmerizing personality. Here in this article, I’m going to list some top Nepali Actors of all time. Don’t get disappointed if there is no name of the actor that you are a big fan of. It’s just my opinion and some research.

Remember that am going list the Top Nepali Actors of all time. So here we go. Here is the list of Top 10 Nepali male actors of all time in Kollywood Film Industry:

Top 10 Nepali Male Actors Of All Time in Kollywood Film Industry

1. Rajesh Hamal:-

Born on June 9, 1964, in Palpa. He is popularly known as “MahaNayek” or the great actor of all time. His acting career begins with the movie called “YugDekhiYugSamma in 1988. He has done more than 230 movies and won more than 120 awards for his versatile acting.


Nepali Actor Superstar Rajesh Hamal Image
Nepali Actor Superstar Rajesh Hamal Image


Rajesh Hamal is involved in many charity and donation programs. He is now the dominant figure in Nepalese movie.

2. Madan Krishna Shrestha:-

Born on 9th October 1958 in Gairidhara Kathmandu. Popularly known for his comedy, singing, writing and his acting. Well, you all know that he and Madan Krishna Shrestha are popularly known as Maha Jodi for their co-acting from the early days of Nepal TV series and movies.

Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna shrestha
Nepali Actor Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna shrestha

3. Nikhil Upreti:-

His real name is Dinesh Upreti born on 10th August 1980 in Sarlahi. Well, every youth know him for his own stunts in Nepalese Movies. Pinjada was his first movie which was super hit movie released in 2000. Ever since he’s been loved and appreciated by the audiences. He worked in more than 110 movies till date.

nikhil upreti
Nikhil Upreti

4. Shiva Shrestha:-

He is popularly known as Thuldai which means Big Brother. He is well known for his acting in various romantic and action movies. Also, he acted in a number of Pakistani movies and was awarded for his magnificent performance. Former Queen Komal Shah awarded him as the Best Lead Actor in Nepali movie industry.

Shiva Shrestha Nepali Male Actor
Shiva Shrestha – Nepali Male Actor

5. Sunil Thapa:-

He was born on 19th may, 1957 in Kathmandu. He had favorably acted in various Nepali, Hindi and Tamil movies. Excluding his acting, he was a professional football player, model, and a photojournalist. He covered Bhutan Coronation in 1974. He’s an ambiguous figure in Nepalese Movie industry. He has also received numerous Award for his villainous roles in Nepali movie.


6. Nir Shah: –

He his combo package who is a popular movie actor, producer, director, lyricist, poet, scriptwriter, and businessman. He is nearly related to the former Royal Family of Nepal. The movie “Caravan” was the Oscar-nominated movie, where he was the co-producer. He is also the founder of the first TV station of Nepal “NTV”.

Nir Shah - Nepali male actor
Nir Shah – Nepali male actor

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7. Bhuwan KC: –

Born on 23rd Aug 1957 in Kathmandu. He started his career as a singer for Radio Nepal and ended up being the superstar of Nepalese movie industry. In 1983 his first movie “Juni” was released and acted in more than 100 movies. He is actor, producer, and director.

bhuwan kc - Nepali male actor
bhuwan kc – Nepali male actor

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8. Shree Krishna Shrestha: –

He was born on 19th April 1967. He was an actor and Producer. In his acting career, he acted in more than 100 movies. Some of his popular movies are Maiti and AfnoManche. Unfortunately, he died at the age of 47 on Aug 2014 just a month after his marriage.

Shree Krishna Shrestha

9. Saugat Malla:-

From kids to youths he is a very popular Actor right now in Nepal. He was born on 21st June 1976 inKumaripati, Kathmandu. He is popularly known as Haku Kale all over Nepal for his role in the movie Loot. Well, I’m also a big fan of his versatile acting. He started the journey of his acting career from the Hit Movie “Kagbeni” in 2008. Saugat Malla is loved by numerous people. He is considered as the magnificent modern actor of Nepalese Movie industry.

Saugat Malla

10. Dayahang Rai:-

He is also very popular Actor trending in Nepal. He was born on 13th April 1980. Starting from a television series Yuwa in 2002 and to the most loved, biggest and famous actor from Hit movies like Loot and Kabbadi. So as I became the fan of these movies. He is most famous for his spontaneous roles in his movies. He has been nominated for major acting awards which include two nominations for National Award. Won the National Award for the Best supporting actor in Dasdhunga in 2009 and Best Actor of the year 2014 from the movie Sambodhan.

dayahang rai

11. Aryan Sigdel:-

Popularly known as the chocolaty hero. He is popular for being romantic acting, so he is mostly preferred in love stories but recent days he is also playing in action movies. The role of blind lover and various roles are loved and appreciated by people.


Though there are many good actors nowadays these Nepali actors have spontaneously managed to remain on the top list because of their versatility in their acting, which is the vital reason for all the love and appreciation from the audiences of Nepal.

Top 10 Nepali Male Actors Of All Time in Kollywood Film Industry


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