10 Energetic Madhesi Reporters in Nepal Who Are Very Active in Facebook

Find here some 10 name list of Madhesi reporters of Nepal who are very energetic and very active on Facebook. They are well-known reporters among the Madhesi community as well as other communities. They are focusing their soul on the madhesh or terai region for the development of the local people.

We have made a list of top 10 Madhesi reporters in Nepal across madhesh or terai genres. This list includes not top and best 10 Madhesi partaker or reporters of Madhesh. This list may differ from your list. For that, we are very sorry.

If you have another list, then you can send us. We will publish them too. So, these Madhesi reporters in India from Maithili, Hindi and Nepali language newspaper, magazine, channels. Most of these reporters are treated like to be a celebrity and their shows are quite popular on Facebook and other social media.

There are many reporters who belong to the Madhesh and Terai region but we can’t include in this list. Because we have chosen the title 10, only. So, I am sorry for all those reporters who is not in this. I may extent in the coming days.

There is a huge problem in the media center. One of the biggest problems is the language. Most of the Madheshi reporters are using the Nepali language and Devanagari script.

This is why, most of the net surfer who doesn’t know the Nepali language, they don’t know what is happening in the madhesh or Terai region of Nepal. They are unable to listen to the voice of Madheshi people. They are unable to read the feelings of Madhesi people.

But they are struggling to spray the voice of the voiceless Madhesi people. Thanks to all the Madhesi reporters.


10 Energetic Madhesi Reporters in Nepal Who Are Very Active in Facebook


1. Suresh Kumar Yadav :

Suresh Kumar Yadav is one of the energetic and gentle reporters in Nepal and belongs to the popular made shi reporter. I knew him very well. He is Excutive Senior Editor of Gorkhapatra national daily magazine in maithili department.

Suresh Kumar Yadav is probably the best news reporter in Nepal related to Madhesh. He never gets too excited. He has tremendous knowledge on most of the topics related to madhesh and terai. He is straight forward and Sarcastic as well.

Suresh Kumar Yadav madheshi reporter picture
Suresh Kumar Yadav

Sometimes he shows his performance biased and but he is very fluent. His introduction in Saaharatimes fortnightly magazine is worth reading the magazine where you can read all about madhesh on the various topic. He is also an activist in the Press Center Nepal. He  writes a blog called saharatimes.com

2. BP Shah

I don’t know his full name but most of the people know him, BP Shah. BP Shah is the managing director and CEO of hulakinews.com. He hosts some of the FM programs. He also covers madhesh news and problems in his magazine, programs, and articles. He is another one of the famous madheshi reporters in Nepal.

Bp Sah madheshi reporter picture
Bp Sah

He is also a good madhesh analyst and covers madhesh in Nepal.

3. Subhak Mahato

Subhak Mahato madheshi reporter picture
Subhak Mahato

Subhak Mahato is a national news reporter on Avenues TV Channel. He is a Corporate News Reporter and collector of the channel and one of the most popular madheshi reporters of Nepal.

4. Birendra KM

birendra km madheshi reporter picture
Birendra KM

Birendra KM is a Nepali news reporter and columnist. He is an editor in chief at a national weekly magazine named Newsoperation and MD at newsoperation.com. He is Nepal Representative at ABP News and also worked in TTV in the past.  He was highly praised for her journalism from Madheshi revolution. He hosts some newspapers, published from Kathmandu.


5. Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav madheshi reporter picture
Dinesh Yadav

Dinesh Yadav is the most experienced and one of the top journalists of Nepal. He worked as madhesh Journalist for Kantipur national daily newspaper other magazines. He is now Senior Editor for the emerging news-editorial and content development group at Kantipur Media.

6. Ajay Shah Shiwali

Ajay Sah Shiwali madheshi reporter picture
Ajay Sah Shiwali

Ajay Shah Siwali has worked 9 years as the news anchor and desk editor in Sagarmatha Television. Now he is in Apan Television as an Editor-in-Chief. He is a program presenter of Madheshvani Radio Program which is living from more than 27 radio FM stations around Nepal.

He is also Sub Editor in Apan Mithila Magazine published from Kathmandu, Nepal. He has also worked as Editor in the Maithili Cine Sansar, a filmy quarterly magazine. And last but not least he is writing as a columnist on some of the newspapers today.

7. Suresh Yadav

suresh yadav madheshi reporter picture
Suresh Yadav

Suresh Yadav is another one of the popular madheshi reporters in Nepal, an especially madhesh news reporter from the Janakpur on nagrik national daily newspaper. He is one of the top social problem Reviewer of madhesh in his contents. He is Correspondent at Nepal Republic Media Pvt. Ltd.

8. Jitendra Kumar Jha

Jitendra Kumar Jha

Probably one of the most popular madheshi reporter in Nepal. Jitendra Kumar Jha is very active in Facebook social media now. He is famous for his straight forward attitude and fearless attitude.  He hosts some of the online newspapers.

9. Binay Kumar Mahato

binay kumar madheshi reporter picture
Binay Kumar

Binay Kumar Mahato is a news anchor and Journalist at Mountain Television. He hosts News Point on this news channel. He had begun journalism in Janakpur Mithilanchal FM.

Nearly four years of staying at Janakpur was doing news reading and news-collecting stuff. And, now he is handling Madhesh sector in Mountain Television for two years.  He is recently performing his responsibility as the news presenter.

10. Anant Anurag

Anurag Anant madheshi reporter picture
Anurag Anant

Anant Anurag is another one of the popular madheshi reporters in Nepal, a Nepalese television journalist who was formerly the managing editor of a madhesh section with Nepal1 tv channel. He is TV Presenter/Producer at ABC NEWS Television and Founder & Executive Director at todaykhabar.com and Today News Network Pvt. Ltd.

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