34 Nepali Love Shayari for Boyfriend by Girlfriend


11 Nepali shayari for boyfriend on love by Girlfriend

Ghrinaa pani chha timilaai, prem pani chha timilaai;

tar mero prem Ghrinaa ma haavi bhai gayeko chha ;

timilaai TaaDaa Jaane ko mero harek koshish;


Raam jaane kin Malaai timro aru najik lyauyer Aauchha !

12. Nepali shayari for boyfriend on love

Maayaa kunai barsaat chhain jasale barsiyo ra Rokiyos;

Maayaa Suraj pani chhain jasale Chamkos ra Doobos;

Maayaa ta naam chha Saans ko jasale Chalos taba jinadagi;


ra yadi Ruke taba Mrityu banna Jaayos!

13. Nepali shayari for boyfriend on love

Maayaa ko pannaa haru dekhi bhariyeko kitaab hou timi;

naataa haru ko phul Ma Ek Gulaab hou timi;

Jo Maanchhe bhandai chhan ko Maayaa saacho hudain;

ti maanchhe haru ko harek prashna ko uttar hou timi!

14. Nepali shayari for boyfriend on love

MuTu dekhi timro aankhaa Sarir samma utari Gayo;

dubai ko Ek tarikaa Ma Raajikhusi ek bhai halyo!

  • Love is a lovely feeling in which, we forget ourselves for somebody else.
  • I’m sad but I’m not angry with you. You are in my heart but you’reso faraway.No one is special to me other than you.
  • My belief and my love are just you. My heart and my life only for you.
  • I love you. What more do you want.

15. Nepali shayari for boyfriend on love

timilaai Chaahanchhu n Ai Sanam bas timro Ichchhaa chha ;

tu jinadagi chha mero, timi mero harek khushi chha ;

Malaai duniyaa dekhi garajai ko timi mero bhaawanaa chha ;

bas timro prem dekhi haradam mero duniyaa Ma Roshani chha !

  • How strange it is. I don’t talk to you. I don’t message you. But I see your profile picture and last seen throughout the day.
  • I was really happy when he said that the options are full, but the decision is just you.
  • What is my relationship with you, I do not know. But it feels good to pray for you.
  • To be angry is also a very sweet thing. In short moments it doubles the love.
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