34 Nepali Love Shayari for Boyfriend by Girlfriend


Get here 34 Nepali Love Shayari for Boyfriend. We are here Nepali Shayari on love for a boyfriend or bf from the girlfriend or gf in Nepali language but the roman script. We hope these love shayari sms, messages or gajaal or short poem makes you joyful. We are here sad, happy, dard, romantic, funny, cute, beautiful, tragedy love shayari in Nepali language.

Need love messages to inspire your better half? There can’t be much else excellent than communicating love for your other half, particularly when there is no uncommon event by any means.

Today just pick one of the simplest love message for boyfriend and send it to your other half to cherish me up and make his day. Send her since blooms to remind her that she is so valuable to you and include one of these delightful love messages for welcome cards:

34 Nepali Love Shayari for Boyfriend

1. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

kuraa yasto pani kunai chhain ki prem dherai dherai chha ;

tar ma dubai bhandaa usako taagat dherai dherai chha ;

tapaai laai pachhi pachhaDi paari raheko yo umer Maa ma;


baaTo maa aai baseko chha yo pani ichchhaa dherai dherai chha !

2. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

prem Aankhaa dekhi nikliyo Aanshu laai Moti banaai dinchhan;

prem Gahiro piDaa haru ma pani Malaham lagaai dinchhan;

Jaba Jiuna laai kunai pani kaaran nai baacheko chhain;

tab prem Mrityu laai pani jinadagi banaai dinchhan!

3. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

parawaah gar usako jasale timilaai parawaah garchha;

Jindagee Maa jasale kahile na dhokhaa dinchha;

Jyaan banner utari jaau usako nas nas Maa;

Jo jyaan le pani dherai timi sang nai chha!

4. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

harek pal haaser Jiune chhu;

tapaai sang muTu ko harek kuraa Gari raakhdai chhu;

dherai khaas ho tapaai mero laagi;

yasaile harek samaayaa tapaai ko yaad Gari raakhdai chhu!

5. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

timro parakhai Malaai harek pal Rahanchha ;


har Chhan Malaai timro Aabhaas Rahanchha ;

timi bina dhaDakan rukeko jhai laagchha;

kinaki timi mero muTu Maa mero dhaDakan baner Rahanchhau!

  • The news that you’re in my heart has spread like fire. Why onlyyou are oblivious to the fact.
  • I am looking for my soulmate who can hug me even after all the mistakes I have made.
  • Look yourself from.my eyes. You’ll be blown away by your handsomeness.
  • When I see your face. I reach to my destination.

6. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend or bf

kehi Sochu ta timro kalpanaa aai Jaanchha ;


kehi bhanu a timro naam aai Jaanchha ;

kahile samma lukaau n muTu ko kuraa;

usako harek tauratarikaa ma Malaai Maayaa aaihaalchha!

7. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend by Girlfriend

Jaba kasai ko Sapanaa kasai le Ichchhaa banaai diyun;

Jaba kasai ko hansi kasai le Sambhaw banaai diyun;

Maayaa natra bhandai chhan usalaai;

Jaba kasai ko Saansh haru kasai le jyaan banaai diyun!

8. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend by Girlfriend

prem yasto gar ki dhaDakan Ma basun;

Saans pani leu ta khusboo usako nai Aayun;

Maayaa ko nashaa Aankhaa maa Chhaaun;

kuraa kehi pani chhain matra naam usako nai aayun!

9. Nepali Love Shayari for boyfriend by Girlfriend

Aafno muTu Ma timro Maayaa ko kahaani lekheko chhu;

na alikati na dherai tamaam lekheko chhu;

kahile mero laagi pani dui laain gar;

kinaki maile aafno harek Ik Saans timro naam lekheko chhu !

10. nepali shayari for boyfriend on love by Girlfriend

Aapat ta chha tyo naaj pani Andaj pani tar;

Marchhu ma jo maathi tyo tarikaa aru nai kehi chha !

  • IF you are watching the weather it wants you to love me again.
  • What you will gain leaning your face. Look into my eyes. Maybe you’ll find someone.
  • Some people hide everything in their heart, but their eyes say everything. I know you love me.
  • I don’t know when you will look into my eyes and say you really live me this much.


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