Top 14 Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

9. Biraj Bhatta (3-5 lakh approx)

He is Born in 1984 in Dhangadhi area, Biraj Bhatta is a global hotshot from Nepal. He sharpened his abilities in acting from Kollywood and afterward settled himself as an activity saint in Bhojpuri Film Industry. It is individuals like Viraj who makes the ties in the middle of two countries more grounded. Known as Biraj Bhatta in Nepal, he took the name of Viraj Bhatt in India. Once a uber star in Nepal who had enhanced Nepali Cinema Industry with such a large number of consecutive hit motion pictures, he soon started to get more occupied with Bhojpuri movies.

The market of Bhojpuri movies is colossal which is the reason he showed signs of improvement introduction and better pay per motion picture from Bhojpuri movies than from Nepali films which made him one of the most generously compensated Nepali performers.

After a long quiet of five years, he has at long last come back to Kollywood with greatly trusted motion picture Parsuram. Alongside acting, he is similarly gifted in moving and battling. Viraj first Bhojpuri Cinema was Lagal Raha E Rajaji and from that point forward he has been giving many consecutive hits like Lagi Da Lagan and the sky is the limit from there.

In one meeting, Viraj has said that Jaan Tere Naam is his most loved movie. Viraj is a hitched man. He was at that point wedded before beginning his profession in acting. Saraswati Bhatta is Viraj spouse. He has two children named Samir and Sanir.

His significant other is living joyfully with his children in a house in Bhaktapur. One of his children has officially completed his school level education. Although dominant part of his profit originates from acting in films, his extra pay originates from mark indorsement and national and universal stage exhibitions. For more Nepali celerity, please visit this link:


10. Suraj Singh thakuri (2-4 lakhs approx)

Suraj married to his youthfulness seared Reshma Amatya and later he isolated her. He is, for the most part, understood for young women because of his attractive look and style. Resulting to leaving show Call Kantipur he is at present associated with demonstrating Pariwartan (A meeting based social show with the objective of drawing out the issues in the overall population and its answer) as Presenter and Producer on Kantipur Television.

His initial movie on Nepali film industry was Nai Nabhannu La 2. Later he played film Junge (2016) as jange, which is the story of the first official of Nepal Junga Bahadur Rana. One of the most adaptable famous people from Nepal, Suraj is an on-screen character, moderator, chief, and a maker.

Suraj came to spotlight when he started to introduce the live intelligent melodic show named Call Kantipur which is communicated through Kantipur Television consistently. Individuals quickly succumbed to his style and the certainty that he showed while the association with the audience. Having a bold soul, he cherishes going for broke.

Which is the reason he gave the show to others and wandered in the additionally difficult field of acting and music video bearing? Thakuri is enthusiastic about games. He takes after football refreshes nearly while he used to play cricket. Suraj Thakuri house is in Baneshwor. He was conceived in Kathmandu. He had never thought of being a media identity and his fantasy vocation was Army.

In any case, he was dismissed twice. Once while going to his auntie who used to work in Divyadrishti, his close relative inquired as to whether he was keen on facilitating a TV show and along these lines, he turned into a star of the TV appearance. He has shown his acting abilities by doing distinctive roles. He did the part of the pharmacist in Karkash while he was a cardio specialist in Nai Nabhannu La 2. He was a Guitarist in Nai Navannu La while in Junge, he depicted the current adaptation of one of the best Prime Minister of Nepal, Jung Bahadur Rana.

11.Paul shah(3-5 lakhs approx)

Paul shah envisioned as Purna Bikram Shah is a Nepalese Model and Actor.Paul is viewed as one of the popular models in Nepali Music videos. He was in media line before coming in showing sector. He was filling in as an editorial manager in NTV for a long time where he used to alter the story and music recordings.

Later On, he got an opportunity to wear out the music video. He is from dang and came to Kathmandu for additionally contemplates. He learns t the time, later he did major in portrayal and improvement from Delhi. He began his showing work from the Samsung Gurung’s tune Timrai Yaad Ma Ramchu Achel.

He got his boundless notoriety from the tune thereafter Ko Hola Tyo and Honey Bunney. He has accomplished more than hundred of Nepali music recordings till now. His science with Prakriti Shrestha was greatly strengthening and the tunes of them were a massive hit.

He changed his name from Purna Bikram Shah to Paul Shah before entering to Modeling section. Aside from being model, He is by and by a fine on-screen character in Nepali film industry. He got picked in the tryout of Nai nabhannu La 4 which was his initially showing up the movie in Nepali film industry. Everyone esteemed his work in this film which comes to pass of the successful course Kathmanduof action of Nepali film. He was moreover picked in the Love fowl film yet which hasn’t released yet.

Paul Shah is a distinct individual in Nepali displaying field who made an introduction in the Nepali film industry from the motion picture “Nai Nabhannu La 4” – prequel of Nai Nabhannu La strategy. Paul Shah was bound to Purna Vikram Shah, yet he changed his name before beginning bringing in demonstrating field. In a matter of seconds, he is similarly called Paul Shah. He has effectively played in a couple of music recordings. Before discharging his introduction motion picture, Paul Shah should be a rising genius of Nepali field

12. Sunil Thapa.(2-4 lakhs approx)

Sunil Thapa is a notable Nepalese performer. Best known for his most noteworthy earning at the season of discharges like Chino, Ranko, Sapana. He is frequently called “Raate Kaila” in media and among famous motion picture figures in Nepal. Raate Kaila is the character he played in Chino, which not just settled him as a capable on-screen character in Nepali silver screen, however, gave him the everlasting fame that a couple of performers other than the saints in movies get. He at times shows up in Indian movies too.

Sunil thapa - Nepali Male Actor
Sunil Thapa

13. Gaurav Pahari (3-4 lakhs approx)

Gaurav Pahari is the son of legendary actor Tika Pahari.He is one of the popular actor best known for his role in Hostel and Gajalu. Gaurav stayed at his maternal uncle house until he was admitted to Guheswori School at Kathmandu in grade 1 and then, he was admitted to hostel Little Angels School. He was studying A level when he was addicted to the drug. He was doing a job in Kathmandu. His father helped him rehabilitate as he was shifted to Kerala, India and completed his +2 there. 

Gaurav Pahari - Nepali Male Actor
Gaurav Pahari

Gaurav Pahari went to Pune to graduate and graduated from them.Gaurav had the aim of being an actor. He confessed his aim to his father and then shifted to Bombay. His father was passed out of Pune Institute of acting. He joined the acting class in Kishor Nand poor acting lab.

He has auditioned for many serials, commercials etc. He says he was rejected for being Nepali. He has acted for Bhojpuri film and many short films. He says he has struggled much in Mumbai. He says he was short of money and is still indebted to his friend, Bibek and assures him to pay back his money soon.

14. Salon Basnet (3-5 lakhs approx)

Salon Basnet is performing artist best known for his drama part in Hostel and Gajaluu. The salon is a child of mainstream chief Shovit Basnet. Despite the fact that authoritatively appearing with Hostel, Salon was included as youngster craftsman in the film Nepali Babu at 8 years old.He was likewise highlighted as an infant in a film of his dad when he was only 6-7 months !! Salon formally appeared film line with 2013 blockbuster film Hostel.He assumed part of Junge in the film which was widely praised by the watchers.

Salon Basnet - Nepali Male actor
Salon Basnet

Salon Basnet appeared alongside Anmol KC, Prakriti Shrestha, and Rista Basnet.He at that point was seen with his supposed sweetheart Karishma Shrestha in Luv Sab, denoting her introduction. His part as Taxi was additionally adored by watchers.

He at that point was seen in Euta Saathi and Aadha Page which did not do great in the box office. In 2016, Hostel young men rejoined together in Gajaluu, which was blockbuster. The film was marginally in light of Kumari Pratha. The part of Salon as Jayson was exceptionally acclaimed. The greater part of watcher said Salon was the eyeball of the motion picture and has quite recently his part.

Individuals have an interest in how much cash has been paid to the on-screen character and performing artist for working in a film. Many Even their fan likewise do not realize that how much cash did their most loved performing artist and on-screen character get. Here we uncover the expenses that have been paid to the performer and on-screen character:

One of the most generously compensated on-screen characters of the Nepali Film Industry is Anamol Kc. Anamol appeared in the film business through the “Inn”. It got the achievement and his request turn out to be high in the Nepali film Industry. Later he assumed a primary part in Dreams, Jerry, Gajalu which get the achievement. By getting achievement in each film, he raised his marking rate of more than 8 lakhs for every film.

Another most generously compensated performing artist is Aryan sigdel, who gets around 6 lakhs for every film. He appeared through “Kismat” free of cost. Later his movies “kalse choryo mero man, November Rain, Classics” get the achievement and he raised his marking rate. Additionally, Jiwan Luitel likewise gets an attractive measure of cash for one film. He gets around five lakhs for every film. His debutant film “Sano Sansar” gives the stage in the Nepali film industry. Later his movies “Dhoom, Stupid Man, Nai Navannu la” get accomplishment in the cloud market.

On another side performing artist additionally, get the lovely measure of cash for a film. On-screen character and Ex-Miss Nepal Shristy Shrestha and Samragi Rajya Laxmi Shah get 5 lakhs for every film. A few reports likewise recommend that Samragi requested 7 lakhs for each film after the accomplishment of “Dreams”.

Activity legend Nikhil Upreti is likewise most generously compensated performing artist. After separation in the acting, he is back with “Bhairav” and it gets the achievement and he additionally followed up on the “Lutera”. By getting accomplishment in his most recent film, he denoted his rate20 lakhs per film however nobody will give such measure of cash.

As of late, he is working in the “Lord” and “Nirvaya” however it is not uncovered that how much cash he got from those movies. Thus, Saugat Malla, Dayahang Rai, and Priyanka Karki likewise know as most generously compensated craftsman. Yet, they didn’t uncover their charges.

Nepalese on-screen characters are having a decent time with the improvement of Nepalese motion picture industry. This article, we will examine most generously compensated Nepali performing artists and their conceivable salaries. Nepalese motion pictures are everything except enhancing with time and has achieved a specific turning point where the on-screen characters, makers, executives and all other associated with the Nepalese film industry could valiantly take after their enthusiasm even in Nepal.

The motion picture industry has developed since the presentation of Nepalese film Loot, which is thought to be the progressive point of reference in the Nepalese motion picture industry.

Today, Nepalese motion pictures are excitedly held up and individuals check down the discharge date of the motion pictures, sitting tight urgently for indicating the time of the motion pictures. The motion pictures like Nai Na Bhannu la are demonstrating to gather increasingly wage with their continuations being discharged all the more frequently.

The change on Nepalese films and fan’s advantage have profited the makers as well as helped to perform artists increment their qualities as of late in the market. Here we talk about plausible five on-screen characters in Nepalese on-screen characters who could be the most generously compensated on-screen characters in Nepal.

The rundown beneath is an expected record in view of the prevalence of the on-screen characters alongside the clues given in the meetings and media scope of the on-screen characters.

Top 14 Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

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