Top 14 Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

4. Saugat Malla (4.5-5.5 lakhs approx.)

Saugat Malla

Saugat Malla was keen on acting, theater, and movies from an early age. He learned acting from Aarohan Gurukul where he acted in plays like Oedipus Rex and Agni Ko Katha. He made his introduction in Nepali silver screen with Kagbeni in 2008, which was coordinated by Bhusan Dahal.

He needed to sit tight for a long time before at long last being marked in Nischal Basnet’s Loot, which brought him into the limelight came to be distinguished as Haku Kale, a character he played in the filmSaugat Malla is a name which has turned out to be more well known among the young people starting late.

The one part he depicted in the motion picture ‘Plunder’, to be specific ‘Hakku Kale’ impelled him to fame. He has not thought back from that point forward. Be that as it may, Saugat Malla was not conceived with a silver spoon. He has attempted to climb the summit and has been effective up until now.

He is thought to be a standout amongst the most gifted on-screen characters of Nepal having come from the lofty foundation of Gurukul theater. His acting abilities were first found in the motion picture Kagbeni consequently getting across the board acclaim.

Saugat Malla is a name which guarantees the motion picture to be a win. His acting ability is recognized by numerous and he is a standout amongst the most sought after on-screen characters in Nepal. It comes as nothing unexpected that he charges 4.5-5.5 lakhs for each motion picture according to our sources. Saugat Malla is a mainstream name in Nepali silver screen.

With the distinctive characters in various motion pictures, he can be in the heart of everyone. He is known as ‘hakku Kale’ From the film Loot, a blockbuster Nepali motion picture.


Saugat acquires around 3-4 lakhs Approximately.
Saugat Malla Net Worth: $65,000
Saugat Malla as Haku Kale in Loot

5. Rajesh Hamal (6-7 lakhs approx.)

Rajesh Hamal

The one and only superstar of Nepal, the most mainstream performer in the historical backdrop of Nepal motion picture industry and the main hotshot of our country. Words miss the mark in portraying the legend himself. Prominently known as “Rajesh dai” all through the country, it wouldn’t be right to state that he remains at the highest point of the natural way of life.

Such is the greatness of this star, individuals have affectionately made jokes in which Rajesh Hamal can do everything without exception. The name Rajesh Hamal, itself is adequate to ensure the achievement of a film. Any film he is related with will undoubtedly be a fruitful motion picture.

Till date he has acted in more than 200 movies and has been going unyielding in the Nepali film industry since more than two decades has won many honors for the parts he depicted in the motion pictures including National Film Awards, NAFTA Film Award to give some examples. Close by he has frequently contributed to social works and has moved into the open to express his emotions towards his fans or the political situation of the nation.

It’s no big surprise that creators of the film business attempt to sign this Maha-Nayak for a part in their movies and he is the most noteworthy earning on-screen character in Nepal. ‘Rajesh dai’ apparently acquires around 6-7 lakhs for every flimVeteran Nepali Actor Rajesh Hamal has won a considerable measure of hearts.

Hamal has given many hit motion picture’s till now, with beginning his profession from the motion picture ‘Yug Dekhi Yug Samma’. 56 years of age, Hamal has been a good example of numerous Nepalese. His acting and work are valued by everybody, making him the most prominent names in the nation. He acquires around 5 Lakhs Nepalese rupees in normal from a film. His last film in 2016 is “Shakuntala”

Rajesh Hamal Net Worth: $ 200,000


6. Anmol K.C.( 8-10 lakhs approx)

Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture
Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture

One of the most generously compensated performers of the Nepali Film Industry is Anamol Kc. Anamol appeared in the film business through the “Lodging”. It got the achievement and his request turn out to be high in the Nepali film Industry. Later he assumed a primary part in Dreams, Jerry, Gajalu which get the achievement. By getting accomplishment in each film, he raised his marking rate of more than 8 lakhs for each film.

Anmol has conceded that he thinks that it’s hard to open up with new individuals and he makes the most of his alone time a ton. He anticipates work with incredible Kollywood whizzes like Nir Shah, Hari Bansha Acharya and Madan Krishna Shrestha who have contributed a considerable measure in Nepali silver screen industry.

In Anmol’s view, Kollywood is confronting difficulties of the deficient spending plan, better content and inventive innovation. In spite of the fact that the appeal of having the capacity to carry on with different life through characters draw in him to the film business, Anmol detests bits of gossip, outrages and not having individual life.

Anmol is extremely attached to voyaging. He has officially made a trip to more than 30 countries. Anmol KC is the most generously compensated Nepali performer. With his entrance in Nepali silver screen, he is been controlling in the movies with the consecutive blockbuster film’s. Anmol has figured out how to have an effect in the Nepali with his looks regardless of having censured commonly as not great in acting.

Anmol has been paid 20 Lakhs Nepalese rupees in his up and coming motion picture ‘Cri’. It’s the first run through in the Nepali film industry to get such high measure of payroll. In 2013, he began acting vocation from the film ” Hostel’ which was a fruitful film, which achievement was trailed by his second film ‘Jerry’, and back t0 back “Dreams”, ‘Gajalu’. He has been paid 10 lakhs Nepalese rupees for the motion picture ‘Gajalu’.Anmol K.C. Net Worth :$ 30000

7. Nikhil Upreti (3-5 lakhs approx)

nikhil upreti

Nikhil Uprety is a Nepalese on-screen character. His initial film was Pinjada, discharged in 2000, in which he hopped off a seven-storied working of Manipal Hospital.

He has worked in more than 110 movies, won Best Actor in National Films Award for Hami Tin Bhai. He was granted with Rashtriya Nagarik Swarna Samman in 2006. Upreti is outstanding for doing his own particular tricks. Some of his motion pictures are Pinjada, dai, Hami Tin Bhai, dhadkan, Bhairav, and Lootera.

After years in Mumbai, he was booked to direct and act in a Hindi motion picture called Commitment.] He made a rebound to Nepalese Film Industry with “Bhairav” in 2015, which was a business hit.

He began his profession from the motion picture Pijada in 2000, in which he hopped from working of Manipal Hospital for that motion picture and it was a super hit. He has more than 45 movies with a lead part and viewed as a standout amongst the best and mainstream on-screen character in Nepal.

Upreti’s next film was the 2003’s another hit motion picture Maya Ko Jaal. Upreti acted in many movies including Nepal’s most well-known chief Tulsi Ghimire’s Desh and three Bhojpuri movies from the Indian creators.

He was invited with the honor as the Best Actor in First National Films Award 2005 from the motion picture title Hami Tin Bhai. He was additionally granted with Rashtriya Nagarik Sworna Samman in 2006.

As a maker, he worked in Savadhan, a totally unique track film and it was additionally a hit. So also he assumed double parts—police and criminal in the motion picture Abhimanyu. The activity star made a rebound following 4 years to the Nepalese Film Industry.

His film Bhairav discharged on June fifth and was a blockbuster. Activity legend Nikhil Upreti is additionally most generously compensated on-screen character. After separation in the acting, he is back with “Bhairav” and it gets the achievement and he likewise followed up on the “Lutera”. By getting achievement in his most recent film, he denoted his rate20 lakhs per film yet nobody will give such measure of cash.

8. Pradeep Khadka


He was conceived on 10 March 1992 in Kusunti, Lalitpur as the child of Tek Bahadur Khadka and Sharada Khadka. He spent his youth in the Kathmandu valley and went to a private life experience school.

Subsequent to finishing the School Leaving Certificate (SLC) he joined Prasad Academy, a private school in Kathmandu, and finished a higher optional instruction in management. Pradeep proceeded with his training in the field of administration and got an MBA having some expertise in advertising from the Lord Buddha Education Foundation, Kathmandu, an alliance of Sikkim Manipal University, India. Before being dynamic in motion pictures, Pradeep was engaged with non-benefit work and was running an association called Mission to Relief National Nepal (MIRENN).

Pradeep was the association’s bad habit chairperson. He is Very enthusiastic about motion pictures and moviemaking since an early age, Pradeep began a motion picture generation organization called Pradeep Media Pvt. Ltd in 2011. The organization created a film called Escape and Pradeep appeared as a lead performer.

The film was a business failure. In 2013, Pradeep Media created another motion picture named Thulo Manche (i.e. Enormous Man) and Pradeep didn’t have any screen parts. In any case, Thulo Manche was another disappointment in the box office. Frustrated to see his fantasies openings abroad. When he was wanting to move to Australia, the April 2015 seismic tremor in Nepal constrained him to put off his designs.

In interviews, Khadka incidentally says that he is one of not very many Nepalis who profited from the staggering quake. It was amid that time the creation group of Prem Geet was searching for a crisp face and Pradeep tried out for the part.

Once discharged, Prem Geet turned into an immense business and basic achievement and Pradeep was assessed for his part as the lead performing artist of the motion picture. After the accomplishment of Prem Geet, Khadka relinquished his intends to move to Australia and chose to proceed with his acting vocation in Nepal. Starting at 2016, Khadka is said to get ready for Prem Geet-2, a spin-off of Prem Geet.

In 2016, Khadka with performer Puja Sharma received the Best Screen Couple of the Year award during the LG Filmy Award.

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