Top 14 Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

Top 14 Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

Nepali highest paid male actors: – Nepali films have experienced a relentless change with numerous motion pictures making a sheltered landing of late. The performing artists threw for the motion pictures might be a contributing element as it may not be right to state that they can without any help manage the motion picture towards progress.

Thus, in perspective of the current pattern, the producers of the motion picture investigate every possibility in marking their preferred performing artists. The cash got by the on-screen character is corresponding to their fame. On the off chance that you have ever pondered who the best paid performing artists in Nepal, we give you a rundown of best paid on-screen characters in Nepal.

Top Ten Nepali Highest Paid Male Actors

1. Aryan Sigdel (2.5-3 lakhs approx.)


Aryan sigdel, who gets around 6 lakhs for every film. He appeared through “Kismat” free of cost. Later his movies “kalse choryo mero man, November Rain, Classics” get the achievement and he raised his marking rate. Essentially,

Jiwan Luitel likewise gets a good looking measure of cash for one film. He gets around five lakhs for every film. His debutant film “Sano Sansar” gives the stage in the Nepali film industry. Later his movies “Dhoom, Stupid Man, Nai Navannu la” get achievement in the cloud market.

Aryan made his acting introduction from the motion picture Kismat and gone ahead to play various movies including the hit motion picture, Mero Euta Sathi Cha. Moreover, his depiction of Jay Shumsher Jung Bahadur Rana is respected to be extraordinary compared to other male character portrayed in Nepali silver-screen.

At the time of only 31, it appears that he is recently moving toward his primes. What’s more, it comes scarcely as an unexpected that he is one of the most generously compensated performing artists in Nepal.his first lead part was in Kismat, inverse Rekha Thapa. Kismat was a most elevated netting and National honor winning film coordinated by Ujwal Ghimire.

His second part was in Mausam, which turned into a normal hit in the cinema world. In 2009, his third film Mero Euta Saathi Cha was released. It was the film that made Aaryan Sigdel an easily recognized name in Nepal.


Later in the year 2010, he made a cap trap by greatest hits Hifajat, First Love, The Flashback. In 2010 his six movies were discharged. Two of his movies Kohi Mero and Bandhidid do not do well where the 6th discharge Kasle Choryo Mero Man broke every one of the records in the cinema world. In this film, he again showed up inverse Rekha Thapa.

In spite of the fact that the gossipy tidbits about aftermath between the two sets are heard frequently yet their match is said to be the best onscreen combine in Nepali films. It is the extremely fascinating actuality that the greater part of his movies has English titles.

Ordinarily, he has been scrutinized for being over particular about contents in a little industry like Nepal. Regarded as the most generously compensated performing artist in the Nepali film industry his most recent discharge K Yo Maya Ho effectively made a decent opening in the cinematic world. K Yo Maya Ho is coordinated by Sudarshan Thapa who coordinated  mero euta sathi xa

2 Jiwan Liutel (3-4 lakhs approx.)

Jiwan Luitel

Achievement is the primary thing that strikes our mind when the name Jiwan Luitel is discussed. Jiwan Luitel is a Nepalese on-screen character who made his presentation in the Nepali film industry in 2007 with ‘Tirkha’.

In spite of the fact that his vocation in the Nepali film industry took a quick begin after his introduction, he had figured out how to pick up the spotlight in 2002, when he was graced with the title of Mr. Nepal.

At the time of only 34 years, his celebrated profession incorporates 25 motion pictures till this date. His voice is sufficient to hypnotize the gathering of people. His noteworthy acting abilities can be found in motion pictures like Sano Sansar (2008), Nai Na bhannu la (2010), Andaz(2011), Notebook(2013). He got the honor of KTV best debutant performer for his film Nasib Aafno in 2010 and furthermore granted as Best Actor in National Films Award for Maliti Ko Bhatti in 2013.

His prominence can be completely observed just by one tune Simple of his motion picture Andaaz. He even propelled his own particular versatile application at a function in Kathmandu which was made by SunBi manifestations in the year 2014.

The explanation behind him to concoct such a thought was on the grounds that he was dismissed by a unit in Once Upon A Time In Mumbai Doobara in Mumbai try out on the grounds that he had presented his educational modules vitae in a CD-ROM. The performing artist at that point understood the significance of staying aware of innovation driving him to dispatch his own portable application.


3 Dayahang Rai (4-5 lakhs approx.)

dayahang rai

Dayahang Rai is a Nepalese on-screen character, chief, and play essayist. He is as of now viewed as a standout amongst the most mainstream performing artists in Nepal.

He has gotten three National Awards for Best Supporting Actor in 2009 for Dasdhunga, Best Actor in 2015 for Sambodhan, and Best Actor in 2016 for Kabaddi. Dayahang rose to unmistakable quality from the TV arrangement Yuva, Dalan and Hamro Team.

His initially driving part in a film was in Anagarik(2006). He discovered accomplishment in the movies Dasdhunga (2009), Loot (2012), Chhadke (2013), Badhshala (2013), Karkash(2013), Jholey (2014), Kabaddi (2013) and its spin-off Kabaddi (2015), Talakjung versus Tulke (2014), and Sambodhan (2014). He has teamed up in four movies with executive and companion Ram Babu Gurung.

A little bundle with an enormous detonation is the thing that best depicts Mr. Dayanhang Rai. Viewed as one of the greatest film stars of Nepal, Mr. Dayahang Rai began his vocation in the mid-2000s. Dayahang Rai is known for depicting distinctive characters without much trouble.

Such is his ability that he fits effectively into any kind, be it satire, sentiment or genuine parts which have spilled accomplishment for some motion pictures like Kabaddi, Loot et cetera. He has won National Award for the best performing artist as well.

Dayahang Rai had a place with a working-class family. He came to Kathmandu in the year 2001 to seek after his college degree in news-casting.

Be that as it may, he couldn’t do well in his examinations and chose to draw in himself in organizing acting and show. Dayahang is one of the main performing artists of Nepal and the whole of 4-5 lakhs that he charges per film is justified regardless of each penny. His acting aptitudes do not stop to stun us in each part he plays.

Dayahang Rai has dependably been the highest priority on the rundown consistently. With flexible acting, Rai is one of the best figures in Nepali cinema. He has given numerous blockbuster films and has won the National Award too.

He makes a big appearance with the Ram Babu Gurung’s film ” Anagarik’, and now he has moved toward becoming inclining and busiest on-screen character. He gains around 4-5 lakhs from each film.¬†Dayahang Rai Net Worth: $70,000.

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