Nepali Girls in America (USA) with Photos

Find here some of the facts with photos of Nepali girls in America (United States of America). These Nepali girls are in the various cities of America. You can see it in captions or headlines, a short description is given. Check it out.

Nepali Girls in America (USA) with Photos

The USA, United States of America, popularly known as ‘’ A land of opportunity’’ is a dream of most Nepalese people. In fact, everybody once dreams to be in America. But, not all of them are lucky to be in America. According to, there is supposed to be more than 0.1 million Nepalese in the USA in the year 2015. Well, the figure might have increased by this year.

It is good to dream big. But only dreaming of America and earning lots of money is insane because America is not as easy as we dream. Yes, there are lots of opportunities but to grab that opportunity you need to be the best candidate. You have to compete with thousands of other candidates who are also working for the dream like you. So, only who struggle and gives something extra survive there.

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With a big hope and wonderful dreams, many Nepalese students are going the USA for their further study. Well, some of them have done incredible jobs and are in the much higher post while many are there who could not struggle in the USA and returned back home. But there are also those who learned the knowledge in the USA and returned back to the country in order to do something that helps for the betterment of Nepal. Such people are the most needed by the country than those who stay there forever.

First of all, in this article, we are going to analyze about the Nepalese society in the USA.

Information About Society of Nepalese in America

Nepalese society in America, as we can guess it, is getting more and more populated since so many Nepalese are moving to the United States. This movement is not a recent phenomenon. It has been going on for decades and as a result, now there are generations of people that are Nepalese by their roots that are living in the United States of America.

How to Apply for Working Visa in USA From Nepal

The society of Nepalese there is getting more and more organized and they like to make their presence felt in the context of Nepal also. Whenever this is an emergency back home these Nepalese do tend to stretch their helping hands to make it good for us. In the recent earthquake, the Nepalese society in the United States did come together in order to help the people who are having hard times in Nepal.


Given below are few bits of information about the Society of Nepalese in America. These pieces of information will give an idea about the life of Nepalese who are currently living in America and are trying to make something out of their lives. As it is the rule, some make it big in this land of opportunities but some fail miserably. The rules and regulations and the system are unforgiving to those who cannot work hard, show sincerity and are willing to work hard.

  1. Enjoying A Privileged Lifestyle

Nepalese society in America is undoubtedly the most privileged bunch out of all the people who have left home to live abroad because America is currently the most developed nation when it comes to living standards It is a powerful nation too. So given the superiority of America, the Nepalese who are living there would obviously enjoy good living standards with a privileged standing. That is the reason, their living standards would also be higher. They get to enjoy better things in lives. Food is good, the basic infrastructures of everything are good and the way they live life every day would be smooth and hassle free as compared to the life in Nepal where we have to struggle for every bit of luxury that we should be getting otherwise.

  1. Work work work

Life in America would be impossible without work and Nepalese who go to America to make their future must be willing to work very hard. Mostly, those who go from Nepal will be juggling two or three jobs at the same time just to make the ends meet. Money is the only thing that would grant security in the foreign land where you do not know anybody. That is why Nepalese need to earn a lot of money too. Also, the ones who go from Nepal would have a dream to earn a lot so that they can send some money back home and take care of the family as well. That is another reason why those who are in America need to work a lot. The jobs are not as easy as it is over here. Time is money and your time is counted in minutes in order for them to be able to pay for you. You are not paid for holidays, the days you fall sick and cannot attend work and nothing comes for free. So, work is of utmost importance.

  1. Stronger Sense of Community

It is an obvious fact that when one leaves their homeland and goes elsewhere, they would look for people from the same background and will want to get to know them. That is why, the Nepalese who are in America also like to come together as a community with all the other Nepalese and make sure they are guarded and united in case anything is to happen. That is why the sense of community among these people aborad is stronger than the ones back home. They know that all Nepalese should unite together in foreign lands so that they feel secured. In every part, there will be a group of Nepalese that will take care of the community as a whole.  This community will organize meet ups or celebrations or parties where all the Nepalese living there can come together and enjoy. This way, they keep relation with all Nepalese living there and form a sense of community. It is these communities that organize programs for the people who are living there and also for the country back home. They like to come together in the times of disasters to help Nepalese back home and also the ones in America who have been having a hard time making it.

  1. Life As the Minority

The life in America for Nepalese is the life of that of the minority. They do not enjoy any special rights. Conversely, they might be looked down upon and treated as a minority who really have no voice in the government or the policy making. It is a very difficult position to be in. Most of the people do not know where Nepal is and those who know would know nothing about the culture and tradition that we have. So, trying to fit in in a foreign culture and trying to navigate a way to make it good in the society can be tricky. Being a minority puts them in such a difficult position and they often find themselves helpless. Because you never know when the rules for immigrants are going to be changed and as a result you will have to face difficulties. For example the recent changes in immigration rules as political changes happened and a new president came in power changing all the rules and regulations that were already there. Such life of being unsure of your own space is not good and Nepalese have to feel the pressure arising from that.

  1. Life as a Second Class Citizen

Life in America as a Nepali is that of a second class citizen. Even the ones who go after winning the Diversity Visa DV Lottery, the visa is that of an immigrant not the regular first class citizen. And obviously, when it is a second class citizen, the luxuries and provisions are also different. It is a life of being unsure about their own life and condition in the new land. The life is not easy. As a second class citizen, the rules and regulations are different, the reach they can have in the policy making strata of the country is also different and things are not as easy as it is supposed to be. This second class citizenship is not something to be proud of. It keeps the ones who want to live their whole lives in America at a disadvantage. Because all their lives, having worked so hard and despite all their efforts, will always be second class citizens. The discrimination that comes with being such second class citizen is also something that will make a lot of difference in the life of people. Without realizing, they might be falling prey to different discriminatory laws and provisions that will have a bad impact on their life and the lives of the generations yet to come.

Life is America is not similar to that in Nepal and obviously, the lifestyle would also differ. However, it is personal as to how one handles the change in lifestyle. Some people get used to the lifestyle there pretty easily and can stay there for a long period of time getting to know the country and people and the culture. But for some, the same lifestyle can get too bothersome and too alien to get used to. It gets very hard and become homesick. So, it is personal how one handles the changes that one experiences after leaving their home and going to a foreign land.

For those who can handle the changes, it is a very good opportunity to learn about new culture and people. Many valuable lessons are learned while living in a foreign land by yourself, which you can never learn while living in your own country among people who are close to you. The change in lifestyle will create a new environment wherein one can completely reinvent themselves without caring about what people back home think. They learn to work hard and enjoy little things in life and be grateful for what they have rather than complain about what they don’t have. This becomes a very valuable lesson to learn once you move away from home and live elsewhere.

The society of Nepalese is growing bigger and bigger each year. As a result, the diaspora is also growing and it has its own positive as well as negative impacts. The expansion of Nepali language, culture, and population beyond Nepal is a good thing for Nepal. Also, the money coming in in the name of remittance from all the Nepalese that are living in the USA will make a lot of impacts. It will help the economy of Nepal get better and better. But, on the other hand, the negatives are also there which include migration of Nepalese away from Nepal. This is draining the able workforce away from Nepal into foreign lands.

In this article, we are going to analyze about the Nepali girls, women and society in the USA.


How are they? What are they doing? What are their lifestyles? Are they happy? Are they enjoying the life as they had dreamed? What are their messages to the people of Nepal?

Nepali Cute Baby girl in Cicago, USA

Nepali Cute Baby girl in Chicago, USA

Most of the Nepalese girls are in the USA for their further study. Some of them apply student visa for an undergraduate course while some for the post graduate or Ph.D. A student visa is one of the most popular ways to go America. After the acceptance of college/University and some documents related to financial, the final stage is the interview in the US board Agency which decides you whether to give visa or not. Once you are granted, then, the dream of USA begins.

Nepal Embassy Washington USA Nepalese

Nepal Embassy in Washington USA

Living and studying in America is very expensive compared to here in Nepal. Unless they belong to a higher family who can afford, Nepalese girls face a challenging and enduring economic struggle in order to finance their tuition fee and living expenses. Most of the popular destinations like California, New York, Washington which are favorite for the Nepali students are very expensive. So, students living in such cities have to work an extra hour for compensating their expenses. Most of the girls are found working in the restaurants, Groceries, Shops. Living in the USA with their standards is not as easy as we expect. USA visa policy is very strict to the foreign students and they only allow fixed work hours in a week for students. Due to this, most of the Nepalese students have to work illegally beyond the permit hours to finance their daily and tuition expenses.

One of the Nepalese students shared her student life in America in According to her, her student life was like this.

‘’I work in the dining hall of my college twice a week on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings from 5 to 8. On Tuesdays I am the checker and the job is easy; just sit and swipe the students’ cards for two hours and at the end, clean up the salad bar and sweep the dining hall. Wednesdays, I clean up the “Pots”—literally huge utensils used for mass cooking. It is the most dreadful work, but well, I get paid.’’

Another student shared her experiences about the life in the USA.

‘’I am in the third year of my Bachelor. During my first year, it was full of struggle. I thought when I will land America, my life will be full of happiness but it was not as expected. I even worked sixteen hours a day illegally to finance my college and living expenses. Now, it has been a habit for me going college in day and then working in morning and evening shift. ‘’

From these experiences, we can analyze the life in the USA in not as expected.  Many Nepalese girls are struggling in the USA working in long shifts and weekend that make them mentally and physically exhausted. Due to this, they are also struggling to maintain their academic level. Similarly, their families are also hoping and keeping expectations from their children which keep the students in pressure always.


According to RajanThapaliya in, New York based journalist, KishorPanthi, Founder/editor in chief of Khasokhas Weekly, a Nepalese newspaper published in New York said, “Parents should maintain a serious stance about their children’s studies in the USA, and extend their moral support to them. They should realize that students come to America to study rather than to work and abstain from pressurizing them with their expectations. Unfortunately, students are compelled to work extra hours because their parents and siblings expect them to be able to get them expensive electronic stuff like MacBooks, iPhones, and digital cameras.”

Most of the Nepali girl students dream of beautiful life in America which is not true. Most of them have to struggle throughout the period of their student life and even after completing their studies. It is hard to find who is actually happy but not all of them are sad because some of them are able to reach the top position by their hard works. Only a few of them are able to live the life according to their dream. Remaining are still struggling in the land of opportunity.

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Most of the Nepalese students suggest taking the proper coordination with the students who are studying in the USA to the newcomers before they come here. This will help them to get better knowledge about the scenario. All of them advise to newcomers not to dream the life as shown in the social medias because the life here is far different than as shown in social medias. You have to be mental, financially and physically prepared before heading to the USA.

Nepalese women in USA

Nepalese women in the USA

1.> Taking a snap in a groups members and friends in Teej festivals.

Nepalese are in Teej festivals celebration in USA America

2.> Amrita Acharya, A Hollywood celebrity

Nepali girls in america photos

3.> Nepalese women in a cultural dance show.

Nepalese communities in America

4.> A Nepali girl is teaching the Nepali language in Atlanta.

5.> Nepalese women are getting together in a Teej festival.

Nepalese women in Teej festival

pic by

Nepalese women in Teej festival

pic by

Nepali girl is showing Nepalese flag in the street.

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beautiful Nepalese women in saree dress during Teej Celebration in the USA.

Nepalese women in Teej celebration in USA

Nepalese women in Teej celebration in the USA

Nepalese small girl, the kid is snapping herself by mobile.

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Nepali girl in street of USA, city unknown.

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Nepalese Holi celebration in the USA

nepalese girls holi celebration in america

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