Nepali Ghatu Nach (Dance) of Gurung & Magar Community

Get here some facts and information about Nepali folk dance or nach about magar ghatu nach or gurung ghatu nach dance. This is one of the hundreds of folk dances or nach in Nepal. It is most popular dances in Magar and Gurung community.

Nepali Ghatu Nach (Dance) of Gurung & Magar Community

Ghatu dance is popular in between the Gurang, Magar, Dura community living in different parts of Gandaki zones. This dance has been prevailing from very early period remembering the exploitation undergone by Queen during the death of a pitty king in west. This dance start from the day of Basanta Panchami to the day of Baishak Purnima. image source


Nepali Ghatu Nach (Dance) of Gurung & Magar Community

In the day of Basanta Panchami 3 to 4 thousands of pure girls of age 13, 14 are said to bath and are carried to a pure house. Then the girls are devoted to the gods through making Vakal (promise) in-front of Guru and singing group. The girls in which the part of god is climbed through awakening Ghatu are called Gharuli. The Ghatulis danoe wearing chitko Guniu, Patuka, Ghalek and decorate their hair wearing colorful flags. The old ladies and men get involved in singing. The music is created through madal and clapping hands.

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