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Get here funny sms, shayari, messages, jokes, quotes on exam or pariksha in Nepali language. We have posted here some of the best and top rated funny Nepali exam sms, wishes, shayari, poems, kabita, kavita, messages, test, quotes, jokes in Nepalese language and script. Get them and share with your friends.

Funny Exam SMS, Shayari, Jokes, Quotes, Poems, Kavita, Text Messages in Nepali language

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Funny Exam SMS, Shayari, Jokes, Quotes, Poems, Kavita, Text Messages in Nepali language

No. 1 : Funny Exam text messages in Nepalese language



Exams ko sabai tayari bhai sakyo








ID Card

Sub tayyar chha,

Ab bus….

Padan Banki chha :p

Exam don't disturb me A girl
Exam! don’t disturb me

No. 2 : Funny Exams quotes in English language

To be a ¢â‚¬Å“Good professional¢â‚¬Â,

always start to study late for ¢â‚¬Å“Exams¢â‚¬Â.

Because it teaches how ta manage ¢â‚¬Å“Time¢â‚¬Â

and tackle ¢â‚¬Å“Emergencies¢â‚¬Â!!

No. 3 : Nepali Exam shayari sms in Nepali language

Ma jeeuchhau EK patak chhu ,

Marchhau EK patak nai marchhu ,

Prem EK patak hune garchha,

Ra bibah pani EK nai patak hune garchha..

Tar yo EXAMS PATAK PATAK kin hune garchha???

No. 4 : funny Exam quotes, shayari, poems in Nepali language

Samundra bhari Syllabus Hune bhaye

Nadi bhari Padne thiyo hola

Baltin Bari Yad Rahane thiyo

Chuloo bhari Number aaudai thiyo hola

Jasma ma Doob Janthey hola

No. 5: Funny Exam shayari, kabits, songs in Nepali language

EXam’s song by Munna bhai:

“Chanda Mama suti sake,

Student sabai jagi sake.

Her pakado sathi,

Ghadi ko sui bhagi sakyo.

Ek pariksha khatam, ta arko

shuru bhai sakyo MAAMU.

No. 6 : Exam text messages for quotes in Nepali language

Chhan Chhan bhandai samaya Biti janechha…

Kehi pal din haru mai exam aai halnechha…

Ahile pani samaya chha, dui line padi hal…

Natra pass ta MUNNA BHAI nai garaune chha??

No. 7 : Exam poems, kabita shayari in Nepali language

Exams ko Aaai sakeko chha ,

exam ko din haru ma sukh kasale  payeko chha ?

duniya bale bhanchhan ramro number lyau,

tar inlai ko chahimjhayos yo ta moh maya chha !!

No. 8 : Funny shayari sms on Exam in Nepali language

Na samaya yati ki sallybus pura gari diyos

Na tarika kunai ki exam pass gari diyos

Thaha chhaina ko chahi pida diyeko chha yo parhai le

Na run sakun ra na sutna sakun

No. 9 : Pariksha Exams sms, messages in Nepali language

Exams ko 4 din pahile syllabus here taba yaad AAYO,

Kehi ta bhayeko chha kehi Bhayeko chha ,

Exams ko din paper dekher yaad AAYO,

Sab chhij Alag chha sabai chij Naya chha ?

No. 10 : funny jokes in Nepali language about exams

3 sardar after exam

1st sardar: Yaar malai kehi aaudain thiyo

ma paper khali chhoder aayeko chhu.

2nd sardar: ma pani!

3rd sardar :Shit yaar, teacher samjhi halchhan

maile cheating gareko chhaa:p

No. 11 : funny Exam messages shayari in Nepali language

Movie titles related ta eng students:

exams – socheko thiyen,

classes – kabhi kabhi,

question papers – na tum jano na hum,

copying – yaarana,

maths2 – asambhaw,

maths1 – mission impossible,

environmental sciences – prem mein khabi khabhi,

1st semester – kuch to hai ,

2nd semester – yeh kya bat hai ,

distinction – kal ho na ho,

1st class – raju bangaya gentleman,

2nd class – dil mange more

fail – fir milenge

No. 12 : Exam quotes in Nepali language

Buwa: Yati kam marks..??

2 jhapad lagnu parchha.!!

Chhora: Hazur papa!

maile ta tyas kameena mastar

ko ghar pani dekheko  chhu…!!

No. 13 : funny Exam shayari in Nepali language

Kash kunai “exam result” ko insurance gari dinthyo,

Taba harek exam bhanda pahile premium bhari dinthye,

Pass bhaye taba thik chha ,

Natra insurance claim garai linthe…

No. 14 : funny nepali shayari in Exams in Nepali language

Har prashna sang dater ladnu,

Phainkhnay ma kami na garnu,

Mouka milayo bhane pachadi pani hernu,

ra 1 kura yaad rakhnu  ,

aagay wala ko paper aafno samajhnu.

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