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Upcoming Movies

Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture
Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture

After the hit movies, Anmol has been many movies. He has a busy schedule nowadays. His upcoming movies are Gangster blue, Ye mero hajur 2, Karodpati 2, Holi ko tyo raat, kri, kesar etc. in the movie Holi ko tyo raat, Anmol is playing as being a villain. It’s a new role for him. So, he is trying hard to give his best. In the movie kesar, he is playing role of British officer which will feature the Hollywood action director and two songs from bollywood famous singer,Ankit Tiwari. For the upcoming movie Kri, Anmol charged 20 lakh rupees.

For the movie kri, Anmol keeps his different look. He grows his hair. Anmol has stopped attending much public events and has focused in the movie. Anmol has been repeating same like character in his movies but in the upcoming movie kri, he totally has different character And of course, it is challenging for him. It is the big movie for Anmol which offered him huge amount. The directors want to keep his look secret. So, Anmol has given two bodyguards to save from public. Bodyguards stopped the fan from clicking picture with Anmol in sets.


Nepali film actor Anmol KC Picture
Nepali film actor Anmol KC with actress Shrishti

Anmol is more passionate about music as well sports. He has more interest in bikes. Before entering into Film Industry, he had a bike worth Rs.3 lakh. But after his hit movies in Nepali fim industry, he bought New bike, Dukati Monster 796. Anmol is fond of Travelling. He had traveled more than 30 countries and planning to visit more countries. Anmol has admitted that it is difficult for him to open up with New people. He enjoys his leisure time alone. He also has a hobby of coin collection. He sometime visits old aged home and orphanage home. He loves horse riding as well. His favorite music is instrumental and Techno.


Anmol is 6ft in height. He is praised by his good height very often. He looks attractive in casual jeans and t-shirt with medium sized hair.


Anmol is the highest paid actor in Nepal. He leaves behind the suerstars like Rajesh Hamal, Aryan sigdel and others. He was signed with huge money of 10 lakhs for the movie Gajalu which was record breaking payment in Nepali Industry. His main source of income is his salary from the movie. Also along with the direct pay from the movie, he owns certain royalties based on the box office collection of the movie.


Anmol kc is kindhearted man. He is friendly person but it is difficult for him to get friendly with new people. He has a habit of smoking. His father Bhuwan kc always complains about his bad behaviour as smoking. Anmol thinks his bad behaviour is that he is very lazy. He is an emotional person and reserved too. He just have 4 friends and he don’t want to make more either. He also doesn’t go out as often. He enjoy being at home in his own room. Anmol Kc weakness is that his failure in exam. He couldn’t progress in his study. He fears of failure.

Anmol is a passionate film watcher. He mostly watches Engish movies. Lately, he is browsing Spanish and German movies.


Weight and Fitness

Anmol is 58 kg in weight. According to his height, his weight is good. To maintain his fitness, he exercises every morning. He loves to swim. So, with his busy schedule, he take out little time for swimming sometimes. He is so concern about his diet.

Fashion and Hairstyle

Anmol is considered as a stylish actor with good sense of Fashion. He got fan support of his good personality. Actually, he likes to experiment with his clothes. He keeps changing his hairstyle. In most of his photos, he is mostly seen in Korean looks. In Korean looks, he looks so hot and dashing.


There were rumors that Anmol kc being in romantic relationship with his co-star Anna Sharma. But Anmol and Anna both has rejected the claims. Anmol has never spoken about his girlfriend in front of media. In an interview , Anmol says that, as co-actors, it is good to form close bond but it doesn’t mean they are in relationship.

Bhuwan Kc has spoken openly about his marriage, he stated that he is free to choose his life partner. Also, Bhuwan says that Nepalese actress is also fine for him as there are many beautiful actresses in Nepali film industry of his age.

Social Media

Anmol kc is active on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. He has 3,00,000 fan followers on Facebook.

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