Gai Jatra – Everything You May Want To Know About Gaijatra (Cow Festival) of Nepal – History, Videos, Comedy, Photos, Importance, Ideas etc

When is Gai Jatra Celebrated?

The richness of cultural variations that can be observed during Gai Jatra is undescribable. The originality and the creative skills of our Nepalese people amaze me. The festival of the cows is the major attraction for the tourists also. They see what they can’t see in any other part of the world. Not in India also.

This festival has its uniqueness. This important festival also is an indication of the beginning of the festivals in Nepal. There are lots of jatras celebrated bit hai Jatra will always hold it’s importance.

It has been started by king Pratap Malla in Kantipur during his regime. It maybcayed back to 1641A.D.

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But when it is celebrated depends on the calculation of the Jyotish(Astrologers) scholars. They calculate the tithi of the lunar month. So gai Jatra always falls on the first day (Pratipada) of Bhadra Krishna Paksha fifth month of the Lunar calendar.

It usually falls on August or September of the solar calendar.

Famous Gai Jatra Video

On the occasion of gai Jatra numerous comedians either the famous ones or the new upcoming talents make the funny comical and satirical videos. These videos are uploaded in you tube and several other platforms like Facebook.

The all timefavorite gai Jatra videos are made by legendary comedians of Nepal the one and only MAHA JODI(MADAN KRISHNA SHRESTHA AND HARI BANSHA ACHARYA). I regard them as the father of Nepalese comedy genre. That’s why the videos they have made are not put on the lists below. They are beyond any lists and recognition.

Below are some of the famous videos of the upcoming talentsthat one must watch to get the hangover of gai Jatra. The videos are categorized into two: one is the comical video and the other one is the documentary of Gai Jatra portraying the real celebration in different cities.

Must watch comical gai Jatra video:

  1. New gai Jatra video Viral published on July 28 2017 but Kamal Gaule. This is his 17th hai Jatra video.
  2. Raj Nitik Parakampan( polite earthquake) published in July 14 2016 by Kamal Gaule.
  3. New Gaijatra Brahmaloot by Daman Rupakheti published on August 5 2017.
  4. Panipuri Gaijatra by Prem Raj Lamichhane published on July 6 2017.
  5. Comedy Drama Tite Jire Gaijatra with Suntali dhurmush and magne Budha published on June 19 2016.
  6. Making of Donald Trump by Manoj Gajurel published on August 10 2017
  7. Nepali Gaijatra K.P.Oli and Baburam Bhattarai published on August 14 2011.
  8. Gai Jatra special by Manoj Gajurel published on December 3 2013.
  9. Raja Rajendra and Suman Karki stand up comedy published on August 31 2017.
  10. Baneshwor ko gaijatra with Dipak Raj Giri and Deepa Shree Niraula published on August 19 2016.

The documentary videos of gai Jatra of various cities:

  1. Gai Jatra Bhaktapur 2014 published on August 16 2014.
  2. Gaijatra Kirtipur published on April 24 2018.
  3. Gaijatra Ghintang Ghisi Bhaktapur 2074 published on August 9 2017.
  4. Highlights of GaiJatra in Kathmandu, kirtipur and Panga published on August 11 2017.
  5. Gaijatra in bhaktapur 2069 published in 2069 B.S.
  6. Gaijatra in bhaktapur in Nepal Television published on August 30 2015.
  7. Gaijatra in kisipidi 2072 B.S. published on August 31 2015.
  8. The festival of cows Gaijatra published on August 30 2015.
  9. Gaijatra 2069 published on August 12 2012.
  10. Gaijatra Festival Royal Mountain Trekking Published on February 27 2014.

The above are the documentary videos that show the real celebration of the festival by the locals of Kathmandu kirtipur and Bhaktapur. These are listed above because the videos show the important minute details of the celebration. They are not too lengthy. They are of high quality.

May 2076 B.S. Gai Jatra be able to bring the happiness and laughter among the people of Himalayan, pahad, and terai. All the corruption and the deformities of the nation be exposed and the good culture is praised. Whereas those who lost their loved ones may be able to move forward with peace and not lay behind with sadness and mourning.

I offer my condolences to the mourning families. I pray for the living with the happy heart and energy to progress in life.

May there be Equality in the society and peace. May this years gaijatra brings the happiness and joy to all.

Happy gaijatra 2076 to all theNepalese.

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Nepali Festival Gai Jatra : Gaijatra Nepal

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