Gai Jatra – Everything You May Want To Know About Gaijatra (Cow Festival) of Nepal – History, Videos, Comedy, Photos, Importance, Ideas etc

Essay on Gai Jatra

We are very rich in Nepalese system and culture. Every of our festivals and ceremonies have been witnessed to us in a variety of fundamental ways. Our cultureis full of originality, affection and dignity.

We worship animals, trees, soil, raw thread of cotton to the sun. Many of us may have probably written on the cow in our first essay in student life.

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Not only in Vedic culture but also in India and Nepal  cows are given a special honor on the religious and cultural occasions in the village’s daily life. Gaizatra festival is also an example of such cultural significance.

Cow and Jatra namely this day as mother and earthcows areworshipped as well.

According to the books written in the pages of history and according to the legends we hear from our great great grandparents.

On this day Kathmandu Valley natives worship Yama the god of death. It is believed that on this day, by worshiping the god of death, yamraaj, dead souls will get salvation.

Gai Jatra is the Nepali word for the carnival of a cow. The cow is the national animal of the nation. The cow is always considered as the holy animal. Even in our ancient shastras and vedas cow’s importance is described.

Even there’s a day for cow worshipping during the Dipawali. Amongst the hot debate arising right now in the nation whether to eat the meat of cow or not. Gai Jatra is the festival that is indirectly sending the message to preserve the cows.

Gai Jatra has the long history. It was started by king Pratap Mallasomewhere in 1641 A.D.The day was celebrated to console his wife in the death of their son.

The son was to rule the kingdom at the time. But he died on the second or third day of his reign by the trampling of the elephant.

The queen and the mother was very sad and depressed. So to take her out of depression the king built the Rani Pokhari the artificial ponds. The water for the pond was brought from the holy rivers of Nepal and India.

Still the queen was not consoled. So the king ordered each families of the nation who had the death within the year to decorate their cows and demonstrate them on the streets.

This consoled the queen and took her out of the misery. So the gai jatra was celebrated from that time.

Now the style of the celebration has changed. Now the celebration is not only limited to the mourning families. It has become the festival of the artists.

It has become the festival of freedom of expressing. It has become the day for the under acknowledged citizen of the nation like the LGBTI and third genders.

Common people also express their frustrations toward the condition of the the nation. Towards their unsatisfaction towards the political leaders.

But it has been taking some negative turns as well. People in modernising and expressing their feelings have been a little too much.  It is becoming slight obscene and indescent.

Like the incident happened with Rekha Than the actress. Some journalist not mentioning his name has criticized Rekhain a vulgar way for wearing the short dresses.

In the name of freedom, the journalist has actually assassinated the character of the actress. She had to slap the journalist.

Some of the artists are excellent in bringing up the hot topics in a love satirical way. Like our MAHA Jodi. Madan Krishna Shrestha and Hari bansha acharya have made many gaijatra tele serials.

Recently Manoj Gajurel is the one who is doing very good in the field. He has not only criticised the national leaders but also international figures like Donald Trump and Narendra Modi.

The dominated community of the society is also raising their voice for recognition and equal rights. But some of the the characters portray the obscene behaviors which family with their kids can’t even watch.

The festival is very unique and beautiful. We must preserve the naturality of the festival. Keep up the tradition and culture alive. The negative side of the festival should be minimized and demoralized.

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