Gai Jatra – Everything You May Want To Know About Gaijatra (Cow Festival) of Nepal – History, Videos, Comedy, Photos, Importance, Ideas etc

Importance of GaiJatra

The important in itself. It has it’s uniqueness, originality and it’s own tradition. To mention thepoint wise importance we have as follows:

1) Remembrance of our loved ones:

Gai Jatra is the day to remember our loved ones who had left us and went to the almighty God heaven. The family who has lost their loved ones within a year buys the cow.

Decorate it, feed some nice foods and take it on the street. Those who cant afford the cow put the mask of the cow on the Young child of their house. They put the photo of the ones who recently demised.

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2) Originality:

It is the only day in which the celebration is held for the dead ones. Not to cry for the loss but to be happy for them that they had gone to the better place. It is a reminder that those who bear has to go.

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Happy Gaijatra Greetings Cards

Death is the truth you can’t deny. It happens all over the world and that you’re not the only one who is suffering from this sad happening. It is a form of counseling for the mourning family that they are not alone.

There are others also who are going through the same pain. Thus no need of any shrinks. It’s the counselling in a unique way.

3) Unity:

The day which had been limited to one particular cast and in one particular place has now spread its wings all over Nepal. All the Nepalese regardless of their casts, ethnicity, sexuality, status are now celebrating the festival together.

At the time when the political influence is slowly dividing the nation, the festival is acting like one small window of light.

4) Tourism:

Foreigner come to Nepal. Why because they want to know the culture and enjoy them as well. What better would be the day for them and for us to show them how rich we are in our tradition.

So Gai jatra is also contributing in it’s own way to increase the arrival of the tourists in Nepal.

5) Identity Establishment:

The festival has been the marking day for the LGBTIs. Gai jatra is reknowned for the day when people are free to express themselves without any fear either social or political or governmental.

So it gave the opportunity to the third gender and the LGBTI society to show they are also the citizen of the nation. They also have the right to equality.

6) Opportunity to express:

As said earlier this day is the ay of freedom. Freedom to express without the fear of any kind of arrests or criticism. So artists whether they be actors or poets or journalists express their opinions on the political affairs.

The unresolved issues are addressed publically. The leaders are hit by the satirical weapon of words. It’s different that these have not and influence on them.

7) Holiday:

The most awaited holiday of one day for the hard working employees. Though one day but it helps them to take a break from their hectic schedule.

8) Mark for the starting of the festival:

From the gai jatra the months if the festivals begin. Like indrajata ghodejatra dashai tihar. As gai jatra comes people.know that the months for the celebration are near by hand.

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