My Own Room – Sample of Nepali Short Essay

Get here a Nepali short essay on the title of my own room. This is a sample essay for writing my own room. How to write a short essay? Get a sample paper of an essay.

A short Essay on My Own Room

I live in a big house. It is a four-storeyed building. My room is just under the roof. It is an attic room on the fourth floor. It covers nearly 150 square feet. It has one door and three windows. All of them have curtains. A woolen green carpet is placed on the floor. The walls and ceiling are white painted.

There is a long table in one corner with two chairs beside it. A lamp and a bouquet are there on it. There are the TV case and a cupboard. Next, to the door, there is my bed, which has a luxurious mattress and a warm quilt. There is a fan on the ceiling. Likewise, a bookcase has been placed just between my bed and the table.


My room is fairly quiet as it is at the back of the house. It looks onto the orchard. It faces south. Therefore, the light of the sun reaches every nook and corner of it. We can enjoy the sunbath in my room in the winter.

Furthermore, an electric heater is placed at the center of the room in order to keep us warm in the pretty cold winter.

A bathroom is attached to my room. The posters of the natural landscape and famous models make my room attractive. In short, my room is very simple but attractive.


Essay writer: Shakti Shrestha, Kathmandu