Get the video post about a disabled Nepali teen boy who was born without arms and legs but has done a beautiful arts. This is so very much inspiring video. People with no disability are taking their life for granted. They should get some lessons from this teen person!! We all are so much touched by his words. This video is shooted by UNICEF. Make him inspire and motivate.

Never Underestimate Disabled Person :- Nepal Teen Born Without Use of Arms or Legs Makes Beautiful Art : Video by UNICEF

His name is Amir. He is a disable person himself… A 16 year old artist with many capabilities, source of inspiration for many. He is a real HERO… Amir keep on working hard, God or InshaAllah or Bhagwan, you’ll be great achiever in front of the world… Keep Smiling.. Allah bless you.

After seeing this video made by UNICEF, you will say….

Never underestimate disabled person……..Coz they have a natural super power within them…..they are more and more talented then a normal human being….I salute and respect them from the core of my heart.

this is really Wow amazing story shooted by UNICEF! God bless with all the happiness in the world may all your aspirations and dreams come to reality! We are really with your art it’s beautiful ! team is giving thank to UNICEF for all the wonderful work you do in Nepal !

He is super Brave man. He is doing one best way to communicate inner feelings through art. Amazing true feelings are reflected in your arts.

A facebook comments about him


I am so touch and speechless about his thought and concept towards our country Nepal, can’t believe.  just respect him a lot from my heart … he is truly an inspiration to the people who think He/She can’t do…. !!! May Lord Buddha bless you always …..Om Mane Padme Hum

let’s Respect !!!


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